10 point checklist to maximise impact of member e-newsletters

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On 3 rd December I delivered a full-day workshop for the Small Charities Coalition on Building engagement through e-mail newsletters. What are the open and click through rates for your e-newsletter? clear on objectives: It’s a good idea to write 3 or 4 objectives for your e-newsletter.

Nonprofit Newsletter: Free Tools to Create and Merge PDFs

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One small nonprofit I work with has chosen to publish its monthly membership newsletter as a magazine-style document in Portable Document Format (PDF), rather than as an email blast. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Non-profit Communications collaboration PDF open source application software newsletters

Call for Presentations: Dead or Alive?

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With that information in hand and summarized, we engaged our education committee to “address” these needs in terms of placement throughout the annual education calendar.

SCD Group: Are Associations Ready for ?Hit and Run? Volunteering?

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And, for many associations and non-profits, that means millions fewer volunteers for boards, committees and service projects. Time to participate on a board or committee. Time to read association newsletters and magazines. 15 Tips for Better Board/Committee Meetings: Ideas.

The Internal Blog: A Management Tool : Off Stage

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Of course, back then nobody talked about interaction to these messages: most newsletters didnt even have a Letters to the Editor section, and anyway, who wanted to wait a week or a month before seeing some response from a reader? Off Stage. 26, 2009 - The Internal Blog: A Management Tool.

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Reaching Out To Global Markets Through Meetings & Events.


The following post was written by Ajay Bhojwani, MCI director of association management, consulting and congresses for MCI Middle East in Dubai and published in ASAE’s Global Link newsletter, July 2010. GrowGlobally.org.

Member Spotlights: 14 Questions to Ask


Shining a spotlight on your members (in your newsletter, on your website, on social media, etc.) If that member is highly engaged (on a committee, for example), it can inspire other members to become more engaged.

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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Committees and other member-managed groups. Maybe some of your members don’t have much time to stay engaged; a podcast newsletter to listen to on the way to work is the perfect solution. Announce the session on your (print and/or audio) newsletter a week or two in advance.

Balancing Traditional and Trending Member Communications

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Joining the top 10 were the print newsletter and print conference guide. Finding balance can be a tricky endeavor. Too much (or too little) of any given thing on one side tips the scales and creates an uneven approach.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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They might be doing multiple microvolunteering activities, serving on a committee, or helping with special initiatives – all of which are essential to your association moving forward.

3 Strategies to Recruit Members Through Association Software

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Try saving your big events for once a year and encourage member committees to plan their own smaller events to engage the local member community. Share relevant news from your industry, either from industry publications, popular media outlets, or your own blog in a newsletter.

Association Brain Food: Week of February 1, 2016

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One of the ways I’m contributing to the Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), as a member of its professional development committee, is by compiling a list of professional development opportunities that’s shared in AENC’s weekly newsletter.

Test-Drive Your Next Member Recruitment Campaign

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The newsletter really was a peek behind the scenes of what the AOA was doing for young members.”. The idea was to have this committee reach out to hot leads and give a little push factor,” Schneider says.

The Documents to Include in an Association Board Manual


List of board committees, who is in charge, and members of each. Most recent newsletter. Any association worth its salt should provide their board of directors members with a detailed manual.

How to Get Association Members Volunteering

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Sign up for our newsletter. You can create a volunteer committee dedicated to helping other volunteers become engaged. Volunteer work is critical to your association.

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Did You Know? Communication, Training and Recognition Are Key to Successful Volunteer Management

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MPINCC members are encouraged to engage with committees of their choice and learn from committee chairs in the process. Volunteer committee members are well-positioned to become committee chairs, chapter directors and executives.

5 Questions to Ask During Membership Satisfaction Surveys

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Have you ever served on the board or a committee? Especially for new projects, ask specific questions like: How valuable do you think the chapter newsletter is? Often, an association is only as good as its members. Its dedication and participation are what makes the chapter worthwhile.

Public Social Network or Private Online Community? 11 Tips to Guide Your Decision

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For example, the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MSCPA) offers advertising space on its online community and weekly newsletters and use an advertising kit to promote the space and the engagement rates. Would you build your house on rented land? Or move all your belongings into a hotel room?

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The Paperless Association

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As for newsletters and surveys, they are usually all electronic too. Document paperlessness also includes committee and board meeting packets and minutes, typically archived in one of the many capable web association management and collaboration solutions we deploy on behalf of our clients.

Your Conference Needs a Hub To Entice Customers and Prospects

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Then she could use links in emails, newsletters and social media posts as spokes to connect back to the conference home base. Some of your distribution spokes may include: Email and newsletter previews with links to hub content.

What to Do If Your Association’s Online Course Failed

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After you and your colleagues put so much effort into it, how do you explain to your boss and committee chair why your online course failed? Your committee said there would be a demand for it. Here are a few other ways to test an idea and assess demand: Create a lead magnet (an ebook or report) related to the course topic and send traffic to it via newsletter links, Facebook ads, and other paid advertising. You were so proud.

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Association lobbyists: Congress is kicking our butts when it comes to social media

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Congressional committees use Twitter to promote upcoming hearings. And yet, many association government relations offices are promoting their work on Capitol Hill or in the State legislatures with a 4-page double-sided hard copy biannual newsletter that, quite honestly, very few people read. Say what you will about Congress. You can’t deny that the institution has embraced some form of social media. Members of Congress have their own Facebook pages.

Managing Volunteers? Learn from the Lutherans

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According to Marguerite Christman, who was the volunteer convention manager for the Peoria meeting, you need to: Develop an organizational chart that clearly delineates the roles of various volunteer committees, and give those committees responsibility for recruiting volunteers for their particular area of work. For the Peoria meeting, there were dozens of committees, each headed by a chairwoman. Each chairwoman then coordinated with a central planning committee.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.29.19

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And if that isn’t cool enough, check this out: “Our members will not have to pay additional fees for online education, certification, communities, newsletters, or other digital products that – more often than not – are pay-to-play ‘extras’ in most association business models.”. Host: ASAE Healthcare Community Committee.

National Volunteer Week Reminder: Keep Your Volunteers Engaged

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And they participate in efforts like peer review, program committees, and related services, which wouldn’t have the same quality, or even be offered, without the engagement of our volunteers. What better time to think about your volunteers than during National Volunteer Week?

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Communications with an Editorial Content Plan

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That could be open rates on your magazine digital edition, click-throughs for your newsletter or top read stories on your website. Consider creating an editorial committee where members can serve as a sounding board for ideas or volunteer to write or edit content.

Get Out the Vote: Maximize Member Participation in Board Elections

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The Academy announces its call for nominees far and wide across many different communications platforms, including email newsletters, print publications, and social media and online communities.

Supercharge Member Loyalty & Power Community Engagement

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You can ask people to suggest topics for your newsletter, magazine, blog, webinars, or conference, or vote on topics others have suggested, a la sxsw. If the volunteer was part of the host committee at your annual conference, a special badge is appropriate. Now from the perspective of staffing for volunteerism, many associations opt for the “Joe staffs committee X and Mary staffs committee Y” model, which works OK for a traditional committee structure.

The Young Professional – Tracking down the Future Leaders of Your Association

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57 percent invite younger members to be on volunteer committees. Part 4 of our 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Study series. Acknowledging a challenge is the first step to finding a solution.

How to Validate an Online Course Idea

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What they do is more revealing of their true needs than what they might have told you in a survey last year—or what your committee is telling you now. Newsletter analytics. Your committee may be right after all: people are interested in the topic but they can’t find the content on your website. One way to identify this group of people is by sending out a poll to newsletter subscribers and online community participants.

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Recruiting members. and keeping them

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By engaging members in your association through committees, member profiles, personal invitations to events and other ways, you increase the value of their membership. Deepen members’ engagement by personally inviting them to work with project-specific committees or on your board.

Member Participation, Volunteerism, and Contribution are Declining

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Will the work of committees have to become the work of staff? Can we expect they will read the journal, or the newsletter, or that recent research report? Today it is harder to engage a member than it was ten years ago.

Associations Unorthdox Shift #6: Build a strategically legitimate board

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While the size, method of selection and composition of boards, the role of executive committees and the nature of CEO-board relationships can look very different depending on the association, all of these choices connect back to certain deep-seated beliefs about how boards are supposed to function. S SERIOUS QUESTIONS ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER!

Are You Retaining and Engaging Retiree Members?

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She’s looking for simple benefits, things like reduced membership dues, continued access to the online community (maybe even a forum dedicated to retirees), magazine or newsletter publications, and the ability to retain an earned credential.

Mission Driven Volunteer Q&A

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Perhaps the job wasn’t as advertised, or it took more time than advertised, or the volunteer felt that the work she was tasked with wasn’t meaningful, or there are political/interpersonal problems on the committee or task force, etc.

Association Executives Tout Community’s Reputation During Fly-In

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Associations have really suffered in perception over the last few years,” said Paul Pomerantz, CEO of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and chair of the Power of A Committee.

Following State Fair Accident, Amusement Associations Talk Safety

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magazine, e-newsletter, and emails), as well as through education events, including the daylong IAAPA Safety Institute. Following a fatal accident on a fair ride in Ohio, amusement industry associations are working with operators, manufacturers, and lawmakers to promote safety.

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E-Mail Business Policies

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Here is the complete agreement among the areas of our organization that will use the new e-newsletter template. Every e-mail newsletter and marketing piece will allow the recipient to unsubscribe from any single newsletter, other MMS newsletters, or future marketing pieces, using an accessible, user-friendly subscription management tool. We will start the Magnet Mail program with our current e-mail marketing, newsletter and survey programs.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

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The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Host: ASAE Young Professionals Committee.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

Reid All About it

The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Host: ASAE Young Professionals Committee.