Library Groups Say LinkedIn Policy Changes Could Violate Users’ Privacy

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Library patrons have long had access to resources from, now known as LinkedIn Learning. But library organizations warn that a platform policy change could violate both patrons’ privacy and librarians’ ethics code.

Private-Public Collaborative Group Advocates for Library Funding

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Through the Corporate Committee for Library Investment, organizations and businesses are banding together to help protect and secure federal funding for America’s libraries. CCLI contends that libraries play an essential role in the U.S.

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Is the Library’s Future Bookless?

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Digital Inclusion The American Library Association recently launched a Digital Inclusion Survey to better understand the role libraries play in providing the public with access to technology. Over 5,000 libraries responded to the survey , for an 88 percent response rate.

Google, American Library Association Team on Coding Initiative

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ALA is working with the tech giant to make resources available to librarians in an effort to make exploring code as easy for kids as exploring a book at the library. Libraries have always been important places to learn, especially for kids—and they’ve never been exclusively about books.

Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

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As innovative maker spaces seem to be pushing out book stacks in school libraries, the American Association of School Librarians posits that there’s room for both—and that certified school librarians are the most qualified professionals to give students the best of both worlds.

Tech, Trade, and Library Groups Form Copyright Mega-Coalition

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The Re:Create Coalition brings together various groups from the technology, trade, and library industries. A group of library, technology, and trade organizations have joined together to advocate for simpler and more transparent copyright laws.

Library Group Takes Aim at Adobe Over Privacy Issues

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The American Library Association has been outspoken in criticizing the latest version of Adobe’s electronic reader software, which tracks the reading habits of its users—a major no-no in the library world.

With Association Help, First President Finally Gets His Library

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This new library will help us to maintain and advance George Washington’s timeless relevance in our fast-changing world. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, making it the only presidential library funded by private contributions.

Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers

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With the development of a new digital library, Tennessee high school students will be switching from print textbooks to online learning materials this school year. The post Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers appeared first on Associations Now

Conference Circuit: International Society for Technology in Education

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The International Society for Technology in Education’s 2019 Conference begins this weekend in Philadelphia. Organization: International Society for Technology in Education. She’ll talk about the magic found by combining art and technology. Rundown Attendees: 16,000 plus.

Association Study: Libraries Help Close the Digital Gap

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Reporting on its first Digital Inclusion Survey, the American Library Association highlights how libraries are remaining relevant in the digital age—and how hard it is for them to keep up with technology’s quickening pace.

Technology Tuesday: iOS8 Yosemite

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Technology Tuesday: So many of us “tech geeks” await an Apple announcement with the excitement of children on Christmas morning. Finally icloud Photo Library will let you access all photos and videos on all devices. Happy Technology! Blog Technology Tools

Techsoup Canada: Technology for nonprofits and charities


As an association, technology can be a tremendous asset in achieving your mission. When an association has access to robust technology — as well as the knowledge and capacity to put tech to proper use — the impact can be transformative. Unfortunately, many associations has a fraught relationship to technology. We’re a nonprofit that helps Canadian charities, nonprofits, and libraries use technology more effectively achieve their missions.

3 Must-Haves in Your Marketing Technology Stack (#3 Might Surprise You)


You need technology that extends all the way to the end of your customer’s lifecycle – including the time they’re an active customer. But what technology do you use to connect with your existing customers? Providing product and company documents in file and media libraries.

New Technological Realities: What’s on the Market?

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Technology to send your association hurtling into the future. This is a trendy topic these days because these technologies are increasingly accessible in the market. Libraries of these learned images of faces are available.

Creating a Knowledge Community: Where Technology Meets Need

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I believe that technologists too often focus on technology. Key organizational problems are no longer technology specific, and technology issues themselves are not the target of our broader problem-solving efforts (or at least they shouldn’t be). Instead, technology is implicated on a broader, more strategic level, across the entire structure of the organization. How do we use technologies to be present at the point of need?

Executive Connections: Are You Involved in Corporate e-Learning?

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Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services at the Library of Congress, has asked me to speak at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) )/CLIR (Council of Library and Information Resources) International Roundtable for Library and Information Science in Japan this June. Yes, I manage a corporate library and as part of the Knowledge Services team, provide e-learning. Executive Connections. « Cherry Blossom Time | Main.

Stronger by Association: Five Technologies to Adopt for Your Event

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Five Technologies to Adopt for Your Event. Several technology options are available that will enhance and bring added value to your event. If your organization has additional methods for utilizing technology we would be interested in hearing your advice. Five Technologies to Adopt for Your Event. Association for Rural and Small Libraries. Chief Officers of State Library Agencies. Tags: event management , event technology , mobile. Pages.

Interview with an Expert: Beth Hayson, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

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Does AAOMS have an online library available? How do I access the online library? It could be a member benefit to stay up-to-date with technology and trends as well as provide tailored unique education, especially if it was cost-effective and streamlined. Learning Strategies Learning Technologies Online Learning Success Stories Uncategorized AAOMS association elearning expert interview online learning

Promoting and Leveraging Your Meeting Content

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Web-based libraries of digitized abstracts and recorded sessions are dramatic value. Features Technology e-learning LMS online learning online learning platformTight budgets and growing competition are prompting associations to squeeze extra value out of their conferences.

Always the Last to Know: Google Scholar

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Now, if I just had access to a research library so I could actually read the full text of all the articles it indexes, we'd really be cooking.). cool technology GoogleGoogle Scholar. Seriously, how did I not know about this? Not even playing. Thanks John Chen !

What I’m Reading

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Feds OK Google digitization of the world’s library. blog roundup cool technology innovation leadership management membership Associations Now Big Data Eric Lanke Google Jamie Notter mobile Technology Review Associations Now picked up on my “Why Is Membership the Only Relationship” post and wrote a great response/extension of the thinking. Important decision to make? Rely on the data, but don’t JUST rely on the data.

Executive Connections: Why SLA Must Consider a Name Change

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  Our founder, John Cotton Dana, wrote that the name Special Libraries Association, “was chosen with some hesitation, and rather in default of a better.”    The terms “special library” and “special librarian” were the lowest-ranking concepts we tested.  Executive Connections. « Guest Blogger SLA President Gloria Zamora: Join the Tribe | Main. | SLA Europe Celebrates the Centennial » 29 June 2009. Why SLA Must Consider a Name Change.

Building community with a click

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It’s time to make use of innovative technology to enhance face-to-face connections, redefine engagement, keep the conversation alive, inform better content, build more robust social media communities and ultimately demonstrate the ROI of event marketing,” DoubleDutch says. “An

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US copyright law is having a chilling effect on the Digital Public Library project. blog roundup changeblogging diversity innovation management ASAE Associations Now Creative Commons Google Technology Review Another reason why Creative Commons licensing is so important? Face to face meetings favor the powerful , according to new research shared by Associations Now. “Corporate antibodies” subverting your innovation process? Get some advice on how to neutralize them.

33 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2011

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Emergency Preparedness for Public Libraries Wednesday , 5 January 2011 10:00 am (Central).( Marketing nonprofit non-profit Non-profit Communications Non-profit technology nptech social media training webinarA number of regular webinar hosts are still finalizing their schedules for January 2011, but nonprofit folks will find a great variety of professional development and training opportunities – free and online – already lined up for January 2011.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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For your association’s member businesses, this may mean mastering new emerging technologies in your industry or even hitting specific success metrics within their own internal processes. Online learning management technology (your LMS).

The Association’s Pursuit for Relevance: What Role Do Certifications, Certificates and Micro-Credentials Play?

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I am reminded of libraries, which in many ways, are quite similar to associations. I recently watched a great video , which showcased Vancouver’s central library branch, as they are intentionally employing non-traditional library offerings, in order to evolve with the Digital Age.

Serving Your Professional Community for Impact

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If you were the CEO of an association that strives to support applied technology professionals through training, credentialing, research, standards-setting and ongoing development of new competencies in any region of the world, where would you start? Matt Loeb, CGEIT, CAE, FASAE, ISACA.

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Easy Ways to Use Video to Engage Association Members


Before you know it, you will have a video library to inform and entertain members and get the attention of prospective members. Social Media Member Engagement Technology GrowthIt’s tough to build trusted relationships with members when they are spread across a state, region, or country.

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How to Start or Grow Your Online Career Center

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Don’t feel like your association must have a grand library of resources before you can debut a career center, or that you must produce content as frequently as you see other, larger associations or organizations churning out resources. “A

Can You Tell Your Nonprofit's Story in 5 Photos?

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This contest is wide open to all — submissions are welcomed from the community at large, nonprofits, individuals, libraries, and organizations both in the US and elsewhere in the world — but your entries do need to be in by Friday, October 16th. Tags: Non-profit technology General non-profit interest nptech Marketing Web 2.0

DCWeek in Less Than 180 Seconds


Top DCWeek quotes and tweets (followed by my own reflections): Technology catalyzes community; technology doesn’t create community. Yes, no matter how much technology that you throw at it, community is still about the people.

Moderating Forums: a Training Video

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The first of three training videos produced to guide the volunteer moderators who helped run the British Columbia Library Association's 2009 Teen Reading Club, Moderating Forums is jam-packed with down-to-earth advice and guidelines for creating, nurturing and moderating a successful online community. If your nonprofit’s plan for online outreach includes a discussion forum – this one's for you.

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It’s Debatable: Adding Elements of Debate to Conferences

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For example, the 2016 American Library Association Annual Conference featured the Preservation Showdown , which put this statement up for debate: “Preserving unique digital content should be managed by the library technology unit, not the preservation department.”

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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As always, we try to use this blog post to speak from our experience as a learning technology partner to organizations that provide continuing education and professional development. Nor is the subscription likely to be very popular if you don’t actually have a large library of online CE.

Practical Mobile Strategies for Associations: Interview with Michael Jones of Results Direct

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I sat down with Michael Jones, Director of Mobile Technologies at Results Direct to discuss the latest trends and technologies to help associations develop an overall mobile strategy. We live in a world with more than six billion mobile devices currently in use.


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Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden, and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) annual congress. I am proud to serve as Chair of the Management of Library Associations Section.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Existing Technology: Between learning management systems (LMS), association management systems (AMSs) and social media, many associations have a robust technology ecosystem in place to support rapidly changing skills-based training and digital badges.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.4.19

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Our panel of experts will each share their take on emerging technologies and examples of how nonprofits of all sizes are using them. Jim Lynch, Senior Writer, Nonprofit and Library Technology at TechSoup.

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