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Members Hire Industry Advocacy and Promotion

Potomac Core

Since Executives are under constant pressure to produce results, it’s a safe bet they’re not looking for another business trip or a meeting to attend. What they are looking for are opportunities to address their company’s challenges and help position their Industry for growth.

The “I Want to Pick Your Brain Over Coffee” Dilemma

Moery Company

I want this topic to come off the right way. It’s what I call the “Hey, I want to pick your brain over coffee” dilemma. First, let me set the context. I contact people for information all the time, and likewise, folks ask me for information and insights.

The Facilitator's Job

Eric Lanke

I was asked to facilitate one of the breakouts at the last conference I attended. (If If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that last week I said I had six more conferences and workshops to attend before the end of the year.)

How to Increase Your Association’s Email Deliverability: 12 Areas to Optimize + 3 Tech To-Dos

HighRoad Solution

Email open rates have dropped for most businesses – hovering around 25%. That means for every 1,000 emails that reach a company’s target audience’s inbox, 750 of them don’t get opened. Email Marketing

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7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Reporting and Prove Your Worth

Higher Logic

Proving your association marketing team’s effort’s worth to upper management and a board can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be!

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 162: The New Landscape for Association Advocacy, with Brian Wild

Moery Company

Associations may need a new playbook, folks. In the last few years, a disruption has occurred which has changed how advocacy will play out going forward, and you must adapt your approach, says Host JP Moery.

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Balancing Traditional and Trending Member Communications

Association Adviser

Finding balance can be a tricky endeavor. Too much (or too little) of any given thing on one side tips the scales and creates an uneven approach.

The Ultimate Guide to Year-End Giving

Wild Apricot

Follow these steps to make your year-end giving campaign the best yet, as well as getting inspired by three great examples. year-end-giving-campaign year-end-giving

How to Convince Association Millennials to Stick Around in 2019


Trying to look into the future to see how you can be the most prepared in 2019? With the average age of the association workforce starting to shift toward the younger generations, it’s crucial that you’re considering what it will take to keep Millennials plugged into your association.

How Core Values Can Actually Erode Trust

Jamie Notter

Here’s a typical scenario. You want to create a stronger culture, so you ask your people to articulate some kind of ideal culture.

Customers for Life: Meet the Zenoss TechZen User Community [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Today’s preferred customer experience combines support, community, and outreach into one unified platform. Zenoss has facilitated a user community for over 10 years, becoming the de facto online gathering place for IT Ops customers.

Quick and Easy Tips For Revamping Your Association

Association Success

Make your work more effective one project at a time. Revamping can revitalize and grow all aspects of your organization. There are unlimited ways that the concept of revamping can be used in the association arena. However, it comes with risk and uncertainty.

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3 Eerily Good Ways to Re-Engage Your Lapsed Members


Ghosted by a member? Yup, that’s scary. You NEED membership renewals to grow your organization. But fear not! Even if a member lapses, there are still several ways to bring them back. And these three are eerily good.).

How Three Associations Partnered to Feed the Content Beast

Associations Now

Developing and delivering editorial content to your members can be an uphill climb, especially with limited staff and budget. The U.S. Dairy Export Council lightened the load by forming a content partnership with two like-minded organizations. Here’s why it works.

Battling 4th Quarter Burnout

Moery Company

We’re in it, folks – the 4th quarter and I know we have some big goals to meet by years’ end. I have some quick thoughts to share on what you might be feeling right now – fatigue and burnout.

October Update: Don't Miss Our Free Membership Growth Online Summit 2018

Wild Apricot

In our October update we look at the new member app on Android, member location mapping, and some support FAQs. newsletter update october growth-summit location-mapping app-for-members

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Tech2Empower: The Llama Pack Project

Beth Kanter

Last week I was got to work on a week-long service trip in Cusco, Peru as part of Wake: Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange #Tech2empower program where womwn in who work in technology volunteer to share their professional skills and knowledge with women-run business owners.

The Most Annoying Content Marketing Tactic

Associations Now

It’s common these days for your content and web teams to frequently field emails asking for some kind of link back. Link building is often a bad tactic to fall into Google’s good graces, but content marketers could learn from its faults to boost their own strategies.

Unpacking an Association’s Project Management Bag


Imagine hiking into the woods for an overnight backpacking trip. The 40-pound pack on your back is heavy, but it has everything you need for a few days away from the luxuries of civilization. When you started backpack camping, those first few miles were anxious ones. What did I forget?

Dealing with a Difficult Board: 4 Tactics to Try


Raise your hand if working with your board is like pulling teeth? Or a headache waiting to happen? Ok, maybe don’t raise your hand (board members could be looking!). But we get it, boards are tough - and you’re certainly not alone!

Defining the Process of Change

Association Adviser

I come from a family of change agents. My parents choose professions that were expressions of their passions and their purpose. My mother was a nurse turned mental health professional and my father was a hospital administrator.

To Theme or Not to Theme?

Associations Now

Associations often theme their conferences to provide direction to those submitting session proposals. But one group recently announced it will drop its theme in 2020 to create a more inclusive event. How do you determine the right approach?

On-Boarding New Members, and Why it Matters! – Moery Webinar Series

Moery Company

The post On-Boarding New Members, and Why it Matters! – Moery Webinar Series appeared first on The Moery Company. Resources

How to Update Data Throughout the Member Journey


Collecting and updating member data can help you deliver the membership value members expect, so why not do so throughout the member journey? Learn different tactics to update member data during recruitment, on-boarding, engagement, and renewal

Members Want to Be Seen

Smooth The Path

When our kids are young, we give them lots of positive feedback. We praise them for working hard, thinking of others, and for showing resilience. But positive feedback falls off the cliff when most of us move out of the house and become adults.

How to Keep an Executive Team on Track

Associations Now

Associations are most effective when the C-suite works together, but a recent study suggests divisiveness abounds. Shaking up meetings and prioritizing communication can help. Teamwork makes the dream work, the saying goes. But sometimes teamwork itself can be a fantasy.

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Turn Your Great Ideas into Board Approvals


Humans have evolved, but the urge to hear a good story has remained inherent. Learn how to use this technique to engage and persuade your board. . Storytelling is a powerful tool, whether you use it to engage association members, or for your next presentation to the board.

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The Board’s Burdens: Part 2

Association Adviser

This is the second in a three-part series I will post in the coming months exploring the burdens that are (and are not) integral to board high performance. Please read Part 1.)

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Why Do We Need Diverse Boards?

Association Success

Strengthen your board of directors by inviting a wealth of experiences to the table. Associations must be prepared for future disruptors. Look at the horizon: what are the big challenges that your organization, members and wider world will face?

44% of Employers Offer PTO So Workers Can Vote. Do You?

Associations Now

Employer-sanctioned time away from the office to vote is becoming a growing trend, as concerns grow that low voting rates are due in part to difficulty getting away from work.

How a Simple Event Change Increased Association Revenue


The Challenge: It’s no secret that many industries were affected by the economic conditions of the Great Recession. As a result, some trade associations were impacted more than others.

How to Protect Your Member Data and Reduce Risk for Your Association

Nimble AMS

We all hear a lot about data security these days — from state, federal, and international data privacy and protection laws to consumer demands for privacy. As your association grows and collects personal information about your members, you simply can’t afford not to protect your member data.

5 Nightmares You'll Avoid with Association Management Software


Managing any type of organization comes with its pitfalls. Enter, technology. It’s built to make your life easier and avoid those pitfalls at all costs! This Halloween season has us thinking: What nightmares could YOU avoid by using the right association management software?

Membership Hack: Conference Call Seminars

Associations Now

The National Ayurvedic Medical Association hosts a monthly after-hours seminar by conference call. Each dial-in session is a chance for both members and nonmembers to learn more about Ayurveda health. How to hack it?