What Birthdays Mean at 38-Years-Old

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I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. with a surge of energy and a house full of sleeping family members. I thought about trying to go back to sleep, but after a few minutes decided the effort was futile and headed upstairs to brew some coffee and read. It is my birthday today and I am now 38-years-old.

Meet You in Nashville: Where to Eat during #ASAE14, part 2

Reid All About it

I’ve already written one post about dining in Nashville that focused on downtown restaurants – the ones closest to the Music City Center. But there’s more! Rolf & Daughters ( Twitter , Instagram ). 700 Taylor St., 2 miles/8 minute drive from the MCC.

Silence isn’t golden in the dark

Aaron Wolowiec

It was Dec. 21 and we were frosting homemade sugar cookies when our world went black. And it stayed that way – dark and cold – for a week. After seven days, all our fish were dead. House plants – dead. Pipes – frozen and burst.

Rethinking What It Means to Be a Member

Spark Consulting

A few months ago, I had a chance to sit down (virtually) with Beth Brodovsky and talk about what’s changing in membership relationships. The podcast is out !

What Does the Young Professional Say?

Association Subculture

(The Semi-Official Officially Official Video of ASAE NextGen ''13 ;)) One of the things the ASAE NextGen ''13 group was adamant about was making sure we developed and distributed takeaways so their work could be shared with the association community as a whole.

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Social Media for Associations 101

Association Management

Before your association starts a social media account on every existing medium, you need to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Simply having a social media account won’t add value to your association, and if not done correctly, social media can actually inhibit progress.

Verto Solutions Goes Sailing

Association Navigator

Verto Solutions , with friends and families, went sailing today on the Chesapeake Bay. The conditions were perfect with clear skies, a brisk wind, and great company. Verto Solutions Summer Outing on the Chesapeake. Captain Lila has the wheel. Uncategorized Verto Solutions


What Happens When Non-Board Members Attend Board Meetings?

Eric Lanke

image source We did something brand new at our latest Board meeting. For a while now, our Board has been organized into three task forces--each focused on one of the three strategic priorities of the organization.

The #ASAE14 Party List - Where to Go to See The Who's Who in Associations

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Every year the best networking at ASAE Annual happens at the parties and receptions after the sessions have concluded for the day. You’ll never know how much learning you are capable of until you are shouting about outdated membership models across a crowded table at a bar.

Meet You in Nashville: What You Need to Know for #ASAE14

Reid All About it

If you’re on the fence about attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Nashville , let me tell you: Nashville will pleasantly surprise you. No, that’s not quite right. You are going to have a blast in Nashville! What a cool city! That’s more like it.

5 Cool Things Associations Are Doing at Meetings and Events

Aaron Wolowiec

This month’s guest blog post is by Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now. Contact Whitehorne at swhitehorne@asaecenter.org. Samantha Whitehorne, deputy editor for Associations Now.

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Four Keys to Writing Good Marketing Copy

Spark Consulting

How do you write good marketing copy? In a nutshell: Think about your audience. Who are they? What do you know about them? Use that information to craft a personalized message. Talk like a real person, and write like you speak. Shorter and simpler is better than longer and more complex.

Are Associations Ready to REALLY Help Youth Worldwide?

Association Subculture

So, most of you regular readers know I have been interested in generational issues for a while now and I''ve been working with the NextGen group at ASAE.

Should chapters get liability insurance? An expert weighs in.


Question: We are a XXX organization for XXX and have more than 100 components (we call them chapters) in cities across the country. They are all 501c6 organizations with their own articles, bylaws and D&O insurance. Question of the day: do they also need liability insurance?

Engage and Convert: SEO Helps Your Association Website Content Be Found

Vanguard Tech

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts based on the “5 Website Improvements to Make in 5 Minutes (or Less)” that I co-presented with Maggie McGary at the ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications Conference in June 2014.

Rant About the Stupid Stuff Being Said About Generations

Jamie Notter

It’s Friday, so I’m giving myself permission to get a little angry. I am hitting my limit of the amount of crap that I can stand to read about generations in the business literature, and particularly, of course, the millennial generation.

The Three “I”s of Successful Tech Associations

Association Management

As someone who’s worked around technology associations for a long time, I often get asked: “So what are the secret traits of the groups that are the most successful?” ” Quite honestly, these secrets traits aren’t really so secret.

What is Strategy?

Association Navigator

Perhaps you’ve noticed that strategy is the most overused word in the corporate lexicon. Not just for-profit corporations, but non-profits too, and it’s also frequently used by military leaders.

The Day Someone Made My Day

Robert M Barnes

The Life of a Daymaker (Wagner, D. 2013) book was given to me this week by the entrepreneurial CEO of a machine company in TN. What a great gift, thanks Jeff Turner and thanks to my CEO Amith Nagarajan for introducing me. … Continue reading → A Dangerous Mind


The Price of Honesty

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Honesty can be really expensive. At least it seems like it. Because if I were to tell you a list of truths, you might make decisions about me that were not necessarily pleasant. For example: I hate exercise. I''m bored with green juice and the entire juicing craze.

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Meet You in Nashville: Where to Eat During #ASAE14 (part 1)

Reid All About it

I like to eat. I like to cook too so I appreciate chefs that use locally sourced ingredients to create fabulous dining experiences. Let me tell you, if you choose right, you’re going to have some fabulous dining (and drinking) experiences in Nashville.

Happy employees, big dollars

Aaron Wolowiec

I remember the first time a boss took me out to lunch for a job well done. It was my first job out of college, and the editorial staff had just launched our newly designed magazine. As editor, I wrote and scrutinized thousands of words.

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Seven Keys to Great Testimonials

Spark Consulting

One of the best ways to promote your association and its programs, products, and services is to let your members, customers, audiences, and other stakeholders do it for you. In other words, to use testimonials.

The Death of the Mall and Other Association Lessons

Association Subculture

I think it''s safe to say there is an entire America that a lot of us, particularly those association professionals in the largest hubs - Washington DC, Chicago and Sacramento don''t see. Maybe our affiliates and chapters see it. Maybe our members and potential members see it.

How much is too much?


Most can agree that we receive way too many emails in the course of a day.

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5 Features Elevating Sitefinity 7 to an Enterprise CMS for Association Websites

Vanguard Tech

Several years ago we evaluated all the CMS products on the market and chose to work exclusively with Sitefinity.

Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business 2014

Jamie Notter

I am proud to have made it as #68 in the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy business for 2014. This list is generated by an organization called Trust Across America-Trust Around the World , and they’ve been compiling the list for several years now.

Meetings 5.0: Five Ways to Improve Your Events

Association Management

This week I’m speaking on a panel at the New England Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the session title is. But I know it has something to do with “innovations in meetings and programs.”.

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Advice for New Lawyers

Association Navigator

I’m speaking again this week to University of Alabama law students about career opportunities for lawyers working in government relations. It’s not an easy time for new lawyers to get started, so I’ve been thinking about what I can say to help them in their searches.

Association Staff as Facilitative Leaders

Eric Lanke

image source I recently participated in a workshop to learn how to be a better facilitator, and to teach others to do the same. Going into the session, I saw a lot of potential application to the work my staff and I do with the various committees and task forces in our association.

Advice for the Emerging Association Professional

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

After spending 12 years working in the association world, I am no longer considered an “emerging association professional”. I could throw in a joke about this just meaning I’m getting old, but instead I wear it as a badge of honor!

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Does Your Organization Pass the Toothbrush Test?

Reid All About it

Before Google makes an acquisition, the target company must first pass co-founder Larry Page’s toothbrush test: Is the company’s product or service used regularly to make people’s lives better? How does your organization live up to that test?

Association e-learning: what you need to know

Aaron Wolowiec

Sarah Lugo, digital marketing coordinator for Digitec Interactive. This month’s guest blog post is by Sarah Lugo, digital marketing coordinator for Digitec Interactive. Follow her on Twitter. Associations are beginning to grow their education departments by bringing member education online.

Friday Top 5

Spark Consulting

I had lunch with a dear friend I don’t see often enough earlier this week. She is also a sole practitioner running her own business, although she’s been part time while raising preschool aged kids.

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