How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Dramatic changes have occurred in how learning is recognized, accredited and validated. Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. What Does Designing a Digital Badge Strategy Look Like?

How to Create a Strategy That Includes Everyone

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Without engagement from all stakeholders, your grand plan for a new strategy is likely to fizzle. Making strategy discussions inclusive can help. “It Fixes to the problem don’t come easy. More than something you have, strategy is something you do. But how, exactly?

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How to Sunset an Educational Program

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Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. How to tell it’s time to sunset an educational program. Talk to past students too about their experience. Value to market.

How to Increase Customer Retention with an Online Community

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That’s substantial, but according to the Harvard Business Review , it may be on the low side. That same five percent retention increase may be able to increase revenue by up to 95 percent. An online customer community is a good place to start.

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4 Challenges for Trade Associations and How to Tackle Them with Community

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They bring competing organizations together to protect and promote entire industries, products, services, and workforces. Their role in society is becoming muddied and complicated as new competitors emerge, industries contract and expand, and technology reshapes how the world does business.

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How to Grow Your Community Management Career Faster

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Community managers hold an integral job that can get lasting results for businesses, yet they don’t always have the opportunity to communicate their importance. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and let busy executives or overworked managers turn their attention elsewhere.

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How to Get a Handle on Your Digital Workplace


Your IT department migrated everyone to Office 365 a few weeks ago. However, as you start trying to figure out how to reply to your colleague via Teams chat, your manager is simultaneously sending you chat messages via Skype for Business to find out the status of the same email campaign.

How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. We were lucky enough to get early access to do some testing so we can allow you to implement this efficiently and effectively, should Gmail decide they want to roll this out widely. A nod to…AOL?

How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

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You know your association should provide online learning programs to members and others in your industry. However, you don’t have the budget to hire instructional designers to develop courses. Here are some ways to build an online learning program with a limited budget.

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How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

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But for the rest of the businesses out there, convincing Gen Y that your organization is a great place to work isn’t so easy. If you can’t afford (or don’t want) distracting foosball tables, how do you appeal to young professionals? How Online Communities Encourage Collaboration.

Working with an Instructional Designer: How to Prepare for Success

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You’ll get the best results from this partnership if you know how to best prepare for working with an instructional designer. It’s better to find out you need to line up additional resources early on in the project rather than the last minute. Not all IDs have the same skillset nor do they all choose to offer the same services. Do you need help with learning strategy and/or needs assessment ? Are you relying on the ID to come up with the course content?

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How to Justify an AMS Purchase to the Association Board


Or, maybe you’re starting from scratch and it’s time to push your organization forward with membership, engagement, and retention strategies that you can’t accomplish on your own. Here is what every decision-maker will want to know: What is our return on investment?

How to Plan the Perfect Video Shoot

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Are you looking to harness the power of video content for your association’s marketing and outreach strategies? Would you like to shoot your own video? How many people am I going to be dealing with at any point?

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[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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Well, if you want to elevate the success and business impact of your online community, trust us – there’s a module for that. Customizing your online community is a great way to maximize its impact, propelling your capabilities from basic to extraordinary.

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How to Calculate the Impact of Online Community Engagement on Your Business

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You hit your presentation out of the park… until the CFO asks how online community engagement is impacting sales goals. Do all those forum posts translate to more revenue? We know to our core that it’s valuable and it does impact business results. You slave over your community.

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Top 5 essentials for your membership marketing strategy

Optimist Consulting

I was delighted to recently present at CHASE about how to develop your membership marketing strategy. I outline my thoughts below on how to develop a strong membership marketing strategy which will help you grow your membership.

How to Influence People in Online Communities


All of them are smart and savvy bloggers, and we know you’ll enjoy what they have to say! Why “How to…”? It is what I like to refer to as “what your mama taught you”. Do you look forward to developing one? Remember to be open to responses yourself.

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How To Simplify Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method


Here’s the full article reprinted by permission – would love to know if anyone is using this Twitter Leapfrog Method or anything similar. Talk to your sales and customer service teams to understand the most common questions or concerns they hear from customers.

Carrying Strategy from the Boardroom to the Receptionist’s Desk

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Perhaps the greatest strategic challenge most association/nonprofit organizational leaders face is translating strategy from the boardroom to the receptionist’s desk (or to the committee chair’s agenda). How so?

How to Convert Association Prospects to Members


Frank Kenny outlines the strategic process for converting prospects to paid members. You know they don’t just go from an oblivious state of not knowing your organization exists one day, to raving fans telling their colleagues about you the next. Is there anyone they would like to meet?

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How to Get a Better Yield From Your RFP Process

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This is a personal observation from 40 years in association work and consulting since 1991,” said Cate Bower, FASAE, CAE, founding partner emeritus at Cygnet Strategy, LLC. “I I can treat the symptoms all I want, but if I don’t get to the heart of the issue, nothing is going to change.”.

The Year Without Pants and How to Replace Email

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According to Amazon: 50 million websites, or twenty percent of the entire web, use WordPress software. whose 120 employees work from anywhere in the world they wish, barely use email, and launch improvements to their products dozens of times a day.

How to deal with Gmail’s new Promotions Tab


From the get-go, our entire Dev team signed up to kick the tires. We were lucky enough to get early access to do some testing so we can allow you to implement this efficiently and effectively, should Gmail decide they want to roll this out widely. A nod to…AOL?

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How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs : Off Stage

Off Stage

13, 2009 - How to Use Twitter: A Guide for AEs. I reviewed the proposed new Social Marketing course from Internet Crusade, as well—it’s going to be very helpful to our members, I think (should be released soon!). There’s a ton of information out and about on the topics—the real problem is finding the time to sort out what will work for you and your situation and what won’t. You will want people to find you easily. Off Stage.

How to Handle Staff Who Fall for Phishing Emails—Putting Your Association at Risk


How is it they fall for phishing emails time and again? What does it take to get them to pay more attention and not be so careless? You’d hope that after failing a few simulated phishing tests, everyone would learn how to spot a phishing email.

How to Brand Your Nonprofit’s Instagram


Social media is so embedded in our lives that part of experiencing something is documenting it digitally on our Instagram profiles. With over 800 million active users in September of 2017 , this number is only projected to grow. Content Strategy Implementation

Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions

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He also teaches presentation design and facilitation to subject matter experts. Facilitation Friday #25: Five Keys to Strategy Discussions. When was the last time you were in a session intended to produce good strategy that actually did so? A tactic or a strategy?

Association Webinars: Not Just for Continuing Education

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But there are so many more use-cases to consider leveraging this engaging and cost-effective technology. The easy access to your organization helps them feel like they are instantly part of something b igger. Don’t forget webcams to help them feel a very personal connection!

How To Use Microsoft Technology To Supercharge Your Fundraising

Beth Kanter

SOS Children’s Villages International uses cloud technology to help fundraise for children in need. Note From Beth: I am thrilled to host this guest post from Microsoft Philanthropies General Manager that showcases examples of digital transformation and fundraising.

5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Compared to the corporate sector, it’s safe to say that funding resources are more limited for non-profit organizations. Because of this, there can be more of a struggle to produce engaging content on a regular basis. How can you speak to them?

How to Design an Effective Nonprofit Staff Retreat: A Lesson from Life

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Blocking out time for your nonprofit’s staff to do planning and work on areas like organizational culture is essential for success. How to Design an Effective Staff Retreat: A Lesson from Life – Guest Post by Karen Axelson from ETR.

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Tips for Preserving Your eLearning Programs

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” I’ve taken that to heart over the years and have created many, many good binders. To preserve the online education programs and processes I worked so hard to put in place! Here are some tips to get you started: Education Department Overview.

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How to Create a Data-Sharing Partnership with Chapters: Part 2

Chapter Chat

Ask any component relations professional to describe the worst possible relationship between an association and its chapters and you’re bound to hear the words “us vs. them.” Which obstacles you must overcome to convince them to share data.

7 Actionable SEO Strategies You Can Do Today


On the most basic level, we all “know” how SEO works, really… but SEO strategy implementation is a whole other beast, and it’s what most of us often struggle with. Even those who’ve been doing it for a while still have to expend a lot of effort in it, which only further daunts those still starting out. It doesn’t have to be that hard though. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to get quality results from, time and time again. That’s how you do UXO quickly.

How To Think Like An Instructional Designer for Your Nonprofit Trainings

Beth Kanter

All of my work these days is focused on designing and delivering effective training for nonprofits -primarily on the topics of social media, strategy, networks, and measurement. I use a simple structure to design: before, during, and after. You also want to document your training.

Capital Campaign Marketing Strategies for the Tech-Savvy


If you’re starting a capital campaign, then you know how much work and effort goes into planning a fundraiser of this magnitude. You want all your hard work to result in a successful outcome: reaching your goal. Create a peer-to-peer campaign. Keep reading to learn more!

Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy.


global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. Legal Issues That Are Important To Any International Strategy. 12 procedures to start a business (versus regional average of 7.8). years to close a business.

New in Town? Here’s a Strategy for Gaining Support at Your New Gig

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WCMA’s board of directors pegged Amy Snell, CAE, as its next leader and charged her with finding a way to turn things around—an experience she described in an article published on the website Woodworking Network last week. While resistance to so much change was minimal, it was also inevitable.

5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


Compared to the corporate sector, it’s safe to say that funding resources are more limited for non-profit organizations. Because of this, there can be more of a struggle to produce engaging content on a regular basis. Nonprofits and fundraisers need to spend money to make money, just like businesses. Content marketing is the peas to your website design carrots. Unfortunately, out of this majority, only 26 percent believe their strategy is effective.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Is Your Organization Using Too Much.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar. Plexus Consulting Group® For health, education, workforce, finance and other non profit and public service organizations that want to leverage resources and strategically plan for U.S. Is Your Organization Using Too Much Strategy? The strategic plan for many non-profit organizations is an extensive, all-encompassing document. As a result, more often than not the strategy goes up on the shelf and organizational life goes on.