New York Nonprofits Face Wave of Changes with Revitalization Act

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Changes are coming to the nonprofit landscape in New York. The Nonprofit Revitalization Act introduces the first major overhaul of New York’s nonprofit laws in nearly half a century.

Why ‘giving back’ isn’t what you need from volunteers

Aaron Wolowiec

Last week, Taproot Foundation founder Aaron Hurst pointed to an underlying issue in volunteering that speaks to the problems associations may struggle with: In an essay for the New York Times, he wrote that many volunteers are doing so because they lack a sense of purpose in their own work.

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Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success

WBT Systems

Blended Learning programs are the ideal way to deliver leadership development programs as they are more effective at creating behavioral change and deep learning. The post Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success appeared first on WBT Systems.

The Arbitrariness of Leadership

Eric Lanke

image source Some time ago I got hooked on the Corner Office series in The New York Times. I’m looking for people with new ideas, a new set of eyes who look at things differently. Associations Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Google

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The link below is to a recent New York Times article discussing the methods Google has undertaken to “build better bosses” The good news: If you already truly care about your employees, you’re probably doing some of the things Google has proven to be effective. We can all agree that Google has had a meteoric rise to mega successful company status. Certainly there are many reasons for Google’s success.

Failure is good: it's about learning. Mistakes are bad execution

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. On Tuesday, Maddie and I presented at the Blogworld New York conference, along with Amy Sample Ward from NTEN. Failure is when you are trying something new, and you don’t know ahead of time how to make it successful. This is what leadership looks like in the 21st century. Some mistakes are simple oversights, some are errors in judgment and some are decisions to try new things that don’t work out.

Better Listening, Better Leadership

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A new book by New York Times leadership columnist Adam Bryant shares CEOs’ lessons for success. January is supposed to provide a slow on-ramp into a new year, but somehow my calendar didn’t get the message.

How Overconfidence Affects Leadership

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But if they’re not careful, that same supreme confidence “can cause detrimental and sometimes disastrous results in their organization,” leadership advisor Lynn Flinn writes in a guest column for the Journal Record of Oklahoma City. Can having too much confidence get leaders into trouble?

Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. The first is a session that I’ll be doing at BlogWorld Expo in New York City , along with my coauthor Maddie Grant and Amy Ward, who is the Membership Director at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Leadership. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change. Posted June 1, 2012. in Announcements , Change , Humanize. Tweet.

The NFL School of Leadership

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The book is Nicholas Dawidoff’s Collision Low Crossers , and it’s a close study of one NFL team, the New York Jets, across the 2011 season, from pre-draft prep work to cleanup after a mediocre 8-8 run.

The Failure of Flyover Leadership


Ground rules or not, the photo of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan serves as a reminder of the dangers of flyover leadership. New Yorkers were not amused. Continue reading → You are reading The Failure of Flyover Leadership from the Wired 4 Leadership blog. The day after the head of the White House Military Office stepped down President Obama could joke about the fiasco.

Five Leadership Problems That Brought on the FIFA Disaster

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With nine FIFA executives indicted on a wide array of corruption charges, the organization that governs international soccer and manages the World Cup has become a poster child for leadership gone wrong. The New York Times noted that U.S. It called for new elections.

The Hourglass Blog: Generational Herd Mentalities

The Hourglass Blog

A little while ago, Neil Howe called attention on his blog to a New York Times feature story about a 24-year-old Millennial who, even amidst the Great Recession, is living at home and turning down $40K job offers until just the right opportunity comes along. Leadership.

Cultivating Next-Generation Association Leaders

Association Adviser

What is your association doing to ensure that it has a talent pipeline for key positions, especially leadership positions? This article provides practical strategies for addressing succession and leadership development in a thoughtful, structured manner. New York: Longmans Green. [ii]

The Seven Leadership Secrets of Great Team Captains

SCD Group

Current and future association and nonprofit leaders can learn a lot by examining “The Captain Class: The Hidden Force that Creates The World’s Greatest Teams,” a new book written by Wall Street Journal editor Sam Walker.

A Leadership Message That’s Hard to Like

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Zuckerberg didn’t explain the essence of what the company was up to until about 200 words into his comments—an eternity in leadership terms. The headline in the New York Times became “ Coming Soon to Facebook: A ‘Dislike’ Button ,” which missed the point.

Tuesday Buzz: Leadership Styles That Don’t Work

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These leadership styles are only going to make your job more difficult. No one can reasonably say that one leadership style works for all associations. But there are a few leadership characteristics that won’t help you achieve your goals and will make your employees unhappy.

Associations Live: A Simple Swipe on a Phone, and You're Paid

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By DAVID POGUE - New York Times. Leadership. (11). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Friday, October 1, 2010. A Simple Swipe on a Phone, and Youre Paid. The Square device snaps into an iPhone and allows you to become a credit card authorizing entrepreneur. No setup fees, no two-year contract - youre in business. Read more. Posted by Kathy Johnson. at 10:00 AM. Labels: change , Technology.

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s Path to Association Leadership

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“If I find a heaven after this life, I’ll be quite surprised,” Carter wrote in the New York Daily News in February. In recent years, Carter used his leadership role to draw attention to a number of cases, including those of Vancouver residents Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns.

Associations Live: Techno-tyranny

Associations Live

FYI, from a New York Times article: "A friend of mine told me about an engagement party that she had attended. Leadership. (11). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Monday, July 26, 2010. Techno-tyranny. She said it was lovely: a delicious lunch and plenty of Champagne toasts. But all the guests had their cellphones on the luncheon tables and had text-messaged their way through the entire event.

Laggards, Leaders & Associations


New York Times writer Jack Healy wrote a terrific piece Men’s Underwear as an Economic Indicator in which he explores the range of ersatz economic indicators we use to … Continue reading → You are reading Laggards, Leaders & Associations from the Wired 4 Leadership blog. Change Executive Development Leadership Membership Alan Greenspan associations economic downturn economic recovery Jack Healy metrics New York Times performance

Association Leadership: Stepping Into Chairs Role

SCD Group

Category 1, while a challenge, can be overcome by strong executive staff leadership. In addition, governance and leadership orientations for Presidents are being expanded to include the President-Elect.

The Intersection of Systems and Network Leadership

Beth Kanter

” I shared a copy of the visual on my Facebook wall and asked colleagues who are involved in social change networks, wondering out loud about the overlaps between “ system leadership ” and “ network leadership.” Found when researching systems thinking.

Leadership Limerick: How Do You Manage Ideas?

Idea Architects

Every Monday, I offer a leadership limerick, highlighting an idea or strategy about effective leadership in limerick form. Searching for leadership limerick will identify previous posts. The New York Times profiled Quirky in late August. And don't forget that most innovations result from an iterative "trial and error" process in which a new product or service is shared with a small number of people and then refined based on their feedback.

The Leadership Elements that Made Nelson Mandela an Icon

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Let Others Shine Nelson Mandela, on multiple occasions, took a leadership approach that relied on the skills of others, allowing them opportunities to shine. Then people will appreciate your leadership.”. His leadership skills—forged and measured under strife—are a significant reason for that. Nelson Mandela’s strongest leadership skills were honed in dark places and against great odds as he fought, and eventually won, the battle to rid South Africa of apartheid.

Survey: These Companies Set the Standard for Leadership

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A new study finds that the best companies to recruit from have one thing in common: really, really good leadership training programs. So says a new report from Chally Group Worldwide ranking the top companies for leadership. Welch Learning Center in Crotonville, New York.

Teach Your Members and Staff Leadership by Showing Them the World

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How supporting international volunteer work within your organization can teach leadership skills that your members and staff will rely on for a lifetime. I traveled with a small nongovernmental organization, 108 Lives , a project of the Three Jewels Outreach Center in New York City.

Social Media Roundup: A Glaring Example of Leadership Disparity

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Specific requests for certain kinds of assistance are more actionable,” Chris Fralic, partner at First Round Capital in New York, writes for Forbes. The post Social Media Roundup: A Glaring Example of Leadership Disparity appeared first on Associations Now

Five Leadership Lessons from “The Godfather”

Plexus Consulting

By Virgil Carter Probably everyone remembers the movie “The Godfather”, the 1972 American crime film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and James Caan as leaders of a powerful New York crime family. Here are the five essential leadership lessons noted by Moore: · Build a powerful community: Moore says building strategic partnerships enables companies to work through challenging markets and fast-track overall success.

Can Leaders Be Effective While Multitasking?

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A colleague recently forwarded an article to me from the New York Times titled, “Message to Executives: Stop Multitasking” I read the article with interest as I consider myself a multitasker. CM Services Leadership Uncategorized Volunteerism effective filter focus forget leadership multitasking productive

What Makes a Good Team?

Jamie Notter

We tend to think that putting the smartest, most capable people together on a team is the best decision, but some research I saw reported in the New York Times says otherwise. Diversity Leadership Managing People Truth

Team 192

3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

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2017 marks the first performance measurement period under Medicare’s new Quality Payment Program (QPP), created by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Professional Development: Focus on Leadership. Leadership Strategies to Enhance Your Performance.

The Pollsters Whiffed. But Data-Driven Leadership Still Matters.

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The New York Times ’ analysis had that probability north of 90 percent. The Princeton Election Consortium, perceived by many this cycle to be making a play at being the new king of the poll-aggregation hill, had Clinton as a 99 percent sure thing.

Who Gets the Tip? Association Chimes In on Starbucks Battle

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As New York’s highest court decides a case pitting Starbucks baristas against supervisors in a fight over the tip jar, one association points out the potential repercussions for the state’s hospitality industry.

Training Isn't the Answer

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The experience of women working in Ford Motor factories, as reported by Susan Chira and Catrin Einhorn in The New York Times , makes us aware that a hostile workplace is not unusual and can be created by managers at all levels of an organization.

Trust, Compassion, and Learning

Jamie Notter

From an interesting New York Times interview with Michael Gould , the CEO of Bloomingdales, here are some Humanize-related quotes: I believe the business I’m in is giving people an opportunity to grow. To me, the fundamental basis of leadership is trust.

How do Leaders Handle Adversity?

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We talk a lot about leadership and good or even great leaders in this blog. Last night the big winner was the New York Giants and their quarterback – Eli Manning. The New England Patriots on the other hand were the losers. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized VolunteerismI have been thinking a lot about how leaders handle adversity recently. A few recent occurrences have led me to these thoughts.

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Immediate Release: Duckworth Assumes Ownership of Everyday Mindfulness Show

Holly Duckworth

Scouting for Talent within Your Association Membership

Association Management

New York Yankees pitcher, Mariano Rivera, retired at the end of this baseball season. In some groups, this means the path from first volunteering to leadership can be measured in decades.

What Does the Sale of The Washington Post Mean to Your Association?

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Yesterday’s New York Times article, “He’s Going to Break Some Eggs” is certainly worth reading. Key areas where associations used to hold an advantage – information sharing, professional networking and education are now served by lots of new competitors.