Why Associations Should Focus on Key Accounts in 2019 – Moery Webinar

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The post Why Associations Should Focus on Key Accounts in 2019 – Moery Webinar appeared first on The Moery Company. The Big Red “M” is tackling a new sales tactic this year in both the membership and sponsorship areas – with a special focus on key accounts.


2019 Marketing Strategy: Food for Thought From Seth Godin

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One of the most effective ways you can facilitate meaningful conversations with your audience while building real brand value in 2019 is to leverage the power of marketing automation in combination with online community software.

Why Launching an Association Podcast is a Must in 2019

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If you are considering a launch in 2019, follow these steps: 1. Download the Moery “How to Launch a Podcast” Ebook. The post Why Launching an Association Podcast is a Must in 2019 appeared first on The Moery Company.

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Introducing the 2019 Moery Company Corporate Profile

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The 2019 Moery Corporate Profile from JP Moery. The post Introducing the 2019 Moery Company Corporate Profile appeared first on The Moery Company. Association Business Strategy Business Development Sales

Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

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How Will You Adapt in 2019? In 2019, one thing is for certain – y our strategy should revolve around the needs of your audience. How can we better engage our customers? How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ? How can we produce more qualified leads?

How your association can work smarter in 2019 

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Make 2019 your most efficient and effective year yet with these tips. The post How your association can work smarter in 2019 appeared first on YourMembership. Work smarter on the go Cloud-based technology allows you to work from anywhere and at any time. But most legacy association management software (AMS) restricts your association staff to one version of a browser and makes it nearly impossible to access your member database through a mobile device or tablet.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.11.19

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I also like perusing posts on 2019 trends. WBT Systems shares five trends and opportunities they see for association e-learning in 2019. Webinar Marketing Predictions for 2019. Technology Trends Round Table 2019.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 172: How to Successfully Land an Association Job

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Host JP Moery frequently receives calls and questions from folks who are looking to break into the association marketplace for their career. During this episode, he outlines several strategies that might be helpful and if you like what you hear, share with a colleague who might be on the job hunt!

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.18.19

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The entry deadline is coming up on February 6, 2019 for the ASAE Gold Circle Awards recognizing extraordinary marketing, membership, and communications efforts in 15 different categories. An Insider’s Perspective: 5 Can’t-Miss Association Events of 2019.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.4.19

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The first step to developing a 2019 member engagement plan is looking back at 2018’s engagement metrics. Nonprofit Tech Trends 2019.

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An Inside Look: 2019 Association Survey Results


2019 Association Survey Results report now ». In an easy-to-read format, the 2019 report addresses everything from board performance to referral programs. The post An Inside Look: 2019 Association Survey Results appeared first on GrowthZone.

New Year, New Association Goals: 3 Online Community Building Mistakes to Avoid

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If so, how committed am I to building a strong and sustainable community in 2019 and beyond? Add these resources to your reading list to learn how to boost your engagement game in 2019: How Should You Measure Your Community's Engagement and Satisfaction?

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 173: How to Structure a Killer Brainstorming Session

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Host JP Moery doesn’t hold a brainstorming session without a plan – otherwise, you’re doomed by the same old back and forth – “Hey, John. What do you think? Hey, Bob. What’s your idea?” During his latest podcast, he shares a few ways to successfully map out your approach.

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Use a Content Calendar to Engage Members in 2019

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The member experience ebbs and flows with activity throughout the year, which is why a content calendar can help you plan for member engagements in 2019. Those metrics could point to content that performed well in 2018 and may be suitable to run again in 2019.

What’s Your Membership Resolution for 2019?

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We asked a few association professionals what their 2019 membership resolutions will be. Before the clock struck midnight to close out 2018, we asked a few of them to share a membership resolution they’ve made or a goal they plan to reach for in 2019.

2019 Tech Trends: 3 Factors Associations Should Watch

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After what feels like a decade of aggressive innovation, things are starting to slow down a bit—which might make tech a little easier for associations to manage in 2019. Considering my record, I figure now’s a good time to make a few more predictions as we go into 2019.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 171: How to Manage the Gatekeeper Process in Sales

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To be clear, there are two types of gatekeepers, explains Host JP Moery – those who call you to get information about your association membership program; and, those who answer the phone when you’re calling to reach the decision maker. He shares a few thoughts on how to manage the process.

The 3 Things Every CEO Should Know About Culture

Jamie Notter

And since it is actually 2019, we also created a digital version. One of my mantras is that workplace culture isn’t as complicated, difficult, vague, etc. as we make it out to be. I’m not saying it’s super simple and easy, but it’s definitely something we all can handle.

My Top Business Tip

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IStock/Credit:phototechno. M y daughter, Grace is home from college and we were chatting about business and some of things that make you successful. It heartens me that at her age – she has an active interest. But, from our conversation, one aspect came up that is so basic – you’re going to laugh.

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Daily Buzz: Why Membership Matters More in 2019

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And in 2019, membership programs might matter more than ever before. Heed advice from Higher Logic’s VP of Marketing, Marina Devalia, to get your strategy in shape for #2019. — Higher Logic (@HigherLogic) January 2, 2019.

7 Ways to Refine Your Buyer Personas with Community Data

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All great buyer personas are alike; each bad buyer persona is bad in its own way. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not exactly how Leo Tolstoy began his classic novel, Anna Karenina, but if he’d been a marketer, we’d bet at least a dollar that he would have.

Leveraging Partnerships in 2019: 3 Areas to Consider


Below are three types of partnerships we recommend evaluating - and possibly even forming - in 2019: Small Staff ChatterPartnerships can be beneficial to just about every company and organization.

Give Me Free Afternoons

Eric Lanke

This post in Associations NOW recently caught my eye, arguing, as it does, for association conferences that span a fewer number of days in recognition of the increasing desire for "work-life balance" among association members. I've got a different take.

Don't Put Association Benefits Before Member Outcomes

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Amanda Kaiser on her Smooth the Path blog had a good reminder last month for all us association professionals about the importance of speaking to members in a language they understand.

Daily Buzz: Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

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— SmartMeetings (@SmartMeetings) January 3, 2019. The post Daily Buzz: Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 appeared first on Associations Now In order for your organization to achieve greater success this year, you have to avoid the activities that held you back in 2018.

Creating a 2019 Association Marketing Calendar: The Why (And How)


Here’s why we think it’s the perfect way to kickstart 2019: Small Staff ChatterEvery organization has marketing needs, and (whether you have ample resources or limited) those can easily get out of hand as the year goes on. It’s a lot to keep up with!

5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019

WBT Systems

5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019. Read more about 5 Trends & Opportunities for Association E-Learning in 2019


Using Micro-Moments for Member Engagement 

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Most of us have our mobile phones within arm’s reach – every hour of every day. Think about what that means: People are searching, reading and communicating while they have spare moments throughout the day. Now think about how you can take advantage of these micro-moments, or critical touch points in today’s consumer journey, to engage with your members. This approach. The post Using Micro-Moments for Member Engagement appeared first on YourMembership.

Making Connections, Expanding Reach, Improving Data: A Trade Association’s Community Story [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Staying relevant, providing value, connecting with members and customers – do these challenges sound familiar to you and your organization? Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) was thinking through these goals.

Social engagement for a great member experience

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Think for a minute about all of the ways your members interact with others – social media channels, messaging apps, and your online community, just to name a few. Here are a couple of social technology capabilities to consider: Built-in online community Many association technology providers are seeking innovative ways to elevate social networking among association. The post Social engagement for a great member experience appeared first on YourMembership.

Why Your Organization Needs a Member Directory

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Wondering how to keep your members connected? Consider creating a member directory for your organization to facilitate outreach, support your communications, and more

Membership Q&A: What’s the Most Effective Renewal Cycle?

Spark Consulting

When is the best time of the year to begin renewal communications to members? How many notices should we send? Should we send paper or electronic notices? What should we send WITH the notices? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no one right answer to these questions. There are some good guidelines, which we’ll go over in a minute, but really, you have to test different options and, more importantly, PAY ATTENTION to what happens.

Book of the Month—January 2019

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Competitive Advantage will hit bookstores October 1, 2019 How is your association committing to a competitive education strategy? Editor’s note: Every month, we interview different authors who have valuable insights that are relevant to professionals within the association industry. From widely varying perspectives and specializations, we hope to provide our dedicated audience with quality reading to continue fostering growth and inspiration!

Should You Host a Virtual Conference in 2019? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


If you’ve been pondering the idea of hosting a virtual conference at your organization for a while now, 2019 may be the year to give it shot. Nowadays, it seems like everything is going digital - including events.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals to Build Resilience

Beth Kanter's Blog

I wish you a very happy and healthy 2019! Watch for more from us in 2019 about the age of automation and its implications for the sector. For 2019, I will be also focusing more on exploring the implications that artificial intelligence holds the social sector.

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How to Write a Volunteer Program Report That Proves Your Volunteers’ Impact

Wild Apricot Blog

Want to help your organization see just how valuable your volunteers are? Elisa Kosarin, CVA, explains how to prepare a volunteer report that will prove their value

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How to Connect Your Wild Apricot Account to Over 230 Apps and Services

Wild Apricot Blog

With the Wild Apricot app on Integromat, you can connect with lots of other software. Find out how you can automate new scenarios - without writing any code

The Shutdown’s Long-Term Ripple Effects on Meetings

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To submit for IAFP 2019: [link]. — IAFP Food (@IAFPFood) January 14, 2019. While association meetings have already felt the impact of the government shutdown, the effects are likely to persist in the months ahead, even if the government reopens in the next few days or weeks.

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Conference Reform Requires Cultivating Leaders With Moral Purpose To Make A Difference

Velvet Chainsaw

Many conferences are stuck in the rut of legacy routines, age-old rituals and cloned programming. Conference organizers and its advisors replicate the past maintaining the traditions and well-established procedures of yesteryear.

Has Your Leadership Evolved For The New Normal?

Velvet Chainsaw

Change is hard. Foresight—looking forward—is hard. Because we prefer certainty and concreteness to ambiguity and abstraction. Becoming a new normal leader requires shifting your perspective.