The Hourglass Blog: What's Your Innovation Readiness? Part 1

The Hourglass Blog

Regular readers of The Hourglass Blog know that Im chairing the Innovation Task Force for the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. The "innovation readiness" tool will also provide a framework for this discussion, and will help us organize the strategies we hope to develop.

The Hourglass Blog: What's Your Innovation Readiness? Part 2

The Hourglass Blog

The Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (which I chair), is trying to develop an assessment tool for association executives to use in determining the "innovation readiness" of their associations. Precise strategy. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

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The Hourglass Blog: What's Your Innovation Readiness? Part 3

The Hourglass Blog

The Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives (which I chair), is trying to develop an assessment tool for association executives to use in determining the "innovation readiness" of their associations. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, September 27, 2010.

3 Reasons Why the Big Red “M” is Sponsoring an IndyCar - Moery Company

Moery Company

Ultimately, the strategy is about getting attention, and it’s worked. #2 Big example: We’ll be traveling to Detroit, Michigan; Fort Worth, Texas; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and Lexington, Ohio for a scheduled IndyCar race.

The Hourglass Blog: The Innovation Hub for Associations

The Hourglass Blog

Ive been blogging about my work with the Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives for a while now. By aggregating this information together, well be better positioned to develop successful strategies for overcoming them. Assessing your leadership's support for innovation is one of the strategy areas we're looking for practices and tools to help association execs with in our Hub of Innovation for Associations.

The Hourglass Blog: Association Advantages for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Heres part three of the "innovation for associations" white paper Im helping to write while chairing the Innovation Task Force for the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. In this environment, associations have developed several successful strategies for identifying common objectives, creating partnerships, and dealing with dissension and debate—all based on helping diverse constituencies focus on the elements that unite them. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Top Three Association Technology Trends in 2020


While it’s true that organizations won’t be able to make the digital shift without the tools, a complete transformation also requires modifying your association’s priorities, processes, and strategies. . In this age of innovation, associations need to stay competitive.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.14.18

Reid All About it

Strategy and Business Models for Association Online Education Programs. Host: Online Education Spoke of the Wisconsin Society for Association Executives. Strategies for Pricing Customer Education.

Don't Be Misled By the Concentric Circles of Diversity

Eric Lanke

In my previous post I shared some of the leadership discussions and diversity initiatives that I participated in when I was Board chair of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives.

What Are You Looking For In Your Next Board Member?

Eric Lanke

I've written before about my experiences on the Board of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. If their day job has them tactically executing someone else's strategy, then tactical is the mindset that they're going to have in Board meetings.

Two Examples of Nonprofit Social Media That Will Make You Smile (and learn a best practice or two)

Beth Kanter

Unfortunately, if you work in digital strategy and social media, monitoring social is a daily task and as a result a bad mood has become an occupational hazard. Good storytelling is a key skill for your social media team and strategy. Social Media Policy Storytelling Strategy Tips

Throwback Thursday opportunities for associations & nonprofits

SCD Group

A growing number of organizations (companies, churches, associations) have begun using Throwback Thursdays (TBT) as a social media strategy to promote elements of their organization.

Engineering for Eighth Graders

Eric Lanke

We often talk about the difference between its perceived and actual value in strategy sessions with our leadership. And that event, while the largest in the state of Wisconsin, was only one of dozens that are being held around the country every year.

The Importance Confidence Plays In The Workplace with Susan Marshall of The Backbone Institute

Association Mavens

Susan is the author of “How to Grow a Backbone: 10 Strategies for Gaining Power and Influence at Work.” Susan is a regular columnist for Wisconsin Woman magazine. [link]. In this Association Maven’s episode, Josh Studzinski interviews Susan Marshall on how confidence plays a critical role in our jobs. We go through the definition of confidence, how to develop confidence, and ways to change your frame of mind. About Susan Marshall. Susan A.

Friday Buzz: Brewing Good Business, Together

Associations Now

Find these answers and more with this interview between MCI Group’s Vice President of Global Association Management and Consulting Nikki Walker and its Senior Global Development Strategy Advisor Peter Turner.

You’re Never Too Young to Conquer New Challenges

Association Adviser

Almost 10 years ago, it was the last day of exams at my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and I had a job interview 2.5 Is a younger voice and perspective part of your strategy, but currently underrepresented at the board level?

How To Automate Twitter Without Looking Like an Idiot


In August 2014, I took over the Twitter account for the Chicago Chapter of the Wisconsin Alumni Association. The strategy increased engagement from under 0.7% We select the “Wisconsin Only” feed, like so: You: Nice.

Reinvent What You Do, Not Who You Are

Association Subculture

Narcissism is not a business strategy. It's spreading to Indiana, Wisconsin and New York. I have no idea what I am supposed to do.I only know what I can do. Captain Kirk, Star Trek Into Darkness. Yes, I am an unabashed fan-girl and so excited over this movie I can barely stand it.

University of Iowa Eyes Plan to Combine Alumni Association, Foundation

Associations Now

But now UI is rethinking its strategy—and looking to combine the two groups. For example, the nearby University of Wisconsin, based in Madison, enacted a similar combination in 2014 after finding a 90 percent overlap in the audience between its foundation and alumni association.

Iowa 52

Tuesday Buzz: Is Your Event Transformative?

Associations Now

Mashable warns that it might be time to throw out a common password-writing strategy. Having stepped down from his role as board chair of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives, National Fluid Power Association CEO Eric Lanke takes a look back at the lessons he learned.

Milk Processors to Dairy Skeptics: “Get Real”

Associations Now

The new strategy seems focused on going head-on with information sources that didn’t exist when “Got Milk?” “We’ve kept too quiet,” Kadison said, according to Wisconsin State Farmer.

Higher-Ed Learning Trends Associations Need to Know

Associations Now

A recently released report looked at 18 trends, technologies, and challenges that will affect higher education in the next five years. But they’ll also have an impact on associations, as those students become members.

Thursday Buzz: North America Loves Its Meetings

Associations Now

The 65 events scheduled today cover wide geographic ground—from educational sessions in Wisconsin to social media efforts in New York City to a press rally in Las Vegas—as well as a broad range of subject matter.

Serving Your Professional Community for Impact

Association Adviser

I told them, “No way am I moving to California from Wisconsin!” and work more closely with him and the board of directors on IEEE’s longer-term strategy. ML: This issue is driving the repositioning of our longer-term strategy. Matt Loeb, CGEIT, CAE, FASAE, ISACA.

Iowa 90

Lunchtime Links: How Yahoo’s Big Moves Won Over Workers

Associations Now

Also: why Myspace is focusing on a strong content strategy for its comeback. Joseph Patel, the company’s vice president of content and creative, explains the network’s content strategy to Fast Company : “The sort of North Star that we’re pointing to internally is that we’re a platform for creatives. Think a content strategy could bring a social network back from the brink? in Madison, Wisconsin, gets meditation and fitness time during their workday.

The Hourglass Blog: Innovation = Creativity x Execution

The Hourglass Blog

Its also something Ive realized as part of my work with the Innovation Task Force of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Sunday, November 14, 2010. Innovation = Creativity x Execution.

Of Bars, Stale Bread, Superheroes, and Road Trips (All this came from 12.08 #SMfastfwd on “Brands and Social Media”?!): a recap


Keri_Mellott : Challenges in social media I see most is: time management and lack of an actual strategy. rigginsconst : generating content for blog… technical info (construction) adriennebryant : Getting co-workers involved; time management and working towards a real strategy. blurbbooks : More vids like this one: [link] , figuring out global/local strategy.

Balance the Spontaneous and Strategic of Social Media: Newsjacking and Obamacare

Beth Kanter

That’s because boards or senior management (or funders) don’t always understand these are part of a strategy that leads to the strategic results. In Wisconsin, they reused some content that had been shared between states to announce the decision right away.