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AMCs Engaged!

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As ASAE Annual Meeting 2016 got started this year in Salt Lake City, it’s preceded by AMCs Engaged!, AMCI led the way this year using a branded app for its annual meeting in Anaheim and at AMCs Engaged! Here are some results of attendees using the app at AMCs Engaged!:

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Are Association Management Companies (AMCs) Jacks of All Trades or Masters of O-N-E?

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Some people think of Association Management Companies (AMCs) as just that – Jack’s of all trades but masters of none. AMCs are Masters of One, not Jacks of All. AMCs provide the professional staff, administrative support, office space, technology, and equipment an association needs to operate efficiently.”. By their very definition AMCs are specialists. AMCs deliver professional services to associations in a number of areas.

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#Grateful for my AMC

AMR Management Services

One of the ways I have been coping with the COVID-19 crisis is by choosing to focus on the many things in my life and in the world for which I am grateful. It's actually a practice I've been doing


Is an AMC the Right Solution for You?

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Features Membership AMC ASAE association management Association Management Company Chicago MPI christie pruyn Dave Wenhold John Graham Josh Patrick Kautter Wenhold Management Group Meeting Professionals International Stage2Planning Partners Wendy Weiser WJ Weiser & AssociatesWith tremendous pressure to hold dues in check, it can be hard for any size association to find the in-house resources needed to handle all the specialized skills required to keep the modern.

The World of Opportunities for AMCs: A YM Perspective

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This week is “on the road” in Tempe, Arizona attending the 2014 AMC Institute Annual Meeting. We are proud to be the Platinum Sponsor for AMCi, because Association Management Companies (AMCs) have always been an important part of our success.

Should You Consider an Association Management Company (AMC) in 2017?


If you’ve been in the association space for a while (or perhaps even just a short time), you’ve probably heard the term ‘AMC’ thrown around, which stands for association management company.

The 2017 NAHB AMC Was Fantastic


The post The 2017 NAHB AMC Was Fantastic appeared first on GrowthZone. The NAHB Association Management Conference in Denver may have been the best ever! From the keynote speakers to roof-top receptions and vintage arcade games, it was an incredible few days.

Mortgage Broker Group Launches an AMC Subsidiary

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The National Association of Mortgage Brokers is getting into the AMC business in a big way. In comments to National Mortgage Professional , NAMB Association Services President Olga Kucerak said the AMC has ambitious goals for the coming years.

WJ Weiser and Associates Grows into the Largest AMC for U.S. Healthcare Associations

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These large organizations go through a strong due diligence process of interviewing many AMCs, so to be selected as their preferred provider of management services is a big deal. The post WJ Weiser and Associates Grows into the Largest AMC for U.S.

SOS-Association Management Solutions Achieves AMC Institute Re-Accreditation

SOS Association

SOS-Association Management Solutions has recently been awarded re-accreditation by AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the Association Management industry. Among 500-plus Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, only 81 have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation , demonstrating the commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association and not-for-profit clients.

ASAE's AMC Accreditation Program Discontinued

L&M Association Management

Despite the fact that ASAE's AMC Accreditation program ended on 12/31/10, some AMCs continue to prominently display the logo and promote that having attained it somehow makes them special. ASAE's AMC accreditation program was based on 15 criteria.

10 Reasons to Use an AMC (Association Management Company) To Manage Your Association

SOS Association

As SOS-Association Management Solutions has worked with trade, professional and charitable nonprofit associations over the past 25 years, we have become convinced that an Association Management Company (AMC) is one of the most cost effective solutions for associations. There are so many reasons to use an AMC (and make sure it is accredited!*) With an AMC, you can cut your overhead costs (in half) and create long-term stability for the association. By Conni Ingallina.

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Top Ten Reasons to Select CM Services as your AMC

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Association Management Companies (AMCs) have been providing value to associations for more than one hundred years. What kind of value do they provide and how do volunteer leaders determine the best model for their association – and if that model is the AMC model, how do volunteer leaders determine which AMC is right for them? Associations managed by AMCs outperform associations not managed by AMCs from a financial perspective.

21st Century Collaboration in Action: The Path To Belgium’s First AMC


Here’s looking at you, AMC! What if we would call ourselves the first Belgian Association Management Company (AMC) and do what our esteemed colleagues in the US are doing? So we thought to find comfort looking at other AMC’s in Europe working for local associations.

Staffing the Association: Employ Staff or Contract with AMC?

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Thus, my perspective comes from being both a staff member and an AMC owner. Higher banking costs (or lower returns) from being a single organization rather than being part of the pooled resources via the AMC. that are accessible to you via your AMC.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Association Management Company

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With the services of an association management company (AMC), organizations have a fourth option–hiring part-time, temporary (or permanent) help. AMCs provide staff, office support, office space, tech support and equipment, typically for multiple associations at one time.

Staffing the Association: Part 2 Do employees really love their associations more than AMC staff?

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When I posted Staffing the Association: Employ Staff or Contract with AMC ? Well, I was a bit surprised with Ginny’s comment: “My take is that an AMC simply can''t muster the ‘love’ and caring for the membership the way association staff can. This is a wild, sweeping generalization, of course, since I''m sure this doesn''t apply to every AMC. But to me, using an AMC is akin to Dell Computers outsourcing their tech support to India.

Mizz Information: AMC Theaters and Loyalty: A Study in What Not to.

Mizz Information

AMC Theaters and Loyalty: A Study in What Not to Do. If you know me you know I'm an obsessive movie-goer. Each of the past three years I've kept track of the movies I've seen in the theater; in 2010 my tally was 57 movies

Why I Enjoy Working At An AMC

Moving through the Association World

The first post by Benjamin Butz was excellent; I echo his thoughts on an AMC being a great place for young association professionals to get started. My experience has been similar to Benjamin’s; I have spent over 3 years at an AMC and spent the majority of that time with one client while also helping out on a few others when needed. I have gained tons of experience in a short amount of time because I have been with an AMC.

You Might Need an Association Management Company If.


Perhaps you’ve heard the term “AMC” before, short for association management company. But what is an AMC? Well, according to the AMC Institute , an AMC is “a for-profit business that manages associations to help them grow and prosper.”.

Stand-Alone or AMC? Or is there a third way?

Plexus Consulting

Kleine, CAE, Plexus Senior Advisor A recent study by the AMC Institute indicates that AMCs produce higher net income for their clients than staff-managed associations of similar size. Those are the plusses of an AMC, with out the minuses of an AMC, which often entail diminishment of identity, fitting into schedules that have to accommodate other (bigger?) Stand-alone or AMC is a false choice when associations can choose a third way through the Plexus Incubator Model

Updated study validates value proposition of AMC model

L&M Association Management

standalone and AMC-managed), caused me to reflect on what I was originally looking for when I undertook comparing the operating ratios of associations based on these two models. My initial goal was to find a credible set of data that would debunk the many myths about AMCs and AMC-managed organizations. AMC-managed organizations are essentially the same as those with their own staff (standalone).

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An Association Management Company: What is it?

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If you haven’t spoken to or worked with an AMC lately, you may be surprised by the endless opportunities an AMC can provide to associations. Features AMC Association Management Company association staffing financial management management staffingThe post An Association Management Company: What is it? For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Stand-Alone or AMC? Or is there a third way?

Plexus Consulting

Kleine, CAE A recent study by the AMC Institute indicates that AMCs produce higher net income for their clients than staff-managed associations of similar size. Stand-alone or AMC is a false choice when associations can choose a third way through the Plexus Incubator Model By Douglas M. The findings seem to hold for association budgets of up to $5 million.

[Guest Post] How Your Board Can Strengthen Its Relationship with Members


The following blog post was written by SBI Association Management , the premier association management company (AMC) in the Pacific Northwest. Trade associations and professional societies face challenges and uncertainties they haven’t experienced in at least ten years — if ever.

AAEA Search Announced

SCD Group

AAEA AMC Institute amc search ASAE job search SCD GroupThe American Agricultural Editors’ Association (AAEA) announces the opening of an executive search seeking a new management team to assume management of the association effective August 1, 2016. AAEA has retained me conduct the search to replace Den Gardner of Gardner & Gardner Communications, who is retiring and has resigned the account on behalf of his firm.

Top Six Things to Look for in an Association Management Company

Association Management

And the other half comes to us from another AMC. This gives me a bit of a jaded view of other AMCs—after all, no one would be looking to switch if they’re current AMC was doing a great job. At Virtual, half of our business is organizations we helped launch.

Attracting International Members and Assessing Whether to Go Global


Peter Rush from Kellen and I are presenting a session at the AMC Institute here in Orlando tomorrow to help AMC executives understand the arguments for developing a global strategy and how to whats-driving-strategy.jpg.

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Stronger by Association: AMR Explores Business Opportunities in Asia

AMR Management Services

AMR Chief Operating Officer Nick Ruffin recently traveled to Hong Kong as part of a coalition of association management companies (AMC). The AMC Study Mission focused on growth potential of Asia as a LEXINGTON, Ky. 

Can Pricing Influence Association Membership Decisions?

SCD Group

Louis area: See the latest movies at AMC Dine-In Theatres, an experience that combines the cuisine and cocktail options of a restaurant with the fun and excitement of a movie theatre. AMC® features two different styles of Dine-In Theatres.

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Poll: For which services does your association use an association management company?

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All - we use a full-service AMC. All - we use a full-service AMC. -. For which services does your association employ an association management company? This poll is open till 31-03-2018 -. remaining only 1 month. Finances/accounting. Board management. Strategy/visioning. Event planning/management. Chapter management. Executive services. Start-up services. Finances/accounting. -. Board management. -. Strategy/visioning. -. Event planning/management. -. Chapter management. -.

In-house Association Management Services ? Bad Idea!

L&M Association Management

At first I was taken back and as an AMC owner thinking: 'this market is competitive enough without a whole new class of competitors.' Second, any organization seriously considering providing association management services to other organizations, even components or chapters of their own organization, will not be dissuaded from doing so by any argument, especially from an AMC owner. Association Management Companies Management Management Model Selecting an AMC

Profiting from Green Meeting Strategy ? Beyond the Feel Good.


Businesswire  According to a new survey by the AMC Institute, four out of five meetings in 2008 were greener than in 2007. why-green-meetings.jpg. In addition, one-third of organizations planning meetings are willing to

[Guest Post] The Key to Succession Planning for Associations


The following blog post was written by SBI Association Management , the premier association management company (AMC) in the Pacific Northwest. What does a leader do when they reach the summit after a long, hard climb?

Stronger by Association: AMR Management Services Announces.

AMR Management Services

6, 2011)  AMR Management Services (AMR), a full-service association management company (AMC) serving national, regional and local client partners, is pleased to announce the acquisition of LEXINGTON, Ky.

4 Tips for Nonprofit Associations During the COVID-19 Pandemic


As the scenario evolves, it is important that association leadership and their association management company (AMC) staff be on the same page. Understand your AMC’s capacity to handle the illness and keep lines of communication open.

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Best Benefit Ever: Learning Sessions for Association Professionals

Associations Now

AMC Institute’s new partnership with TelSpan widens the educational offerings available to professional association management companies. The AMC Institute (AMCI) has joined forces with wireless communication service provider TelSpan to provide quarterly learning sessions to AMCI members.

SCD Group: Associations, Flash Mobs, Meetups, Popup Restaurants.

SCD Group

Random thoughts on options for associations: Years ago, an AMC in Arizona talked about the unconferences that one of her Associations, Flash Mobs, Meetups, Popup Restaurants & Unconferences: What's the connection?

SCD Group: 5 Tips on Integrated Marketing: Marketing the.

SCD Group

Five AMC professionals shared 60 ideas/tips on marketing the association in the digital age at the recent ASAE Great Ideas Conference. The ideas were shared in 5 categories: Integrated Marketing; Twitter &/or IM; Mobile &/or

Do Volunteer Association Leaders Lead Balanced Lives?

Association Leaders

Another way to learn these skills is through training provided by your Association Management Company (AMC) or by observing the way your AMC team approaches the business of association management. Being a volunteer association leader can be very rewarding both professionally and personally. At the same time, it can be one of the most challenging undertakings for a leader. Let’s face it – people who choose to lead are typically the busiest people we know.