Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers. As you get larger or want to offer more advanced programming, managing your membership through spreadsheets or disconnected databases just won’t cut it.

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The truth IS out there and your association is definitely needed (or should be)!

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The post The truth IS out there and your association is definitely needed (or should be)! Association Leadership Association Management Software Member Engagement + Retention Membership Management Social Media and Business Trends

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Are Association Management Companies (AMCs) Jacks of All Trades or Masters of O-N-E?

Association Leaders

Some people think of Association Management Companies (AMCs) as just that – Jack’s of all trades but masters of none. Association’s that hire their own employees as staff (especially small to mid-sized associations) tend to ask their employees to be more “generalists” in association management than “specialists”. By their very definition AMCs are specialists. AMCs deliver professional services to associations in a number of areas.

Association Subculture: Diversity in Association Management - the.

Association Subculture

Diversity in Association Management - the Association Subculture Weighs In. Not all diversity is racial but we tend to default to that definition when using the term. Associations arent a particularly diverse workforce. I just interviewed 200 association executives in my most recent research project. We have to be free to raise issues in this association community which I believe truly values conversation. association. (25). management. (3).

Thanks For Playing: Non-Profit IT Staffing 411

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Seeking community in associations since 2008. The report itself is free, so if you do HR, IT or tech planning for your association, you should definitely go get it. This is: Does your association ever produce benchmarking reports? Top association management Blogs.

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You’re Never Too Young to Conquer New Challenges

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Christina McCoy, AMPED Association Management. Do you remember how you started working in associations? This month’s Corner Office professional, Christina McCoy, CAE , landed her first association job literally hours after taking her last college exam.

AE on the Verge: Best Definition of Transparency in Associations

AE on the Verge

Association management, meetings and mania. Best Definition of Transparency in Associations. a great definition about transparency in associations. The new transparency is no longer just about allowing members to see what the association has done; its about inviting them to observe the process, and even to get involved.". Labels: association management tips. I looked for a definition to steal, but there was none, so I created one.

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CMI's Association Management Blog: A Socio-Political Economic Rant

Observations on Association Management

Before you read this, please understand: while my post may seem unrelated to associations, from the outset, it is definitely related to associations and their ability to change the world. What does all of this have to do with associations, you might wonder? Associations have the capacity to bring about change in this political stalemate borne of fear. If associations would simply give their members some "talking points," that could go a long way.

The Wrong Time to Email Your Association’s Members


And while all of that is important (and definitely good to follow!), association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterYou probably read a lot about email best practices - when to email your members; what day, time, etc.

Should Your Association Offer a Virtual Membership?


But how do you know what models are right for your association? It’s definitely something to ponder, but before you make a final decision, ask yourself these three questions: association management association leadership member engagement membership management Association Views

Thanks For Playing: Friday Top 5

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Seeking community in associations since 2008. Im taking a pass on that, but it is definitely the time of year to express thanks. Association blogger and general troublemaker. Top association management Blogs. PR Issues for Associations. Alltop Association Management. How to Manage Social Employees, Social Media at Events, and Car Talk. Association Subculture. Association Management Lessons from Harley Davidson.

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CMI's Association Management Blog: Thinking Across Time in.

Observations on Association Management

Experienced association executives, as well as less-experienced but no less committed people who are relatively new to the field, frequently talk about what it takes to be "successful" in association management. My first reaction to the question usually is that the success of an individual generally depends on the collective intelligence of the boards with which they work.the smarter the board, the more likely the association executive will be successful.

Essential services: Community managers largely protected from layoffs so far


Community association managers perform essential services for their clients, guiding communities with operational support and advice that affects the health, safety, and welfare of homeowners and residences. Another said, “This has shown that we can definitely do our jobs remotely.

Getting Started with Video at Your Association


But if there’s one takeaway here, it’s that you should definitely start. In fact, here are a few tips to help you get started with video at your association: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff Chatter

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3 Ways to Reward Your Members


But those are technically benefits of your association, and rewards are, by definition, typically something extra. Here are a few ideas: association management association leadership member retention membership management Small Staff Chatter

What if You Stopped Charging Dues for Basic Membership?


I know, it’s sounds crazy - but a part of Lowell Aplebaum’s contribution to our 2018 association industry predictions post has really had me thinking: What if member-based organizations stopped charging dues for the most basic level of membership? In his prediction, Lowell said: “Associations will begin to see the ‘member’ definition evolve as they continue to recognize that the annual dues transaction is only one step along a pathway of overall belonging.

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports

Association Management

In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” When a ball is hit up the middle in baseball, you never see the shortstop and second basemen collide as they both go for it. In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.”

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5 New Member Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid


To ensure your new members DO stay, here are five new member onboarding mistakes you’ll definitely want to steer clear of: association management member engagement membership management Small Staff ChatterWhen a new member joins your organization, you probably want to jump for joy. All that marketing you’ve been doing is finally paying off! That said, the work isn’t over yet. (Is Is it ever?)

Segmenting Your Association’s Membership: 3 Tactics to Try


For some, this can definitely seem creepy, but for many - if the personalization is done right - it can actually be quite valuable. Your members are starting to get used to this hyper-personalized experience - and they may be holding your association to a new, similar standard.

CMI's Association Management Blog: Anger: It's No Way Out

Observations on Association Management

I was moved by it and believe it holds a lesson for all of us.including association staff and volunteers. I’m no psychologist, and I’m no expert on anger or its management, but I do know that anger is nothing more than a feeling, and that feelings by definition are fickle things. Challenge Management, Inc. Return to Challenge Management Website. About Challenge Management. Challenge Management, Inc. Challenge Management, Inc.

How Do You Get A Volunteer Board to Perform its Best?

Association Leaders

Whether you are a volunteer leader of an association or an association staff member, its critical that you are doing everything you can to help your Board of Directors perform at its best. Hopefully the reason is obvious – if a Board is performing at its best, the association it is leading should achieve its mission. I read an article on this subject in Association’s Now recently that was very interesting.

Now what?

Association Management

That’s the question that often comes up on the heels of an association accomplishing what it set out to do. So if this is the decision, be sure to make a definitive decision when you still have the cash reserves to manage doing it right. association management

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Digitization Is Not Digital Transformation


For the past twenty years or so, almost every association that is still in existence today has been focused on digitizing their businesses. In her words : " Digitization involves standardizing business processes and is associated with cost cutting and operational excellence.". "A

What is Strategy?

Association Navigator

So I was comforted by the definition offered by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers in their excellent book about association performance called Road to Relevance: 5 Strategies for Competitive Associations.

How do you Nurture Future Leaders?

Association Leaders

Several of the associations we partner with have created “Future Leaders” committees and other networking opportunities. They definitely have their own needs, their own ways to communicate, their own beliefs of what is important and what isn’t. We have found these Future Leader committees and other networking opportunities to be very valuable to the future leaders themselves and as a result, the association’s have become more important to the future leaders.

A Little Something About 20-somethings

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For over a decade, I have been attending standards and technology-focused events sponsored by client associations as well as forums hosted by venerable U.S. For most, it’s definitely not their first “rodeo.”. association management Technology Membership

Do the followers make the leader?

Association Leaders

Associations, Volunteerism and More…that’s the title of this blog. Her example of a current great leader (probably by just about any definition) is Tim Tebow. Association Management Companies CM Services Leadership Uncategorized VolunteerismBut truth is, most of the time it’s about leadership. Through this blog, I have tried to initiate discussions of the characteristics of great leaders and show examples of both good and bad leaders.

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Are you a Manager or a Leader?

Association Leaders

Many people in leadership positions are also in management positions. Management is defined as the act of directing, handling or controlling. While the definitions may be similar, I believe the concepts are very different. A manager handles, directs and controls people and activities in order to complete tasks. To be a successful manager, you must be task-oriented. Think about the managers in your business. Are you a leader, a manager or both?

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5 Podcasts for Association Pros


You may not be producing a podcast for your association, but you should definitely be listening to some - both for yourself and on behalf of your association. See, podcasts are a great source of inspiration and professional development, and the more you’re able to listen to them/soak up ideas, the more you’ll be able to do for your association. Here’s a list to get you started: association management association leadership membership management Small Staff Chatter

[Guest Post] Steal This Idea!


Associations don’t always have all the answers (we know, you’re shocked). We definitely have some major advantages, not the least of which is that we are highly a cooperative and collaborative community, in large part because there’s not a lot of intra-industry competition (i.e., the AICPA and the American Nurses Association have basically zero overlap in audiences). association management membership management Small Staff Chatter

The Process of Recovery from a Disaster

Association Management

Having used your business impact analysis to identify the systems, services and applications at risk, you can now replicate those services into a redundant platform that can either be hosted or managed somewhere else, or at the very least run from a remote location.

Three Business/Association Trends – How Leaders Must Address Them

Association Leaders

Experts, consultants and pundits like to share their opinions of trends and issues affecting businesses or associations. For this blog posting, I cannot help but throw my opinions out there about some trends I see affecting businesses and associations. There is a definite trend toward businesses and associations creating ways for their customers and members to stay connected with each other through LinkedIn and Facebook groups, twitter postings and more.

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports

Association Management

In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” This kind of role definition is critical in any organization—know who is doing what. In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.”

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Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


The corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Planning—Integration Transforms Strategy into Action


the corner office of the Association for Ad Hoc Planning – Afternoon. The membership manager looks like a deer in the headlights. Membership Manager. Membership Manager shifts in her chair. Membership Manager. Strategy Meltdown —The screen play.

Give Your Data the Muscle to be Convincing


If you’ve been considering how to make the most of new data that’s available from your association management system, Thad Lurie, number cruncher extraordinaire and vice president business intelligence at Experient, had some great recommendations. A data centered approach certainly supports the trend in the association community toward knowledge-based strategy and governance. Uncategorized #orgcommunity association management associations leadership

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We’re All In Sales Now

Association Navigator

This is the title of a great article in the new issue of Associations Now about Daniel Pink’s forthcoming book. The article touches several of my favorite subjects: sales, marketing, and effective associations. Uncategorized Association Management Books Communication Marketing Sales

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Membership Q&A: What’s the Most Effective Renewal Cycle?

Spark Consulting

The mailed notices are, of course, not the ONLY reason for that improvement, but they definitely contributed. Last week, I taught ASAE’s Association Management Week Membership Development class, and one of the participants, who works for an association with lots of student members, mentioned that her association is doing an increasing amount of communications via text. When is the best time of the year to begin renewal communications to members?

Continued Discussion 9/26/09 - by Steven Davis, CAE

on Leadership

In this post I want to break tradition and discuss part of a leadership definition that I coined several years ago, “… a leader is someone who wants and needs to make a difference … a person with passion and commitment.” ” Through better than three decades in nonprofit management, I have witnessed a full range of leadership qualities … some good, some bad and just about everything in between. on Leadership … by Steven Davis, CAE.

Global MegaTrends Part 2 ? Tech, Health Care and Global Business.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. They become the means by which to standardize knowledge transfer from one part of the globe to the other and make managing complicated projects easier. Association Management.

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