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How to Provide Member Development Opportunities in Your Organization

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Members typically join associations because they want to grow on both personal and professional levels. Read these seven member development ideas and start providing more value to your members

Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic

WBT Systems

Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic. Read more about Associations Provide an Antidote to the Loneliness Epidemic


Conference Engagement Hacks: Breaking the Ice without Breaking the Bank

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Face-to-face connection time with other members is likely one of your association’s top conference value propositions. So, what do you do to spice up the traditional icebreaker session without

Association Hustle – Episode 192: Members Hire Constant Transformation, Dan Varroney

Moery Company

Kicking off the debut of his rebranded podcast, “Association Hustle,” Host JP Moery welcomes to the show Dan Varroney, President & CEO of Potomac Core • Association Consulting.

4 Ways to Use Events + Conferences to Increase Online Community Engagement

Higher Logic

There’s something special about attending an event that leaves you feeling invigorated, inspired, and better off for having participated. Making new connections in an environment like this can be energetic, powerful, and truly productive. It can also boost community engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.14.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… As a freelancer who works alone in a home office, I understand social isolation, but I’m an introvert who loves the solitude—and gets out enough—so I’m okay, in case you were wondering, Mum.

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JP Moery Launches Rebranded Podcast – “Association Hustle”

Moery Company

39 Online Community Stats You Should Know in 2019

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The Community Roundtable annually releases the The State of Community Management Report, and it’s chock-full of timely online community stats to help inform your strategies in the year ahead.

#1 Ranked Member Check In Software Used Worldwide (With Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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This easy-to-implement member check in process helps you keep track of attendees, create records, and adds a level of professionalism for your members

Create an Attendee Experience Strategy

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When new tech products are designed and rolled out, there’s lots of focus on user experience (UX). When it comes to meetings, there should be just as much focus on AX, the attendee experience. Here’s how to build an AX strategy.

Five Tips on How to Approach a Potential Sponsor the Right Way

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Istock_Credit_NicoElNino. Getting the Conversation Started. You are face to face with a potential first-time sponsor – what are you going to say? How about nothing?

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How to use technology to support your members’ career journey

YourMembership Blog

Your members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers. Having the right technology in place helps you understand and engage with your members through each stage of their journey. When you think about your members’ experience with your association, you likely think about acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and renewal. But when thinking. The post How to use technology to support your members’ career journey appeared first on YourMembership.

Is Your Content Generalizable?

Eric Lanke

I attend a fair number of education programs and, as a result, listen to a fair number of speakers and presentations. Sometimes, the most rewarding kind of speaker is someone from outside my industry, speaking on how they address and solve challenges in their industry.

Five Strategies to Ensure Your Digital Product Has a Killer Launch

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Whether it involves expanding your scale or workshopping your messaging, a well-considered approach to launching a new tech product can really pay off. Here are a few ideas to get going. Launching a new digital product or service for your members soon? It can feel a bit nerve-wracking, of course.

Engage Young Professionals with These 3 Types of Social Content


It’s no secret that younger generations (Millennials, Gen Z) spend a lot of time on social media.

How Can Associations Provide ROI Value to Their Corporate Partners?

Association Success

How can you improve your corporate partnership programs? Many association sponsorships are transactional – with low visibility and recognition, banner ads and logos placed on websites and podiums at conferences. These are of minimal value to many companies. What sponsors and partners are really looking for is Return on Investment (ROI) value from associations.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans


If you have filed a FAFSA – this means Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and you have already been accepted to a college, then congratulations are in order. The school shall send you a letter which will list down all of the different types of financial aid that you are eligible for.

Make a Splash With Micro-Influencers

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Influencers on social media don’t always have millions of followers. To reach new audiences, the American Chemical Society targeted “micro-influencers” at the South by Southwest conference, creating a ripple effect that fueled a membership marketing campaign.

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[The Highlight Reel] Best Practices for Membership Renewal Reminder Emails


Our video series, The Highlight Reel, is back! And this time, we’re talking all about best practices for membership renewal reminder emails. What exactly should you say in those emails? And at what point do you stop sending them if a member lapses?

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Distinguishing Points of View.

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How can you better frame your value and appreciate the contribution of others? Distinguishing point of views (POVs) can help better frame one’s value and appreciate the contribution of others. Consider this: Our POV is the world we live in. it’s neither right or wrong, good or bad! However, our POV has us often more committed to being right about something in order to look good, be comfortable, and/or remain safe within specific situations and circumstances.

Chase Credit Journey


This is a free tool that is offered by Chase and allows you to check and keep track of your credit report and credit score. Your credit report simply outlines all of your financial activities, which includes the loans that you have taken and how you are paying off these loans.

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Using Social Media Tools to Help With Fundraising Efforts

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Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer capabilities that allow associations to tell stories, engage with supporters, and raise funds. Users of Facebook have likely seen the friend who, in honor of their birthday, wants donations made to a charity.

Why Do People Join a Trade or Professional Association?

Association Adviser

Understand your audience's needs first, and they'll be more receptive to your association's story — and want to be part of it. The post Why Do People Join a Trade or Professional Association? appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Membership


A New Perspective on Work

Association Success

Is your association ready to maximize the growth opportunity that the changing freelance economy presents? Upwork’s 2018 study , Freelancing in America, finds that the number of contract workers in the United States has increased by 3.7 million since 2014. That impressive statistic has significant implications for associations. The expanding freelance economy is creating dramatic changes in the way that people think about work. Are associations meeting this shift in the environment head on?

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EdFinancial is a loan servicer for Federal Loans that has been in operation for the last 25 years. The company helps the Department of Education to manage loans, and their services are free of charge. What does a loan servicer do?

N.Y. Bar Association Launches Task Force Aimed at Saving Local News

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The New York State Bar Association will work to build a legal perspective on the ongoing decline of local news outlets over the last few years—with help from The New York Times ’ deputy general counsel.

Close the loop!

Effective Database

If your association does a call for presentations for any of your events, do you provide feedback to those submitters whose presentations were not accepted? Or do you simply send a generic “Thanks for applying but your presentation was not accepted” note?

Certifications within Your LMS: Three Reasons Why This Makes Perfect Sense


Understand how including certifications in your online education strategy helps create a more impactful standard of achievement. .

Credit Freeze


For people who are concerned about identity theft or data breaches, placing a credit freeze on your personal financial report would be a great idea. In this blog, I shall explain to you what a credit freeze is, how to freeze your credit and the credit bureaus that can make this happen for you.

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What’s Next for Wellness Programs? Watch These Four Trends.

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In both offerings and messaging strategies, the workplace wellness program is evolving. An executive with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association highlights a few trends to follow. Employee wellness programs aren’t just about healthy office snacks and discounted gym memberships anymore.

How to Improve Your Association’s Email Open Rate


When everyone’s inbox is overflowing, what can you do to increase the likelihood that members will open your emails? Start by implementing the advice in this blog post for improving your association’s email open rate

Improving Member Loyalty for Associations Through Personalization and Data Privacy

Nimble AMS

How associations can improve member loyalty with a balanced approach to personalized communications and protecting members’ privacy. How do you provide personalized member communications when your members have high demands for privacy and data security?

Talent Acquisition 101: Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting a Job Description


The talent acquisition process all begins with writing an accurate job description. But the type of applicants you get depends heavily on how you craft that description.

Report: Nonprofit Employees Happy, But There’s Always Room for Improvement

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A new report from the fundraising platform Classy finds that nonprofit employee satisfaction rates top 80 percent, but closer alignment between employees and leadership could make things even better.