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The highlight is the article about the social media strategy at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. Jill McClure , Chief Operating Officer of Colorado Oil and Gas Association says: “It’s a shift away from that traditional communications style – here’s what we want you to think – to here’s a conversation we’re having and you can join in, and here are some concepts for us to think about and discuss, and things we can do together.

Social Media Roundup: Avoid These Marketing Mishaps

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A few lesson-laden gaffes in today’s Social Media Roundup: Flip the flop. And what about Epicurious’ decision to use the Boston Marathon bombings to promote its content, and an Obamacare advertising campaign by two Colorado nonprofits that featured keg stands, Ryan Gosling, and birth control pills? The post Social Media Roundup: Avoid These Marketing Mishaps appeared first on Associations Now Takeaways from some epic marketing and management fails.

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Reads of the Week: March 15, 2013

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Google Reader is where I go first thing in the morning for my professional reads about associations, marketing, digital media, technology, etc., Wednesday night, I returned from ASAE’s Great Ideas conference and hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. He says, “Many social norms just don’t make sense to people drowning in digital communication.” Use your social media powers for good! Good Reads Content Marketing Marketing Membership Web and Social Media

Reads of the Week: April 26, 2013

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A GigaOm conference about digital media, paidContent Live (#pclive), took place last week in New York. After seeing online comments about who should or shouldn’t be tweeting during a breaking news story, Geoff Livingston writes about the devolving online civility situation, social media vigilantes and respect. I love going into artist cooperatives, like the one I recently visited in Manitou Springs, Colorado, Commonwheel Artists Co-op. Curated life.

Utah 174

Reads of the Week: August 24, 2012

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Building a social tool for “just us geeks” permanently privileges the few people who get in the door first, which means you’re giving a huge leg up to those who already have a pretty good set of advantages to begin with.”. Meanwhile, the magnificently beautiful state of Colorado is hosting the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Tagged: Facebook , Management , Marketing , Social Networking , Web and Social Media.

The #FutureOfBusiness WILL Radically Change Everything As We Know It


Now employees who cannot impact changes internally can take their messages to their networks and allow the media and world, at large, to be judge, jury and executioner. The leaked news grew rapidly within social media as a Boycott RBC Facebook Page , quickly garnered an enraged audience. Social Data Begins to Surface Context and Enable Sensor Technology. Culture That Works Risk and Social Media #futureofwork #futureofbusiness Arcompany

Best of the Week: 6 Stories for Association Executives from SCDdaily

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Pew Study: News consumption up via mobile, social media. According to the latest Pew Research Center survey covering the changing news landscape, the proliferation of mobile devices and social networks is accelerating the shift to online news consumption. Social-networking sites grew from 9 percent to 19 percent as a source for news in the last two years, but only 3 percent of respondents say they regularly get news from Twitter.

Balance the Spontaneous and Strategic of Social Media: Newsjacking and Obamacare

Beth Kanter

However, these grantees also have to integrate the use of social media into a strategic communications effort that will help further their work towards policy change to support children’s health care coverage. The early results like learning or engagement - the spontaneous stuff as Allison Fine likes to call it — are not always valued. It was a chance to balance the spontaneous and the strategic of social media.

How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs : Off Stage

Off Stage

Recently I’ve been working on some social media/marketing presentations for Realtors, and I’ve gotten involved in the whole online networking scene. I reviewed the proposed new Social Marketing course from Internet Crusade, as well—it’s going to be very helpful to our members, I think (should be released soon!). Social Media. Off Stage. 13, 2009 - How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs.

Conference Circuit: Healthy Living

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Venue: Colorado Convention Center. APHA’s Social Media Lab will deliver hands-on advice and one-on-one instruction, as well as answer attendees’ questions about how to use social media to promote health in the community and around the globe. Rundown Attendees: 12,000. Scientific Abstracts: 4,000. Sessions: 1,000 plus. The American Public Health Association’s 2016 Annual Meeting and Expo starts over the weekend in Denver.

Why Twitter Team Tweeting Works

Beth Kanter

Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved is a state network that links resources with people who can make change happen in Colorado. They work in collaboration with health care providers, policy, and decision makers, industry experts, advocates, and individuals in communities across Colorado. As part of their integrated communications strategy for social media, they tweet through CCMUTweets – taking a networked approach.

Nurses Association Turns The View‘s Insult Into Social Opportunity

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The View hosts responded mockingly to the appearance of Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, a registered nurse who discussed the importance of her work during the Miss America talent competition on Sunday. Fun fact: Nurses use stethoscopes, too, something Behar was quickly reminded of by nurses responding to the show on social media. ” The apologies met with mixed reviews on social media, but Cipriano welcomed the on-air apology.

Lessons for Meeting Planners From Professional Sports

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Value (and trust) your social media team. In an article posted on a few months back, writer Maurice Peebles examined how the NBA is succeeding at social media and offered an inside look at the Brooklyn Nets’ strategy. The team’s social media staff are pretty much treated like rock stars: They get better than front-row seats to every game, press and locker room access before and after games, personal interaction with players, etc.

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Working Across Generations to Encourage Innovation

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Learn More About It Gwen Fortune-Blakely and Alexis Redmond will be discussing how organizations can work across generations to overcome challenges at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference, which is taking place March 17-19 in Colorado Springs. For example, ASHA’s social media manager offered a session on how to create an Instagram story.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.5.17

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I’ll be envious when I see the tweets but I rather hike (and see Tom Petty) in Colorado. Hear about the Auto Care Association’s (ACA) 2016 ASAE Gold Circle Award-winning campaign for their Auto Care Careers Program and the challenges it addressed, including effective website design, marketing to millennials, and social media outreach. Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… “I’ll do that but not right now.”.

Study: Gender Gap Pronounced for Nonprofits, Workplace at Large

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The Colorado Women’s College at the University of Denver has encapsulated the issues facing female leaders in its new study, Benchmarking Women’s Leadership in the United States, 2013 , which examines data across 14 different sectors, including nonprofits. The study also found that though women have a better chance of standing out in more modern industries, such as social media, in more traditional ones it proves much more of a challenge.

Beer Institute’s Campaign Shows the Faces of the Industry

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The companies they work for range from M&M Farms in Berthoud, Colorado, to MillerCoors in Fort Worth, Texas. BI is spreading word about Faces of Beer through social media and display advertising, and the group plans to talk about it in meetings on the Hill. The Beer Institute’s “Faces of Beer” website draws attention to the people behind the beer industry.

NTEN Water Cooler Chat 3/12


at 3 pm EST. Got burning questions about social media strategy? This week Lindy is in Colorado and I have a conflict, so our good buddy Chris Bucchere ( @bucchere ) has kindly agreed to host our chat. He might even give you some scoop on SxSW, for which he is running their social network, my.SxSW. Your friendly neighborhood Socialfish will be "IN" the NTEN Office Hours Communications Chat Room every Thursday (that's today!!)

Inauguration Energy: You Have A Choice To Make

Holly Duckworth

In social media, newspapers, and TV, the energy building around the inauguration. Don’t let the media, or your friends make it for you. Don’t simply fall into any social media pandering attempting to tell you what to feel. She lives in Denver, Colorado. It’s going to be everywhere you look this week. Instead of being drawn into the frenetic energy I want to remind you, you have a choice to make. You have a choice to make. Pause. Breathe.

Hot association jobs this week – March 23


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. The Coordinator uses a variety of marketing channels while concentrating on email, web, print, and social media marketing. The Coordinator is based in Louisville, Colorado. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


As many of you know, the priority of engaging and connecting is a big one for me- a soapbox- if you will, and I don’t understand those who simply look at social media as a way to promote their agenda, products, and/or services. It should also be noted that the list reflects my interests: associations, events, travel, tech, government, education, social media, communications, marketing, public relations, and jobs. Sr social media strategist at @CAPAction/@AmProg.

Sarah Michel Joins The Velvet Chainsaw Team

Velvet Chainsaw

That means we’re expanding and setting up shop in sunny Colorado. Related Stories Time Americans Spend On Social Media: 2012 Stats [Infographic] Social Media Statistics For Fortune 500 Companies [Infographic]. I’m excited to announce that Sarah Michel, CSP will be joining the Velvet Chainsaw team as of February 18, 2013 as Vice President, Professional Connexity!

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6 Reports for Association Executives: From SCD Group

SCD Group

Pew Study: News consumption up via mobile, social media By Dan Farber via c|net The Internet is continuing to erode TV, radio, and newspapers as the source of news for Americans. According to the latest Pew Research Center survey covering the changing news landscape, the proliferation of mobile devices and social networks is accelerating the shift to online news consumption. Partner Collaboration: Bringing products to market faster through social collaboration.

Do You Want to Get Rocked? - Association 141+

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The ASAE Foundation announced a new innovation grant program at Great Ideas 2012 in Colorado Springs. How to Manage Social Employees, Social Media at Events, and Car Talk. Social Media And Events Continue To Grow: 2012 Research. Composing Social Media Strategies. Automatic reply: [associationtech] Investing in the Future - Social Currency. Don’t speak French to me: A social media marketing lesson for associations.

How To Stop Your Nonprofit’s After Hours Email Habit

Beth Kanter

In a research report called “ Exhausted But Unable to Disconnect, ” professors from Lehigh University, Virginia Tech, and Colorado State University found that an “always on” culture may prevent employees from fully disengaging from work, causing stress. Set up internal chat lines for sharing photos or brief social updates.

Coffee Gate 2016: My Choice To Drink From A Community Cup

Holly Duckworth

Watch out world we have another coffee gate uproar around social media. She lives in Denver, Colorado. Election!? What Election?! We’s got a drinking debate going on in this country. I opened my Facebook today like I do everyday. Only today was different. I see a photo post that reads, “Love the New Oneness cup!” The image was that famous Starbucks coffee cup shape, only not in the usual white or red color.

Deep Dive on Humanize

Jamie Notter

We’re excited to have the opportunity to help you do that in Colorado Springs! Social Media. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Deep Dive on Humanize. Posted March 20, 2012. in Announcements , Humanize. Tweet.

The Networked NGO in India

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This was the launch of a peer learning group called “ The Networked NGO ,” based on the ideas in my book, The Networked Nonprofit. The four-day intensive face-to-face training was for senior level staff and their social media staffers. Networked NGOs and Social Media Integrated Into Organizational Communications. Social media practices are just that – they get strong and stay strong with practice – so success means consistent application and learning.

New Tips from the Giving Day Playbook on Crowdfunding Campaigns

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These additions, created by our partners at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies , complement the existing playbook content, which includes recommendations, checklists and templates for everything from early planning to post-campaign analysis. In Kansas, for example, the Wichita Community Foundation reached out to a local tech alliance to help with social media updates. From GiveMN Case Study - Click for Case Study.

Infographics: Should Your Nonprofit Hire A Designer or Do It Yourself!

Beth Kanter

In 2013, social media will continue the trend of “going visual.” Here’s a DIY infographic from Sarah Mapes, Director of Communication, Colorado Coalition for Medically Underserved. The infographic was part of their content strategy to share policy data about oral health issues for children in Colorado. Sarah uses Microsoft Pubilsher and attractive free infographic images such as those found in this collection.

7 Quotes of Inspiration on President’s Day

Holly Duckworth

Like it or no we live in a social media stream world. She lives in Denver, Colorado. “I wish they would take away his tweeter stream.” Was what I heard as I walked into my office a few weeks ago. After a laugh and minor correction, “It’s a twitter stream.” I corrected. I knew exactly what my assistant was referring to. It’s easy to get lost in the twitter stream of our current president.

Monday Buzz: Skipping the Conventions, but Still Busy

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The funds that would have gone toward the convention are instead putting IFA leadership in Denver and Colorado Springs next week to promote the franchising business model. Incline Marketing applies two notable real-life over-expansions into the Canadian market—one involving Krispy Kreme, the other Target—to the way that you run your social media feeds. When should you delete a comment on a social profile (inevitably, the issue crops up)?

Coronavirus Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


We found that while Retail, Real-Estate, and Travel & Hospitality industries have struggled, industries such as Media & Entertainment, Video Conferencing and Social Media have prospered. Facebook’s decision reflects the growing concern that the coronavirus pandemic will not be controlled anytime soon and that social distancing may be the new normal. Audiences still want to engage in the content and follow the shows and actors on social media.

Daily #COVID19 Updates for Association and Events Professionals – What You Need to Know


We found that while Retail, Real-Estate, and Travel & Hospitality industries have struggled, industries such as Media & Entertainment, Video Conferencing and Social Media have prospered. Facebook’s decision reflects the growing concern that the coronavirus pandemic will not be controlled anytime soon and that social distancing may be the new normal. Audiences still want to engage in the content and follow the shows and actors on social media.