Top Technology Strategy Tips for NiUG Discovery

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As we pack and ship our materials, arrange meetings with partners, clients and associations, and put the finishing touches on our TopClass demos, we started thinking about our top technology strategy tips for getting the most out of the conference. NiUG conferences offer expert instructors who have real-life experience, networking, and exhibitors that feature the newest technologies. Technology is constantly changing and for success, your organization needs to change with it!

Conference Circuit: Public Safety Communications

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APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo begins this weekend in Baltimore. More than 5,000 public safety communications officials, including frontline telecommunicators and comm center managers, are headed to Baltimore to learn more about the industry’s newest technology, hear from speakers about trends and challenges, and get to know colleagues. Organization: Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International. City: Baltimore, Maryland.

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Conference Circuit: Crop Science

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The 2018 International Annual Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and the Canadian Society of Agronomy begins this weekend in Baltimore. Around 2,500 soil-management and crop-production scientists, professionals, educators, and students will head to Baltimore in the next few days to take part in tours and workshops, network with colleagues, and learn about the latest technology. Venue: Baltimore Convention Center.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.26.20

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Barbara Palmer at PCMA Convene lists eight ways conference organizers, sponsors, speakers and attendees can make conferences more racially diverse. Now he’s sharing the “woes and wows” of his experience in an article at EdSurge as well as “three tips for virtual conference organizers to consider, based on hours of my life that I will never get back.”. You’ve been tasked with finding the right platform to move your organization’s event from face-to-face to virtual.

Protech’s Virtual Customer Conference Draws More Than Double Previous Events


After shifting away from an in-person customer celebration at the Four Seasons in Baltimore due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Protech Associates’ Fusion 2020 Customer Conference surpassed all previous attendance numbers for the event. . As Protech’s marketing and IT teams began researching technology to support the event, it quickly became apparent that a reliable, secure and flexible solution was imperative for the success of the event.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.7.20

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This series of 15-minute videos cover hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. Mac Campbell, CVP, Baltimore Convention Center. Organizers: Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Scott Oser Associates. Organizer: Hilary Marsh, founder, Content Company Inc. But some new technologies could change that. Host: MIT Technology Review. Host: Association Women Technology Champions.

Renewables Groups Collaborate in Launching National Clean Energy Week

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The bipartisan event, which organizers hope to make annual, will try to make the business case for renewables—and build support for them among legislators. Next month, a variety of organizations focused on sustainable energy are going to make their voices heard in Washington, DC. Most events will be held in DC that week, but related events over the next two months will be in Sea Island, Georgia; Baltimore; Minneapolis; Las Vegas; and Des Moines, Iowa.

Conference Circuit: Vision Research

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More than 11,000 academicians, clinicians, researchers, students, and trainees in the fields of vision research and eye science are headed to British Columbia to learn about the newest scientific advances, network with colleagues, and see the latest technology in the exhibit hall. Organization: Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. Rundown Attendees: 11,000 plus. Poster and Paper Presentations: 6,000 plus. Exhibitors: 200 plus.

Amazon’s HQ2: 3 Ripple Effects for Associations

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Those trends might lead some organizations to look for homes in other nearby regions that didn’t get the nod from Amazon. Already, some cities within a day’s drive of Northern Virginia, such as Raleigh, North Carolina , and Baltimore , are seeing ways to turn the HQ2 decision into a net positive. With one of two new Amazon headquarters planned for Northern Virginia, associations in the DC region are likely to see some big shifts in the local market in the coming years.

Prince’s Quiet Philanthropic Legacy

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In the past few years, Prince donated both time and money to #YesWeCode, a nonprofit organization that brings technology opportunities to underprivileged youth. In recent interviews, Jones said that Prince’s backseat role with the organizations was intentional; as a devout Jehovah’s Witness, Prince did not speak publicly about his donations.

Hey, did I tell you my plan for world domination?


There's a webpage calendar managed by one of the Baltimore groups (to be updated quarterly), and my job is to manage the listserve (to be updated continuously). ungovernance technology associations sharing innovation web 3.0 So we've started, with four other area groups in the field, a "regional listserve" for relevant events and lectures.

Are We All Generalists in Association Culture?

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Today, I am the Director of Data Systems and Technology for ACPA—College Student Educators International. A couple of years later, another unexpected life shift brought me down to the Baltimore area, where I found my current position in the association world. I’ve always believed that the purpose of technology is to aid people and companies in productivity; I’m not going to build a new software platform because it’s shiny and cool.

A Real Headache: Realtors’ Excitement for Drones Outpaces Regulators’

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But this has created a problem for trade groups in the industry, which find themselves having to balance their members’ excitement for the technology with the slow-moving mechanisms of federal law. While the FAA has allowed some initial tests of the unmanned aircraft , the agency has been slow to come up with rules for their commercial use, prompting some to jump the gun and use the technology commercially even though that use isn’t currently legal.

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Monday Buzz: Google Glass, Giving Back

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Google Glass has been put to good use by associations in the past, with the Washington Restaurant Association providing a good example of how the technology can be employed during a conference. Classroom Champions : This mentor-focused nonprofit will use its Glass and grant to allow Paralympic competitors to document their training and events for use in the organization’s materials for students in high-need schools.

Should You Conduct a Business Process Review?

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Organizations, like individuals, do a lot of things because they’ve always done them a certain way, so they might not consider whether the way they perform a certain function or process is the most efficient or effective. Amy Williams, CAE, alongside her colleague, Michael Pulik, will present a session titled “Conduct a Business Process Review for Improved Operations” at ASAE’s Associations @ Work Business Conference , taking place October 16-17 in Baltimore.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.20.19

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If you’re in the market for new technology, DelCor shares 11 questions you should ask during reference checks on an association technology vendor —and a little additional advice as well. Good eats: We spent several days in Baltimore this past week so I haven’t done much in the kitchen since last we met except refrigerator pasta. But we ate well in Baltimore. Check out this 15-minute web series covering hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management.

Membership as Living Community


She will explain and explore for us how “d emand-centered models require a re-orientation of an organization from products and policies to people—customers, members, stakeholders” — and these are ideas which clearly relate very directly to the themes we’ve been exploring both in Open Community and in Humanize. . It took place on the island village of Olymbos, Karpathos and in immigrant communities in Baltimore.

After Merger Shifts Membership, Publishers Group Doubles Down on Education

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Currently the head of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, she entered the spotlight last year for keeping open a branch during violent protests over the death of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody. When mergers happen between associations, the combined organization may keep one of the original names, but quite often it takes on the fabric of both associations. Consequently, the organization’s lobbying work has become more focused on the needs of such publishers.

Lunchtime Links: How to Build the Perfect Event Website

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Plus: scouting talent within your organization. As part of its month-long series on event technology, editor Julius Solaris and the folks at the Event Manager Blog have created a new infographic called “ Anatomy of an Effective Website ” that covers everything from your initial call to action and the benefits of responsive design to the integration of social media and other tools during the event. Does your organization develop its own conference websites?

14 Personal Highlights from EventCamp East Coast


Since the unconference was named EventCamp East Coast, I expected participants to be from DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. We had participants with extensive conference and event experience, but we also had many from associations and non-profits, developers of technology, journalists, etc. The fourth and final breakout session of the day was on the integration of mobile and web technologies at events.

What We Can Learn From Sermo – and What We Can’t

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The biggest threat to associations today is the internet pure play – the web-only organization that delivers the core value of associations, without any of the financial or cultural baggage. Sermo’s chief marketing officer, Gina Ashe, spoke on a panel with me at ASAE and the Center’s Healthcare Association Conference last week in Baltimore. Some reasons why: Sermo works hard to keep technology in the background.

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


ahier - Brian Ahier; The Dalles, Oregon; Passionate about healthcare, technology and government 2.0. Dig design, innovation, technology. andreamiller20 - Andrea Miller; Atlanta; Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist. BrandtKrueger - Brandt Krueger; Minneapolis; Geek Dad, Husband, and Corporate Technology Director for metroConnections, Inc. (A dcoriale - David Coriale; President, DelCor Technology Solutions, Inc.

Presentations This Week - BlogClump


Tools for Youth Soccer Organizations. ASAE Technology Conference 2009. skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. Friday, January 23, 2009. Presentations This Week. The next few days are crazy for me as this weekend is the Virginia Youth Soccer Association workshop being hosted here in Arlington. Then Tuesday and Wednesday is the ASAE Tech Conference.

SECU MD (How Can They Help?)


SECU MD was founded in 1951, in downtown Baltimore, with only a borrowed desk and chair, and most of its employees then were volunteers. Today, SECU has many branches all over Maryland, and they have implemented a sophisticated technology network, that enables them to provide services to more than 230,000 members, and they can manage their asset base of more than 3.4 Advanced technology. Most Credit Unions tend to suffer in the area of technology.