Team Culture and Membership Recruitment Incentives – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 252

Moery Company

Team Culture. Recently, my team participate in a study with Heidrick and Struggles. Frankly, if I go down with the ship and this company doesn’t live another year, I’ll know that we did the right things the right way by our team and our clients. And our team is right.

Creating Virtual Watercooler Moments for Your Remote Team


Meanwhile, their managers worry about the impact of remote work on their team’s camaraderie and relationships with colleagues across the organization. A game night or team-building event isn’t always the solution. You need to build watercooler moments into your team’s virtual work life.

Team 77

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Innovate Like DARPA

Spark Consulting

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is known for innovation. They identify three key components: ambitious goals, temporary teams, and independence. Plus, we don’t do cutting edge tech R&D innovation. ” Creating “innovation teams” or “innovation initiatives” is definitely a trend in associations. They don’t just tell people “go innovate…something.

Do Not Compare a Peer’s Project Launch to Your Association’s Project Start

Smooth The Path

We see successfully completed association projects cited in publications. We do not know about the team’s morale as everything is going wrong and the project gets pushed back 3 months. The post Do Not Compare a Peer’s Project Launch to Your Association’s Project Start appeared first on Smooth The Path. Take a twirl through your Facebook feed, and you will probably see success, success, and more success. Weddings, babies, and parties.

6 building blocks to an innovative culture

Association Success

For association professionals and organizational leaders, innovation should always be top of mind. But in order to accomplish meaningful change, your organization has to have the right foundation to support the experimentation and expectations true innovation brings.

Atlanta Teams With Associations on Airport Security Test Project

Associations Now

Some of the goals for ATL are to improve the checkpoint environment, to implement passenger tracking and line management, and to test innovative security-lane configuration, “Participating in the program will allow us to obtain vital data that will further increase operational efficiency here in Atlanta and will provide guidance and direction for other airports across the country,” noted ATL’s interim general manager, Roosevelt Council Jr.

Get Member Thinking on Nondues Revenue Projects

Associations Now

For an association to push past the status quo, it needs not only a skilled executive and staff team, but also some innovative thinking on the part of members. The session resulted in 26 different nondues revenue projects that associations could invite members to participate in as a key partners. Have members helped lead you to new projects that generate nondues revenue? The post Get Member Thinking on Nondues Revenue Projects appeared first on Associations Now

Fear vs. innovation: what’s ultimately driving your organization?

YourMembership Blog

Last week, I participated in ASAE’s inaugural XDP (experience design project) conference. Over 1,200 people attended, and I had the honor of being a team leader, facilitating discussions among a small group throughout the day. The event itself was created to encourage innovation; to get associations to rethink their conferences, breaking out of the ho-hum. The post Fear vs. innovation: what’s ultimately driving your organization?

To Stoke Innovation, Fight Your Biases

Associations Now

Innovation isn’t just about the ideas people create, but the environment leaders provide to inspire them. Innovation is essential to an organization—all it means, at its core, is being able to come up with new ideas, and your association hasn’t survived without doing that a few times.

Here’s a big idea: Innovation can be small

Association Success

I bet that if you pull any association’s job posting for a leadership opening, you will find the word “innovation” at least half the time, either as a requirement of the type of person or a descriptor of where the organization is going. Let’s make a bet.

The CEO’s Guide to Association Innovation

Association Adviser

When I say the word innovation to you, what feelings does this word evoke? In a recent research study association professionals reported that innovation is synonymous with risk, big expectations, large investments, long commitments and failure. To guide our members through the turbulence, we need to change, adapt and innovate more nimbly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to association innovation? How to get the team moving in the right direction?

The Anatomy of an Effective Customer Community Team

Higher Logic

Communities are naturally multi-disciplinary projects. The list goes on, which is why customer communities function best with diverse teams that bring together experts from different departments. Putting together this kind of team isn’t easy. Exactly who’s involved will depend on your business and its goals, but to help you start planning your ideal team, we put together a list of five people who always have something to contribute. Leadership Team.

Team 156

Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members

Smooth The Path

A good culture greases the wheels for everything from conversations to project management. Related: Why you have to work on culture before you innovate. Your association staff wants to be on a winning team. The post Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members appeared first on Smooth The Path. Why all the recent hubbub about culture? Well, partly because we all want to enjoy a healthy working environment and partly because we want to get things done.

3 Ways Event Management Is Like Project Management


There are many ways we do this - we look at trends in the industry, analyze innovation in technology, and interview our customers. At the end of last year, our product team spent hours talking to several of our customers about events. Part of being a product manager at MemberSuite is finding ways to continuously improve our product so that it meets the evolving needs of our customers.

Overcoming the Barriers to Association Innovation

Smooth The Path

Innovation is a difficult strategy for any organization past the startup phase to adopt, and associations are no exception. When association executives talk about innovation, we talk about the possibility and how much more we can help members. But, we also talk about how risky change can be, how difficult it is, and how much time and money innovation efforts can use. We want to innovate, but we may be afraid to get started.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

Association Subculture

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. I believe in innovation. So Im launching a project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). Ive heard rumors about an Innovation Task Force within ASAE but I am not sure where they are going with their work. innovation. (6). Principled Innovation LLC.

Customer Success: Life After Launch and Continuous Innovation

Nimble AMS

The Nimble AMS team goes beyond simply implementing your solution. To the Nimble AMS team, customer success means caring about what you are trying to accomplish and helping to produce the results you expect. Seven core values drive the Nimble AMS team.

Are You an Innovation Pioneer?

Association Success

While innovation and adaptation are themes that resound throughout industry discussions, we don’t need to see change as a necessary reaction to our context. We can be innovating and adapting because it’s absolutely in our reach, and because by doing so, we are continuing to bring meaning to the lives of the communities our associations serve. So we want to know: are you an innovation pioneer? We are launching a competition for the SURGE Optimism Pioneer Award.

Building the Best Team: Curation not Creation.

Association Success

A good team is more than the sum of its parts. Choose your best team, not your best individuals”. Assembling a volunteer team is, I believe, about more than the sum of its individual parts. A strong and successful team should be curated rather than created – and this means thinking carefully about each member as a specific piece of the puzzle, picking the best person for a particular job rather than hunting for especially engaged volunteers more generally.

Team 69

Developing a Culture of Innovation

Jamie Notter

Just when they needed to innovate the most, they focused on optimization instead. Innovation and optimization are at either ends of the spectrum. The most innovative organizations don’t optimize well, and the most optimized organizations don’t innovate well. Some optimization projects work well for big manufacturing firms. Optimization projects promise gains in efficiency but in a non-production based environment those gains can be really hard to measure.

The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

YourMembership Blog

Management Team. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer. While they have the enthusiasm, they may need the goals of your innovation to be laid out for them. Building on their hesitancy toward creating a long-term career path, put them in charge of projects that will immediately effect them such as increasing morale or membership. This will help you make the most of their ideas and innovative spirit.

The First Association Innovation Tactic to Start With

Smooth The Path

Nearly 70% of association leaders worry they are not leading innovation well at their associations (this comes from a recent survey of 1,000 association executives in Australia, and the results are likely to be very similar in the US). Shrinking the change means making the initial innovation goal small which makes the change easy. When association professionals talk about shrinking the change, they immediately refer to the continuum of innovation.

How to Change Workplace Culture One Team at a Time

Association Success

However, it is possible to look at culture on a more micro level, which can be important when trying to make significant change at the team level. In 2010, I was brought in as leader of the communications team at the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) when the association was undergoing an overhaul. I knew that to accomplish the mandate I had been given by leadership, our team would need to make some significant culture shifts.

Team 80

Innovating for Inclusion: How We Engaged a More Diverse Community

Association Success

The word ‘innovation’ is often treated as an end in itself. Being innovative floats around as an ephemeral goal of all projects, and a mark of a successful enterprise. But what are we innovating for? AIGA Minnesota has been pioneering an innovation initiative for a few years now, sprung into being by an AIGA Innovate grant, with the express goals of relevancy and cultivating transformative community impact through the engagement of design.

Daily Buzz: Don’t Forget About Small-Scale Innovation

Associations Now

Big idea: Successful innovation can be small, too. How do you define innovation? I want to invite you to the real world of innovation: small-sized innovation,” Tatonetti says on Association Success. Also: Nudge members to get more value from your association.

Workshopping Innovation: How We Taught Design Thinking

Association Success

How a group of international association executives experimented with new innovation frameworks. It is one thing to commit to a pathway towards innovation. Bringing people along the road with you, however, can be an innovation project in itself. The process of teaching a new framework, or inspiring your team to embrace a different methodology, is its own opportunity to create and discover.

The Resurrection of the Middle Manager


The pandemic highlighted the need for organizations to give their middle managers more resources and development to be project managers, activators, support systems, liaisons and more. Encourage them to have weekly check-ins with each individual on their team and regular all team check ins.

Team 52

The Secret Characteristic of Successful Association Staff Teams

Smooth The Path

Flexibility and creativity are the characteristics of staff teams pushing their organizations into the future. Resilience helps us continue a major project even after we encounter some embarrassing bumps. The post The Secret Characteristic of Successful Association Staff Teams appeared first on Smooth The Path. It is easy to get tunnel vision, but there’s no one right way to solve complex problems at our associations.

Team 69

Use the 5-Step Idea Process to Become an Association Innovation Ninja

Smooth The Path

Ideas are the root of all innovations. Because ideas lead to innovation we want more ideas, better ideas, THE idea that will excite members. Many innovative associations use a formal or informal idea process which generally has five steps and goes something like this: Step #1: Allow member’s problems spark innovative ideas. When we solve that problem we have our next new innovative offering. Many projects get started but few get completed.

Leadership Limerick: Innovation Requires Many Contributions

Idea Architects

custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. Leadership Limerick: Innovation Requires Many Contributions. When it comes to innovation, too many people think of the lone genius who invents some breakthrough product, instead of a diverse team with each member contributing different perspectives and roles to create new value. The innovation process involves many roles and perspectives.

Michele Frania Joins the Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m excited to announce that Michele Frania has joined the Velvet Chainsaw team as of April 8, 2013 as Director, Client Projects & Stories! For the past couple years, Michele worked for brandmuscle as a Client Service Manager where she led the team responsible for developing marketing tools and solutions for Allstate and Hampton Inn & Suites. If you want to connect with Michele or welcome her to the VCC team, reach out to her on LinkedIn or drop her an email.

Team 78

To Start or Sustain an Association-Wide Focus on Innovation the Association’s CEO Must Be On Board

Smooth The Path

Now that you know about my propensity to cheer for the underdog you may understand why I was blown away by one of the key findings that came out of the innovation study I recently conducted on behalf of the National Business Aviation Association ( NBAA ). Prior to conducting the research I, perhaps naively, thought that innovation was much more egalitarian. Anyone with the spark of an idea and the motivation to see the project through could innovate, I thought.

Give Your Developers More Room to Innovate

Associations Now

Today, associations need the technical resources of development teams more than developers need associations. Is Bottom-Up Innovation Needed? If this sounds like “shadow IT,” yes, it’s along those lines—and I tend to think that allowing employees to play with new tools is actually a good thing from an innovation standpoint. If they have a skill set that shows innovative thinking, allow them to use that thinking!

5 Ways to Transform Your Team’s Brainstorming

Association Success

If you want your team to start taking more innovative approaches to solving organizational problems, you may need to change the way you work. We attribute part of our success to the fact that our team has embraced the concept of brainstorming and we regularly include this practice in our work routine. Here are five ways our team has made brainstorming work for us: 1. It is important for teams to make time to exist in a creative head space.

Team 65

Always Rushed? Try the Buffered Time Method for Association Scheduling

Smooth The Path

This kind of scheduling is bound to force the project team to work during their discretionary hours and overrun the budget. With a buffered time planning approach the project team has the time to be more thoughtful and organized. Related: Keeping up association staff engagement throughout a tough project. The secret characteristic of successful association staff teams. Professionals tend to run on one of two mindsets for time management.

Team 75

Corn Growers Group Launches Innovation Challenge

Associations Now

The National Corn Growers Association is relying on some friendly competition to crowdsource innovative ways to use corn products. billion bushels, the National Corn Growers Association is hosting a global open innovation challenge to explore new solutions for turning the crop into bio-sustainable chemicals and molecules. “We Specifically, the “Consider Corn Challenge,” created with vendor and innovation facilitator NineSigma, aims to collect new conversion processes.

Lunchtime Links: Uncovering Employee Innovations

Associations Now

Give employees a chance to let their innovative ideas flow by taking a page from Adobe’s playbook. Adobe’s“red box” innovation project is a model for organizations to access their employees’ creative potential, writes Laura Montini of Taking a chance on employees who are eager to shoulder more responsibility or act on a new idea can create a team of empowered, self-assured employees who are excited to come to work each day.

Big Challenges Yield Big Reward for Association Staff

Smooth The Path

That was until a new business unit was coming on line and my team was asked to produce an additional 15 new products in just half the time to feed this new business. We co-located the cross-functional team, set up a new process and set to work. The whole team worked incredibly hard working many long hours. Sometimes we want to save our staff team from the pain of a big challenge. Big projects are a lot of work. Innovation carries some risk.

Team 65

At CHEST Innovation Is Called Business as Usual


The association prides itself on an innovative approach that responds rapidly to changing demographics, advancing technology, and the shift from growing membership to increasing the engagement of an expanding profession. The staff and volunteer leaders are creative problem-solvers who embrace innovation and change. Updated learning, member and content management systems were needed to launch the innovative vision. An interdisciplinary team spearheaded the project.

Commonly Used Association Goals Doomed to Failure

Smooth The Path

Failing demoralizes the team and makes us more risk adverse. Or improving member engagement with no strategy for innovation or change. Or set up goals around project completion. To start or sustain an association-wide focus on innovation the CEO must be on board. Often we set goals for ourselves that are likely to fail. Over time we become caught in a downward spiral. What kind of common organizational goals are doomed to failure?