How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish

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Recruiting volunteers doesn't have to be difficult. Create your own recruitment process and engage your volunteers with tips from this amazing guide

How to Leverage Virtual Events for Membership Growth

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New member recruitment is just as important as member retention. Here’s how to leverage what you have available to you – in this current environment – to recruit new members. We have members and industry that rely on us to deliver on our value propositions.

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How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment

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What better place to recruit new members than during a live association event – right? We’ve had some great success over the last several months utilizing an intentional strategy to convert nonmembers to members during client conferences. Key to success is tactical preparation on several fronts. Here’s the process. Also, be sure to confirm your meeting a few days before wheels up. Good face-to-face conversations make follow-up much easier.

Association Hustle – Episode 206: How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment

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What better way to recruit new members than at a live association event? This week, JP talks about how the key to success is tactical preparation on several fronts. Here’s the winning process. The post Association Hustle – Episode 206: How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment appeared first on The Moery Company. What better way to recruit new members than at a live association event? Here’s the winning process.

How to Make Your New Members Feel Welcome  

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I’ve written quite a bit about the new member onboarding process and keeping new members engaged because addressing these topics is critical to any association’s long-term success. The first interactions with your organization make a long-lasting impression on a new member and provide the foundation for you to build a relationship that continues for years to come. The post How to Make Your New Members Feel Welcome appeared first on YourMembership.

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How to Prepare Your Association For The Upcoming Sales Crisis

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” “You know, we really don’t need membership recruitment help. I guarantee you that they’re probably in the corner of the room in a fetal position because everything around them is falling apart or they’re sitting there wondering when things are going to “return to normal” and hoping that they do. We’re getting ready to see an association sales crisis like we’ve never seen before. Membership Recruitment.

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How to attract top talent

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Poor cultural fits can lead to high turnover rates, low productivity and dissonance among your staff. Here are some strategies you can use to attract top talent: Think like a marketer. When you’re hiring, you are essentially selling jobs to people.

Daily Buzz: Rethink Your Recruiting Process

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Any new hire has to meet your organization’s expectations both professionally and culturally. To find the right person, you have to tweak the recruiting process. When it comes to recruiting new team members, it’s important to find people who fit your company culture. That said, it’s not always easy to see whether a prospective employee will make a good fit until he or she has already been hired—and you find out too late.

Tips for association member recruitment


For associations, it’s important to continually bring in new members to backfill those that leave each year due to job loss, job change, retirement, and other reasons. It’s also important to have an ongoing stream of new members to grow the organization. . It’s vitally important to the long-term success of your association. . Simplify the path to membership. . Can they quickly see the value you provide to members? .

Afraid of a “Ghost”? How to Keep Recruits From Disappearing

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How can you prevent a crisis when a new employee doesn’t show up? Your HR department—which may have dealt with job candidates, or even new hires, doing the exact same thing to them. It’s one thing for a person to skip out on the interview process. It’s another for that new employee not to show up to work at all. But with a tight job market, both scenarios threaten to make your hiring situation a real mess. Consider changing your process.

How to Develop a Membership Plan – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 219

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Take a listen to this week’s episode for tips on how to get started, whether you’re starting from scratch or have been in the industry for a while, to reboot your membership plan for a successful 2020 and beyond. Transcript: Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. The ideas that I’m going to set forth are four steps with several steps within those. I want you to be really candid about these points.

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The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) entry process

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The marketing and PR director for the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, Tracey Cowell, talks about the organisation’s entry process. “ We encourage desk editors, project managers and other editorial and proofreading professionals to join, whether they are freelance or employed. The SfEP promotes high editorial standards and works to uphold the professional status of editors and proofreaders. All entrants to the SfEP initially join as associates.

How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

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Think back to your first job out of college. You were probably excited and wanted to learn everything. Your association is the perfect place to connect members with the perfect mentor or mentee. Your association’s goals might be to advance your industry and/or empower professionals within your industry. Starting a mentoring program is one of the best ways to accomplish those goals! We've got five tips to help you be successful in starting a mentoring program.

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How to Apply Social to Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Used in the right way, social media marketing can help you acquire new customers, convince customers to buy more often, and increase the amount customers spend with you. Social media can make your job more rewarding when you prompt your members to act and spread the word through their network about becoming a member or registering for an event they love. Your members want to spread the word about you, especially if you make it easy for them. You need to own the campaigns.

Leveraging Current Conditions for Membership and Sponsorship Growth – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 251

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Virtual events have some downsides, however, they have a major upside: engaging a new or different audience you would not have otherwise reached due to barriers of in-person events (budgets, scheduling, etc.). Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast.

Membership Hack: Recruiting Award

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To encourage membership recruitment, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors gives an award to the member who is the biggest connector. How to hack it? Each year, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors bestows a tree-shaped plaque on the member who brings in the most recruits. This award has become an effective way to incentive our recruitment process.”.

3 Surprising Truths about Recruiting


On Association Success this past month, Jamie’s been writing all about recruiting. What We Can’t Admit About Recruiting. I think we can all agree that the hiring process can be frustrating, on both sides of the equation. On the candidate side, you’re trying to make a big decision about where you’re going to work (arguably for a long time), yet you have very little information to go on about what it’s truly like to work there.

How to Tame Technology

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” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. If you have a chance to read this Did You Know? feature, you’ll see that our research shows association leaders are more likely to invest in new tools, technologies and processes than they are in hiring more people. So why is it so hard for associations to get it right?

How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

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Starting or growing a career management site doesn’t have to be intimidating. If associations are the primary resource for industry professionals to develop their skills in their chosen profession, then it’s only logical that the association should be the first place they think of for career management and new opportunities. The good news – starting or enhancing a career center doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Remember to also examine external career sites.

SNMMI Rekindles and Sparks Recruitment Among Their Lapsed Member Base [Case Study]

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SNMMI is a dedicated society that proudly represents 17,000 nuclear and molecular imaging professionals worldwide, working to facilitate the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to strengthen and advance their meaningful careers in the field. However, when surveyed, members revealed that the most significant professional challenges they face are keeping up-to-date with trends and expanding their level of expertise. Looking to the future.

How to Create a Great Mentoring Program in Your Online Community

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Through mentoring, employees get the chance to learn vital skills and increase competency in ways that boost morale and job satisfaction – something that’s improving with technology. Online mentoring programs have taken the traditional brick-and-mortal experience to a new level, providing anytime, anywhere access to expertise, insights, and perspective that enhance job performance and outcomes. How to Create a Great Mentoring Program.

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How to Hire The Ideal Freelancer

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The thought can even seem too good to be true: low cost, talented individuals that need little management or guidance to do stellar work for your association. Often times, freelancers don’t work in the office and you’ll scarcely (if ever) see them face-to-face. How to Hire a Freelancer for Your Association. There are a bunch of websites like Upwork and Freelancer - these are an OK place to start. The key is to find the right one.

How to Keep Your Employees in 2017

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Not to be a Scrooge, but here’s some potentially distressing news: Three-out-of-10 employees will likely leave your association within the next two years. Given today’s shifting workplace and how technology is disrupting jobs and labor markets, the need for employers to successfully attract and retain the best employees has never been greater,” said Laura Sejen, managing director of talent and rewards at Willis Towers Watson, in a press release. But how do you do it?

How to Design a Successful Mentoring Program

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Benefits for mentees range from a boost in self-confidence to life-long positive professional impacts, such as learning how to speak up and be heard and understanding how to accept feedback. Mentors have an opportunity to share their knowledge, strengthen their interpersonal skills, and give back to their mentee and the organization. Recruiting. A common mistake in program design is to overlook mentor and mentee training.

Webinar Pricing Strategies: How to Pick the Best for Your Organization

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Over the past couple months we’ve provided you with helpful hints on how to recruit and pay webinar speakers , and how to train your speakers to deliver top-notch content, now let’s talk a bit about how to price your webinar content for maximum success. When diving into any pricing strategy you need to be asking yourself, what are we trying to accomplish through the price structure? Are we looking to be competitive?

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Daily Buzz: How to Build a Meeting Legacy

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Also: strategies to add to your member recruitment toolbox. Hosting a one-off meeting is one thing, but establishing a legacy for a conference requires a different type of planning, especially when it comes to meeting content. They all need to hear about the outcomes.”. Effective Member-Recruitment Tactics. What are the top three ways #associations recruit new members? Snapchat launched a simpler ad creation process called Instant Create.

Daily Buzz: How to Speed Up Decision Making

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If implementing change takes forever, it might be a sign to revamp your decision-making structure. Making a big organizational decision comes with a lot of strategic research and, often enough, bureaucracy—which can make the decision-making process lengthy. If your association is looking to make a change faster than the process currently allows, you may need to take a step back and look at the decision-making structure itself. A New Approach to Your PSA.

A LinkedIn-Centric Strategy for Member Recruitment

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Learn how one association professional has done just that. To put it another way: Have you started an international scientific association from scratch, using LinkedIn exclusively to get it off the ground? Enter The Graphene Council , an organization founded by Terrance Barkan, CAE, nearly three years ago to serve researchers and entrepreneurs in the emerging nanotechnology field of graphene. So, to grow The Graphene Council, he pursued a LinkedIn-only strategy.

College Grads, Employers, and the Recruitment Disconnect

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For recent college grads and potential employers, the recruitment process can be a stressful one. One expert offers tips for associations to up their recruitment game and attract fresh talent. Recent college graduates are growing frustrated with employer recruitment practices, according to a recent study by U.K.-based For recent grads, that means taking a customized approach to recruitment. What will they get to accomplish?

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


A vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. More than previous generations, Millennials are ready to work independently if their needs go unmet by a traditional organization. 50% of Millennials want to work for a business with ethical practices. Almost 1 in 4 Millennials are “asking for a chance” to show their leadership skills.

Association Staff Stretched to the Limit? How to Get More for Your Association Without Breaking Your Team

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The new norm is to have more work to do than can possibly be done with the current level of resources. What can association professionals do to make the most of the resources they have without leading to staff burnout? Slightly more than half of respondents to the 2018 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey reported feeling understaffed. Changing technology can lead to the need for different skill sets.

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Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

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Sales operations refers to the unit, role, activities and processes within a sales organization that support, enable, and drive front line sales teams to sell better, faster, and more efficiently. Through strategically implemented training, software tools and engagement techniques, sales ops leaders enable sales reps to focus more on selling in order to drive business results. . But perhaps more than anything else, sales operations brings a system to selling.

How to Communicate a New Membership Model

Membership Marketing

But once a new membership model has been researched, defined, and approved, the next steps are critically important: the communications plan to introduce the model to members and the larger marketplace. So the best plans are to notify members of the new model and how it will impact them with multiple communication channels. Update and Launch Membership Renewal Series – A new membership model will certainly impact the renewal process of an association.

Membership Marketing Blog: How to Recognize a Good Strategy?

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How to Recognize a Good Strategy? We are told that the organization is going to launch a bold new strategy. That’s why I enjoyed an article I just read by Richard Rumelt titled, “ The Perils of Bad Strategy ” He lays out the characteristics that point to a bad strategy and also what the ingredients are of a good strategy. ” Rumelt gives three steps that are important to developing a real strategy that can make a difference.

Tuesday Buzz: How to Handle Potential Members on Tight Budgets

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There are things your organization can do to keep them involved. Membership-based organizations put forth a lot of effort to recruit new members. But what should associations when a person is interested in membership but unable to join simply because he or she doesn’t have the money? Folks who are passionate about your organization may still be willing to participate in other ways. Try sending out an email asking them to volunteer.

How to understand payment processing and PCI compliance for your association

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When picking a payment partner solution for your association to enhance PCI-compliance consider these questions before moving forward. The internet has provided great opportunities for nonprofits to increase brand awareness, recruit new members, and raise funds for the causes they support. While this brings many advantages, there are also many challenges when it comes to making secure , PCI-compliant online payments for things such as dues and donations.

SCD Group: Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs.

SCD Group

Association Member Recruitment: New Opportunities vs Same Old Ways. and made me wonder about the changes in “association recruitment.” ” Here’s the question that was posted: "We are in the planning stages of a membership drive and I am looking for any information out there on the following: Types of incentives for those recruiting. Anything I need to think about in terms of providing incentives? How to Create a Content Strategy in 9 Steps.

Social Media Roundup: How to Evaluate a Constituent Management System

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So in today’s Social Media Roundup, we highlight a new white paper geared specifically to explaining membership software. Advanced Solutions International (ASI) , which provides recruitment, measurement, and engagement solutions to nonprofits, has a new white paper that focuses solely on how to make the best decision when evaluating constituent management systems. ” Want to know more?

How To Apply Social to Membership Retention and Renewal


It provides additional ways to reach, understand, and engage members, helping to make your job easier and more fulfilling. There are responsibilities–for the vast majority of associations, it will be up to those in membership to map social media data to the membership database and make sense of how members are using social media. You need to own the data, but that’s a good thing! This is how. Do you work in Membership?

How To Use Pinterest to Advance Your Organization


Here’s a rundown for you from the presenters, with additional answers to the questions asked during the webinar. Pinterest is an online social media platform that enables members to pin images to pinboards, save them, name them, describe them, and share them. It offers some distinct advantages over other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that can be a powerful way to augment your organization’s community outreach and inbound marketing.