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Learning Subscriptions Help Good Intentions Come to Life

WBT Systems

Learning Subscriptions Help Good Intentions Come to Life. Read more about Learning Subscriptions Help Good Intentions Come to Life


How to Get Your Members Talking Online: Part One "Building Your Personal Brand"


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Membership Q&A: How Long Should Our Grace Period Be?

Spark Consulting

Ah, the grace period, the bane of the membership profession’s experience. Should we have a grace period at all? How long should it be? I will admit to being a hard-ass about grace periods. My preference is none. If your membership lapses on July 31, 2019, then your access is cut off as of 12:01 am August 1. Remember how I recently wrote about rewarding the behavior you want to encourage ?

The Benefits of a Marketing Segmentation Strategy for Your Association


Members, customers, attendees, and prospects expect some level of personalized or relevant content from every organization they interact with. Read the blog post to learn about the benefits of a marketing segmentation strategy for your association

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

We Asked, You Answered: Practical and Tactical Event Strategies

Associations Now

Not every “wow”-worthy gesture at an event has to be bold—sometimes, it just has to be supremely useful. Here are a few smart ways associations impressed their attendees and exhibitors. Sometimes, the biggest “wow” you can generate for your attendees isn’t a spectacle.

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Nine Important Takeaways from Failure

Moery Company

iStock-Credit_alphaspirit. I’ve failed many times in my life. Both personally and in business. These mistakes were painful learning moments, which I want to share as well as the takeaways and a few words of advice. #1.

101 Ways To Get New Members For Your Organization

Wild Apricot

Want to grow your membership? Here are 101 ways your organization can attract and recruit more members both in the short and long term

How to Give Your Customer Success Team Superpowers

Higher Logic

Is your customer success team burnt out? How about stressed? If the answer is yes, I’m not surprised. With recent emphasis on customer success programs and the rise in rapidly scaling tech companies, customer success teams are often strapped for resources and time.

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Tips for Kickstarting Your Podcast Channel

Blue Sky eLearn

You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided your organization needs to start hosting podcasts. Or maybe you’re still on the fence and are just looking for some advice if you do decide to take the leap. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction. . Why .

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10 ways to use your career center and learning program to support the member journey  

YourMembership Blog

10 ways to use your career center and professional learning program to support the member journey. Supporting your members’ career journey is vitally important to delivering a great overall member experience. These strategies will help. Your members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers and their membership with your organization. Supporting your members’ career journey is.

25 Solid Membership Website Examples & How to Create Your Own

Wild Apricot

Here are 25 great membership website examples from all sorts of different organizations. See how they've set up membership benefits, events, and more. Plus, learn how to easily create your own membership website in 3 easy steps

Podcasting Creates Interest and Excitement

Eric Lanke

Today we launched a podcast at my association. It's called Fluid Power Forward , and on it, we plan to interview interesting people who are helping to move fluid power technology forward. If you're interested, you can listen to our first episode here. The project was fairly long in coming.

Avoiding Meeting Misery: 3 Musts for Efficient Meetings


Efficient meetings require more planning than simply emailing the attendees an invite. Whether it’s the association board, staff, or members, use the following tips to plan association meetings that meet objectives , produce results, and leave participants with a sense of accomplishment.

Talent Acquisition 101: Tips for Effectively Onboarding New Staff


We talk about new member onboarding a LOT, but just as important is new staff onboarding. Employee turnover costs time and money - two very important resources for all of us. And if you’ve gone through the interview process and found a candidate you truly like, of course you want to keep them.

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Association Success

Have you ever Googled “How to download your Facebook data” or “How to download your Google data”? Well, I have for some of my Google data. They’ll tell you where you were on what day, doing what. You’ll find every single photo. I was appalled.

Send the Right Message About Membership ROI

Associations Now

Your messaging on membership’s return on investment is often as important as the benefits you provide. Consider whether you’re striking the right tone. Recently, I have become a bit of a podcast addict. I like one in particular, not only for its content but also because of its promotional strategy.

6 signs your association management software may be a dinosaur

Nimble AMS

Six signs your association management software may be outdated. . Is your association failing to keep up with technology? Here are the top warning signs you may be falling behind. . Just as your association grows and evolves, technology changes too.

[Report] Shift in How Conference Attendees Want to Receive Content


Educational content is one of the primary reasons people attend conferences. They want to learn. And as a professional organization, your goal (or one of your goals) is to help them learn. So how they prefer to receive that content is important, right? Of course!

Job Candidates Are Still Struggling to Communicate

Association Success

Poor communication skills are affecting job candidates. We often stress the importance of soft skills in the job market, and this is particularly true when it comes to a lack of communication skills affecting the employability of job candidates. As the Director of CompTIA AITP, an association for IT professionals, we talk a lot about not only the skills gap but a confidence gap. Qualified candidates don’t apply for jobs because they have a preconceived notion of what is a tech worker.

Does the Algorithm Tell the Whole Story About Your Content?

Associations Now

When it comes to content strategy, it’s easy to lean on algorithms to make decisions on content presentation—but algorithms aren’t perfect, and they can create content blind spots if you’re not careful.

Turn Your Attendees Into Participants

Smooth The Path

Associations are continually battling some of the unintended lessons we learned in grammar school. Don’t speak out during class. Don’t stand out. Some questions are stupid. There is a risk for contributing in public, especially when you may not have the right answer.

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How to Convert Students into Full-Time Members After Graduation


Having a student membership is a GREAT way to introduce the next generation to your organization, and demonstrate the value of membership early on in their career. That makes it even easier to recruit them for full-time membership upon graduation!


Association Success

We often stress the importance of soft skills in the job market, and this is particularly true when it comes to a lack of communication skills affecting the employability of job candidates.

Daily Buzz: What Attendees Want From Meetings

Associations Now

Want to boost attendance numbers at your next conference? Cater the experience to your audience. Also: what to do when someone says membership costs are too high. Just as every meeting has its own set of priorities and expectations, so does every attendee.

Expo Decisions: Attendee Preferences over Exhibitors—Always

Velvet Chainsaw

For those of you who organize large annual conferences and trade shows, there undoubtedly is a chicken-vs.-egg egg debate.

Marshall and Wojno Join TMC Advisory Board

Moery Company

The Moery Company (TMC) is pleased to announce two new members to its Advisory Board: Hazen Marshall , Founding Partner of Marshall & Popp; and Tom Wojno , Senior Vice President of Innovation and Member Advancement, International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA).


Association Success

A typical association will run conferences, develop publications and educational courses, provide online resources such as communities, and often be involved in government relations and standards work.

Daily Buzz: How Dark Social Is Skewing Your Data

Associations Now

Dark social shares mean your team could be basing its marketing insights—and budget—on inaccurate data. Also: ideas for a website relaunch. For your performance marketing team, “dark social” might as well be the dark side of the moon.

9 Cvent Alternatives & Competitors for Your Next Event


event technology

Have You Heard of These Unique Membership Models?

Smooth The Path

Recently I learned about some fascinating membership structures and thought I’d share them in case you are considering a change in your membership. Membership dues only model. Members pay one big lump sum of dues, and then they have access to everything.

Why Associations Need to Actively Manage Growth

Association Success

Associations can narrow their strategic lens by better managing growth. A typical association will run conferences, develop publications and educational courses, provide online resources such as communities, and often be involved in government relations and standards work. These organizations face an extreme version of the challenge their for-profit counterparts face: in a commercial business, such diverse activity would often require many times the people associations have the ability to afford.

Self-Care Strategies for Meetings Pros

Associations Now

Meeting planners have one of the most stressful jobs, which is why it’s important that they take care of themselves, even when they’re also taking care of attendees. Consider these three self-care strategies.

AMR IdeaCON – Collaborative Problem-Solving Six Months Later

AMR Management Services

It's difficult to believe, but we’re coming up on six months since the AMR internal professional development conference; IdeaCON. The results were wonderful, with 82.6% of participants indicating