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How to Build a Dashboard to Track Membership Statistics

Membership Marketing

When we asked association staff what are the most significant data challenges that they face, 48% of respondents told us that “Inadequate membership dashboard and reporting tools” represented a top problem.

Are Your Learning Programs Transformational?

Association Success

Are Your Learning Programs Transformational? Learning is transformational: that means change should happen as a result of it. Is the learning you are providing engaging brains to change, or is it learning by name only? Associations have so much power to strengthen the workforce pipelines of their industries and develop mastery for individuals by better leveraging their educational portfolio to offer transformation. Let’s look at two ways to jumpstart this into reality. Listening with intention.

Create a Culture That Keeps Employees Motivated and Happy  

Associations Now

When organizations don’t focus on wellbeing, they’ll often see that their employees are exhibiting signs of burnout. Here are few tips for preventing it.

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Why Associations Should Focus on Key Accounts in 2019 – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

The Big Red “M” is tackling a new sales tactic this year in both the membership and sponsorship areas – with a special focus on key accounts. These larger companies are complex, so landing the “Big Kahuna” requires a more strategic and long-term approach.


Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.4.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… If your association has chapters or geographic components (sections, affiliates, local networking groups), please participate in the Chapter Benchmarking Study.

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Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

Higher Logic

How can we better engage our customers? How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ? How can we produce more qualified leads? If these types of marketing strategy questions are floating around in your mind as we enter the new year, keep reading.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 171: How to Manage the Gatekeeper Process in Sales

Moery Company

To be clear, there are two types of gatekeepers, explains Host JP Moery – those who call you to get information about your association membership program; and, those who answer the phone when you’re calling to reach the decision maker. He shares a few thoughts on how to manage the process.

My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Eric Lanke

As we end another year, here's a look back at the five posts on this blog that received the most page views in 2018.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals to Build Resilience

Beth Kanter

Flickr photo by Geoff Livingston. I wish you a very happy and healthy 2019! I had a great holiday break, although unfortunately I got sick.

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Has Your Leadership Evolved For The New Normal?

Velvet Chainsaw

Change is hard. Foresight—looking forward—is hard. Because we prefer certainty and concreteness to ambiguity and abstraction. Becoming a new normal leader requires shifting your perspective.

The TMC Hat Trick

Moery Company

Hey, I have something new to talk about today. We just had a great sales team meeting and started implementing a training tactic I’ve used at several organizations. It’s called the “Hat Trick.” Now, it’s not necessarily a trick; it’s an awesome methodology to train your sales team.

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4 Tips for Members Location Mapping to Suit Any Organization

Wild Apricot

These tips will help any organization save time and make their members' lives easier with the members location mapping gadget. product map members-location-mapping

What’s Your Membership Resolution for 2019?

Associations Now

At the start of a new year, you’re probably making a resolution or two. We asked a few association professionals what their 2019 membership resolutions will be. Here’s what they said. Ah, the new year—if one thing’s true, you’re probably going to make a new year’s resolution.

How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

Association Adviser

Starting or growing a career management site doesn’t have to be intimidating.

The Tension Between Content And Process In Facilitated Conference Learning Experiences

Velvet Chainsaw

Have you ever attended a conference education session because of the presenter and not the content? (I I think most of us have.). Have you ever been surprised when a full day workshop ended? You were so engaged that time flew by without you realizing it.

A New Year Means New Data Management Habits

Effective Database

The new year brings new resolutions. May I suggest that one of your New Year’s resolutions be the creation of one new data management habit within your organization? Here are some suggestions: Develop and use data integrity reports. Establish an internal users group that meets at least monthly.

Daily Buzz: Lectures Are Killing Your Event

Associations Now

A classroom-style lecture limits meeting engagement. Instead, make events more social. Also: four types of emails to send in 2019. Many people go to meetings to learn, and many event agendas are heavy on expert-led lectures.

What Are Associations Really Selling?

Smooth The Path

What do members think we sell to them? We sell membership, conferences, research, and books. Yes but, there is more. Members tell us they join for professional development and networking. . Yes but, there is more. They get knowledge and connections through the association. Yes, but there is more.

On Becoming A New Normal Leader

Velvet Chainsaw

It’s a common, well-accepted, well-worn and overused term: the New Normal. It’s also stealthily deceptive and destructive. It’s critical that successful leaders understand that linear thinking is just an exit ramp in a world of exponential change.

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Nailing the "Newness" of a New Year


With a new year comes a fresh start - positive change. But with all change comes the need to adapt. What “newness” are you expecting in 2019? New staff? New members? Hopefully!) New technology? Below are a few tips and best practices for adapting: Small Staff Chatter association leadership

Tips 56

Daily Buzz: Why Membership Matters More in 2019

Associations Now

As expenses rise, particularly for cultural organizations, membership programs become more important than ever to maximize support. Also: Before AI hits marketing full force, here’s how you should approach personalization. It might be a new year, but this is old news: Membership matters.

How to Organize Your Desk in Less Than 10 Minutes


Kick off the new year right with these tips for quickly organizing your workspace. Remove distractions. Ask yourself what actually needs to be on your desk. Ditch the knick-knacks (when was the last time you actually used the stress-ball you got free from a trade show 3 years ago?).

Wrong Turn or Right Path?

Idea Architects

I t is easy to f orget abo u t the importance of feedback in the moment. Perhaps nowhere is this as useful as when you have made a tentative decision and are seeking confirmation that it is the right one … as I was once while driving to a retreat center outside of New Orleans.

Membership Hack: Ask a Question by Email

Associations Now

A monthly email that asks a single question about membership can boost engagement and give a glimpse at long-term member trends. How to hack it? Many associations continuously fine-tune their email messages to members, too often throwing in everything but the kitchen sink.

Government Shutdown Takes Toll on Weather Conference

Associations Now

The American Meteorological Society’s 2019 Annual Meeting starts in Phoenix this weekend. But thanks to the government shutdown, at least 500 fewer attendees are expected. AMS is preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best.

3 Reasons for Brain Drain—and 3 Possible Solutions

Associations Now

If your longtime employees are leaving your organization and you’re struggling to find new talent with the right expertise in a tough job market, you’re likely suffering from brain drain. Consider these strategies to ease the pain. Feeling drained?

Meet Outside the Box: Apply Your Knowledge to a New Business

Associations Now

Create meaningful professional development opportunities by introducing attendees to local businesses that could benefit from their knowledge. The number one reason attendees go to meetings and conferences is for education, reports The Experience Institute.

Surveys: Many Organizations Don’t Have a CFO Succession Plan

Associations Now

Two recent studies on succession plans for the C-suite’s finance head found that many organizations didn’t have one—especially when it comes to smaller workforces. If your chief financial officer was to win the lottery tomorrow and quit his or her job, would your organization be able to get by?

Gaming Association Gives “Speedruns” a Live-Event Twist

Associations Now

The Global Speedrun Association, which manages online events for those who try to beat video games at breakneck speeds, is preparing its first live event—a gaming tournament complete with prizes and fan panels.

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Daily Buzz: Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Associations Now

In order for your organization to achieve greater success this year, you have to avoid the activities that held you back in 2018. Also: developing a physical security strategy at events. Come the beginning of a new year, many resolutions are made to be better and achieve greater success.

Nonprofit Aims to Provide Students With Audiobooks

Associations Now

Learning Ally aims to give students with learning disabilities an upper hand in the classroom with its Great Reading Games, an audiobook-driven educational program.

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Conference Circuit: Soil Science

Associations Now

Rundown Attendees: 4,000 plus. Oral presentations: 890. Posters: 500 plus. Rapid-fire abstracts: 86. The Soil Science Society of America’s 2019 International Soils Meeting begins this weekend in San Diego. Attendance is expected to top 4,000.

Federal Contractor Groups Support Members Amid Shutdown

Associations Now

Associations representing federal contractors in the defense, aerospace, and professional services sectors are pressing for an end to the ongoing government shutdown and providing resources to assist affected members.

Amid Partial Shutdown, Groups Step In, Speak Up for National Parks

Associations Now

A number of national parks have suffered severe declines in service—and have faced closures—as a result of the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government. Associations have offered both financial assistance and advocacy support amid the shutdown.