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Selling Education to Nonmembers, a Market Segment with Huge Potential

WBT Systems

Selling Education to Nonmembers, a Market Segment with Huge Potential. Read more about Selling Education to Nonmembers, a Market Segment with Huge Potential

What automation can do for your association

Nimble AMS

How your association can leverage automation and AI to be more in tune with what members want. Workflow automation and artificial intelligence technologies can make associations more efficient and more in tune with what members want.

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AMR Management Services

When is the last time you looked at – and I mean REALLY looked at – your association’s mission statement? Regardless of whether it gets prime real estate on your website, is a header for your


Generational Marketing: Quick Tips for Association and Chamber Pros


Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z. You likely have members (or will soon have members) of all four generations. And as you know, each generation is different. Baby Boomers have different likes, goals, and preferences than Millennials.

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Mobile apps: Your small-staff association’s key to effective member engagement 

YourMembership Blog

How a great mobile experience boosts member engagement.

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5 Ways Associations Can Support Lifelong Employability

Blue Sky eLearn

We talk a lot about lifelong learning. With many of our clients being professional associations, it would only make sense that lifelong learning is often a topic of conversation. Many people join associations as they can be a great place to find education and training.

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Customized Member Communications are Within Your Association’s Reach

Association Adviser

Customized member communications are needed now. Learn how with data from our 2019 Association Communications Benchmarking Report. The post Customized Member Communications are Within Your Association’s Reach appeared first on Association Adviser.

6 Tips for Effective Board Meetings in 2020

YourMembership Blog

Simple yet effective tips to help you hold efficient board meetings now and into the coming year. Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in a world of meeting overload? I know I do. And it’s safe to say that your board members feel the same way.

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How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish

Wild Apricot

Recruiting volunteers doesn't have to be difficult. Create your own recruitment process and engage your volunteers with tips from this amazing guide

Customer Retention: 7 Signs to Help You Identify At-Risk Customers

Higher Logic

Many customer success teams are short on time and understaffed. Maybe you’re even a team of one. In an ideal world, every account would get the same amount of time, but that’s not always possible.

Association Hustle – Episode 209: An Association Wake-Up Call

Moery Company

Hey folks, Host JP Moery believes there’s a canary in the coal mine for today’s associations with several forced to cease operations.

Attract and engage members with a modern website design

YourMembership Blog

Is your association’s website doing all it can to recruit new members and deliver a great online experience? No matter how small your organization may be, it may be time for a new site design. Your association works hard to recruit, engage, and retain members. But with a small staff, it can be easy to. The post Attract and engage members with a modern website design appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Mobile Member Engagement Mobile Design

Peer-to-Peer Learning: Why Your Attendees Are Experts Too

Associations Now

While big-name keynoters and experts can offer lots of insights, it’s also important to give attendees opportunities to engage in peer-to-peer learning at your conferences.

Eight Is Enough

Eric Lanke

Eight years ago, on September 5, 2011, I made my first post on this blog. I called it " Recipes for Innovation ," and in it, I talked about several things that were heavy on my mind at the time, including my then soon-to-be-ending first foray into blogging, The Hourglass Blog.

A Stark Association Reality

Moery Company

IStock_Credit_alphaspirit. If you’re a reader of the great publication CEO Update or a subscriber to that service which I highly recommend, you may have seen an article a few weeks ago about how the Natural Products Association filed for bankruptcy.

Five-Step Framework for Effective Collaborative Design

Velvet Chainsaw

Your conference strategy should include a plan to inject fresh content or experiences each year as part of an ongoing improvement process. There are a million ways to make these improvement plans. Some work and many don’t.

Team 78

California Bill Treats Contractors as Employees

Associations Now

A groundbreaking bill passed by the California Senate extends labor protections and employee benefits to many workers previously considered contractors. Associations that use freelancers in the state may need to reclassify them as full-time employees starting in 2020.

11 Questions to Ask During Reference Checks on an Association Technology Vendor


Updated from original February 2017 publication. Before completing the system selection process, you must first do your due diligence on any prospective association technology vendor.

Association Hustle – Episode 204: What Does the Generational Shift Mean for Your Organization?

Moery Company

There are a few things keeping association leaders up at night and one is declining membership numbers with the retirement of Baby Boomers. Host JP Moery knows this is a reality for most organizations.

Improve member loyalty in associations with the rise of the subscription economy

Nimble AMS

How auto-renewal of individual and company memberships can increase loyalty and retention. Member loyalty. It’s always on the minds of associations. How can you recruit, engage, and, most importantly, retain members? Here’s one way.

Nurses Group Sends Volunteers to Assist Dorian Survivors

Associations Now

With much of the northern Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian, the Registered Nurse Response Network is filling the on-the-ground need for assistance by staffing mobile clinics and providing medical care.

6 Things to Think About for Your Online Membership Application


It’s not just a form! Your association’s or chamber’s online membership application is a cornerstone piece of your website. Built and optimized well, it can be your best tool for acquiring - and immediately engaging - your new members. Is it time to tweak your membership application?

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How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment

Moery Company

What better place to recruit new members than during a live association event – right? I believe it’s one of the most obvious strategies for membership growth – but most associations don’t take full advantage of the opportunity.

Ready for SURGE Growth? Meet the 3 keynote speakers for our digital conference

Association Success

How the Right Team-Building Experience Can Build Stronger Bonds

Associations Now

New research found that team-bonding activities improved creativity, productivity, and employee retention. But when planning them, you may want to opt for volunteer days instead of ice breakers and workshops.

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BatManStream Alternatives & Similar Sites


The desire to have live streaming of your beloved sport at the click of a button is one thing that sends many to online live streaming sites. BatManStream has been a leader in the live football streaming for ages. However, BatManStream is not the only live streaming site out there.

What’s Holding Your Association Back?

Moery Company

IStock/Credit:EtiAmmos. Over the last few months, I’ve been participating in meetings with clients and their staff plotting out plans for the future. And I’ve got to be honest with you – I really believe association members have a real good idea about what they want.

Workplace fulfillment by the numbers

Association Success

More and more, employees are prioritizing a meaningful, fulfilling workplace. While workers know fulfillment is a personal experience, they also acknowledge senior leadership’s role in setting a culture that nurtures or stifles a sense of purpose.

Library Association Turns to Public for Help Fighting E-Book Embargo

Associations Now

The American Library Association is asking the public to speak up against a decision by Macmillan to severely limit the number of e-books libraries can carry upon a title’s initial release.

How to Earn Bonuses and Qualify for Promotions with Chase Bank Accounts:


Forget about t-shirts, caps, and toasters. Banks are now fighting tooth and nail for your business. Chase bank is one of the most generous banks offering hundreds of dollars in bonuses and promotions, and all you need to do is open an account with them.

Association Hustle – Episode 208: The New Association Frontier – State Advocacy

Moery Company

Host JP Moery sees a fantastic membership recruitment opportunity for associations who put some rigor behind their state advocacy efforts – and, things are moving fast. Corporations are intensely interested in what’s happening at the state level – whether it’s regulatory or legislative.

If you prove your value, members will invest

Association Success

When I was a sophomore in college, I was recruited by a little known agency to work full-time. To this day, I give that agency credit for giving me the best sales training I could ever have in my life. . My job involved doing thorough research.

Why a Major Bowling Center Operator Acquired the Professional Bowlers Association

Associations Now

An opportunity to expand a rising reach is a driving factor behind the acquisition of the Professional Bowlers Association by Bowlero, the world’s largest operator of bowling centers.