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The many hats of marketers

Aaron Wolowiec

A couple months ago I wrote an article for “Associations Now” about how marketing requires different skills than it once did. As more potential tactics and options for marketing have emerged, more is expected of a marketer. It’s the marketer’s job to be informed about all the traditional and new marketing techniques.

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Carole Baskin is killing it in marketing: How the non-profit in ‘Tiger King’ dominates digital strategy

Association Success

In fact, I found myself wondering, “Is Carole Baskin actually a marketing genius?”. One of BCR’s early forays into reaching way more people than could ever visit its Tampa headquarters was joining YouTube on August 15, 2006. Your marketing director didn’t. Let’s start with a bit of background. Carole Baskin did.

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Internet Association Hires New Director Of Federal Government Affairs


In 2006, Amy joined Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s (WI-05) staff and served as his Legislative Director and Judiciary policy advisor. In the 116th Congress, she focused extensively on antitrust issues and served as a key advisor in the Committee’s bipartisan investigation into competition in digital markets.

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China Market Insight – Pushing to Become an Advanced Economy


In 2013, MCI will be bringing you a new feature to called “Market Insight” that will offer information on select emerging market countries. The focus will be on data that could be useful to help improve market intelligence and help make business decisions. Sales & Marketing. Sales & Marketing.

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Realtor Study: Recovering Market Will Leave Out Many Former Homeowners

Associations Now

We may be past the era of foreclosures, but a new study from the National Association of Realtors found that one-in-four homeowners whose investments went belly up during the recession will be unlikely to re-enter the real estate market. The real estate market is in the midst of a big comeback. The good news? The majority of the 9.3

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7 Best Practices for Membership Marketing


Membership Marketing Best Practice #1. When looking at your membership marketing, you first need to identify the primary drivers of membership for the audiences you are trying to capture. Membership Marketing Best Practice #2. Membership Marketing Best Practice #3. Membership Marketing Best Practice #4.

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Two Slide Shows on Humanize

Jamie Notter

I am posting my slides, below from the two presentations I did in Belgium at the Fusion Marketing Experience conference (which together cover all that I spoke about in Chicago, and then some). December 2006 (10). November 2006 (9). October 2006 (8). September 2006 (10). August 2006 (12). July 2006 (5).

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