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MPI PEC North America in Houston was a location for this presentation on how key MegaTrends affect associations and their events. Science and Technology Advancements. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels. MarCom. Market & Biz Plan. Meetings. Membership. Products. Public Affairs. Services. Making Business Sense of Climate Change – A Green Meeting Guide » Feb.

Hotel 911 Law Takes Effect, With Help From Associations

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But because hotel phones required guests to dial 9 before calling 911, the calls for help placed by Kari’s daughter never went through,” Pai told Houston’s KHOU earlier this month.

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14 Blogs and Podcasts that Will Keep You Current on Online Community and Marketing Automation

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How can we keep up with the technology world but also filter out the things that aren’t useful? Associations Now shares both technology news and association membership news in their blog, covering tech updates, lessons learned, engagement theories, and best practices.

6 Simple Ways to Facilitate Conference Connections

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Simple technologies allow us to more easily find, connect with, and tap into the brain trust of a much larger group of individuals than before. 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Young Association Professional: Erin Sevitz on Working Hard, Being Agile and Leaving Your Mark

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When I worked for Naylor I was based in Florida, but eventually I wanted to return to Houston. While I wasn’t necessarily looking to work at an association, through the PRSA Houston Chapter job board, I found a posting for an editorial manager role with IFMA.

Beyond Folders: Dropbox Tries Reinventing the Sync

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Best Founder Story Ever If you’re looking for an uplifting read, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston recently spoke at the commencement for his alma mater, MIT. “I took a screenshot—but then I was sick to my stomach,” Houston said in his speech.

Could Your Association Thrive in a Remote-First Culture?

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And what if not every role, especially not the ones involving technology or creativity, need quite that level of centralization? This is a growing debate in the fields of technology and media in particular that I think associations could probably appreciate. Nowadays, technology has effectively removed the need for work like this to be done up close.

Help Support the Next Generation of Women in Tech


The National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) is a coalition of over 250 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working to increase the participation of girls and women in computing and IT. University of Houston downtown.

Conference Circuit: An Iconic Global Tech Event Turns 90

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A technology industry event rich in history begins in Berlin. What began as an exhibition for nascent broadcasting technologies has evolved into one of the world’s largest exhibitions of consumer technology. Plus: Aquarium and zoo professionals go wild in Florida.

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Monday Buzz: Why Business Principles Still Apply to Nonprofits

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” The commercial showed off the use of oil in paint, makeup, and technology in colorful and somewhat edgy imagery. And there’s no better opportunity to launch this new campaign than during today’s Super Bowl in the energy capital of Houston, and in front of the largest audience possible.”

Flight 370: Airline Group Works With UN to Boost Flight Tracking

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Royal Australian Air Force Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is leading the ongoing effort to find the plane, told CNN the search is the most difficult in history , though modern technology could improve the chances of locating the wreckage.

Trust, Disruption & 3 other articles for association executives

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What I Mean When I Write about Disruption By Ernie Smith via Too often, industries play catch-up to new technology. Simply put, it’s technology.

Civil Rights Groups Welcome FCC Ruling On Prison Phone Fees

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“It makes me want to cry, I’m so happy,” TIFA Executive Director Jennifer Erschabek told the Houston Chronicle.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization : Off Stage

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Many websites were originally built because somebody told the association it needed a website to ‘be cool’ and appear conversant in technology. Put a consumer property search on the website like the Houston Association of REALTORs. Technology. Off Stage.

Mark Zuckerberg Launches Lobby Focused on Immigration

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” Big-name backers: Beyond Zuckerberg, the list of founders is a roundup of major tech-world luminaries, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, and a number of key venture capitalist partners.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Leadership Limerick: Time for.

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As Harvard economist Ed Glaeser notes, "Communications technology and face-to-face interactions are complements like salt and pepper rather than substitutes like butter and margarine.” Labels: conferences , leadership limerick , meetings , technology. 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

New Research and a Welcome Surprise from Foundation CEOs

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Another Listen for Good grantee is ECHOS, a nonprofit in Houston TX that provides 1:1 application assistance to low-income individuals so they and their families can access critical medical and social services such as food stamps or Medicaid.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Five Lessons from the Road

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Use of any new technology should be considered in light of the character of the relationship an organization (or individual) wants to have with their members, customers, and stakeholders and how to reflect that and their core values and personality in doing so with the new technology.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Books and Quotes for Rethinking.

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Here's another book for your reading list (if you're anything like me you'll already have a bunch of stuff queued, but still.): "The Digital Workplace: how technology is liberating work" ( 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: The Importance of Being Part of the.

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One of the best parts of mobile technology and social media is how they enable individuals to share stories in real-time with their communities. 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Seen Elsewhere: Crowdsourcing.

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The premise: while modern management is one of humankinds most important inventions, it is now a mature technology that must be reinvented for a new age.". 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas. custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. He also teaches presentation design and facilitation to subject matter experts.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Facilitation Friday #2: Behavior is.

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How do they use technology in their environment? If virtual, what technology will be used? 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions

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Technologies such as IdeaScale enable us to more easily crowdsource such input and manage advance discussions and obtain feedback as suggested next. 19, Houston, Assof of Fundraising Profs Conference. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.

Plexus Consulting Group?: The Importance of Growth and Celebration

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Part of the reason was the relatively good health of the industry that we serve and the critical need for technology to find and produce oil and natural gas. Our international expansion, begun in the 1970s, continued over the past decade by establishing new offices in Dubai, Calgary and Moscow, in addition to our existing offices in the Dallas, Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur. · Investments in technology. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

SCD Group: Best of the Week: 3 key topics for Association CEOs.

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FRAN -3.37% The Houston-based company fired him because he "improperly communicated company information through social media," the company said. Edwards In the past few years, social media technologies have emerged as double-edged swords in the workplace. In the right hands, such technologies can provide unprecedented marketing and growth opportunities. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Sunday, May 20, 2012.

Don’t Manage Social Media Like the NFL

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Houston Texans (@HoustonTexans) December 4, 2016. In 2013, I wrote about Pax Dickinson, the former chief technology officer of Business Insider who lost his job over his controversial tweets.