Writing a Press Release for Associations


The purpose of a press release is to get attention, make news, and generate publicity. It’s cost-effective marketing (free) and they can be used to create brand awareness for your association. The Basics of Crafting a Press Release: Make it newsworthy; it’s not an ad, it’s a news article. Key Components of a Press Release: Letterhead (identify that it’s from your organization). For Immediate Release” under the date.

How (and why) to Write an Association Press Release


The purpose of a press release is to get attention, make news, and generate publicity. It’s cost effective marketing (free) and they can be used to create brand awareness for your association. The Basics of Crafting a Press Release: Make it newsworthy; it’s not an ad, it’s a news article. Key Components of a Press Release: Letterhead (identify that it’s from your organization). For Immediate Release” under the date.


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New Survey Shows Americans Want Economy-Wide, Federal Privacy Protections


Washington, DC – Internet Association (IA) today released the results of a national public opinion survey that demonstrate Americans’ strong support for economy-wide, federal privacy protections. News Press Releases federal privacy federal privacy law privacy privacy legislation Survey

ASAE Calls for More Association-Specific Relief for COVID-19 Impacted Organizations


NEWS 501(c)(3) 501(c)(6) advocacy and Economic Security (CARES) Act asae ASAE Research Foundation Capitol Hill Coronavirus Aid covid-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) pandemic press release Relief Susan RobertsonWASHINGTON— ASAE applauded Congress for swiftly constructing a $2.2

5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers


press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). The post 5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers appeared first on GrowthZone. When it comes to finding a conference speaker, associations work with a limited (if any) budget. The challenge, though, is that a talented speaker is a key to increasing attendance and engaging members.

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Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

Association Management

These reports, issued with a frequency appropriate for your association, allowing you to: identify cost benefits such as how many individuals attended discounted educational programs, the number of free briefings received, etc. 3. Take advantage of press releases. But press releases still work—arguably, even better—for digital publications. Google News will display a press release on Business Wire the same way it does for traditional publications.

Report Highlights Internet of Things Security, Privacy Issues

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Last week, the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group released a report with Internet of Things security and privacy recommendations. These are just a few of the reasons the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group, a nonprofit dedicated to improving users’ internet experience, released a report outlining security and privacy suggestions related to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Tech Giants Collaborate on New Smart Home Standards

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The goal of the Connected Home over IP project is to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers,” a press release on the Apple website states.

Accessible, Affordable: The Strategy Behind One Group’s Online Learning Efforts

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The offering will be free to (ISC)²’s members and associates, according to an association press release. The Professional Development Institute is a recognition that cybersecurity education is a lifelong journey, and that achieving professional certification, while important, is only one stop along the way,” he said in the release.

Labor Department Issues Final Rule on Association Retirement Plans

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The rule is expected to reduce administrative costs through economies of scale and strengthen small businesses’ hand in negotiations with financial institutions and other service providers. Many small businesses would like to offer retirement benefits to their employees, but are discouraged by the cost and complexity of running their own plans,” said Acting Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella in a press release.

From Purgatory to Pioneers: Rebooting Associations

Reid All About it

Amazon is the personalization king with their website recommendations and their PriceCheck app which tells you how much the product you’re looking at in a store will cost on Amazon. Press releases don’t belong on Facebook. For many years now, Mitch Joel, president of marketing agency Twist Image, has been manning the lookout post for the rest of us. His blog, Six Pixels of Separation , is a constant in my RSS feed and his podcast is a regular on my phone.

New Bill Would Expand 529 Savings Accounts to Cover Professional Certification

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6 to expand individuals’ use of “529” education savings accounts to cover the costs of professional certification and credentialing programs.

Nonprofits That Stray Off Course

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” I knew a percentage of my donation went to overhead and administrative costs, but I didn’t think it’d go to unnecessary lawsuits. A press release from the American Beverage Institute (ABI) , admittedly a biased onlooker, provides some ugly numbers – a decline in revenue and spending on community programs, while salaries increased. This week I read about a nonprofit accused of losing sight of its mission and those it serves.

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New Digital Media Industry Ad Exchange Promises Transparency

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“It was clear that to move the needle on trust in the market, we needed to get in the game in a more direct way,” DCN CEO Jason Kint said in a press release introducing the new platform. According to the announcement, TrustX will guarantee marketers full transparency about the cost of campaign delivery and will deliver only advertisements seen by real consumers, not bots.

Groups Move to Streamline Solar Panel Installation Processes

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Two things are often cited as keeping solar panels from becoming mainstream: costs and an inconsistent installation process. Solar panels provide a great source of sustainable energy, but for many, the hurdles and costs to installing a solar energy system outweigh the benefits. As it is now, the permitting and inspection process adds about $7,000 in direct and indirect costs, about $1.00

Tuesday Buzz: Cloudy Days Ahead

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But in a new press release , Gartner says that anti-cloud sentiment is likely to fade away in a few years, as the offerings improve and bleeding-edge technology becomes cloud-only—think, for example, Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering, which is only available as a subscription service but is frequently updated for end users. But is that experience coming at the cost of embracing future knowledge?

Could a members’ panel help your policy work?

Optimist Consulting

For example, the statistics can be used to underpin policy reports, consultation responses and press releases or to support your policy approach to ministers, government officials and key influencers. Does your organisation have a large enough policy agenda to warrant having a panel (and the associated time/costs it takes to set this up), and to warrant asking members for their time in participating in a panel?

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Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Regardless of size or budget, we want to empower nonprofits to reach new audiences, raise money more efficiently, and further their missions,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon in a press release. Be it smartphone, laptop, or tablet, customers come aboard with personal devices—screens provided at no installation or maintenance costs to the airline,” she says. GoFundMe Charity is designed to make generating donations easier—and more social.

Five Habits of Effective Business Writers

Higher Logic

This advice applies whether you’re writing reports, blog posts, or press releases – anything that requires planning and reviews from others. Imagine that each word costs you $10. The difference between effective, efficient writers and the rest is a matter of habit. The effective writers regularly and consistently do things that other writers only do sporadically. That’s why they get so much done.

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How to Find the Best Association Event Speaker


From daily operations to special events, the funding challenge is ever present and a little creativity can go a long way in increasing member engagement at little to no cost. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). Put on an engaging, educational event for your members within budget. Associations work with limited budgets. To stretch every dollar, they often solicit sponsorship’s and donations.

Daily Buzz: Don’t Give Up Professional Development

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Dunn, Sesame Workshop’s president and CEO, in a press release. Fast Company highlights the costs to consider before hiring someone new. Continuing education is often the first thing to go when budgets are tight, but it’s worth holding on to. Also: honoring retiring team members. When budgets don’t go to plan, typically one of the first expenses that gets cut is employee professional development.

Five Strategies to Ensure Your Digital Product Has a Killer Launch

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If you’re releasing a big feature or an impressive tool, you can’t just announce it with a ho-hum approach, says Aileen Horgan of Atlassian. A guide from the marketing platform HubSpot suggests a variety of steps for building out your messaging for the first time, including creating mock press releases and workshopping it internally.

The Guardian Expands U.S. Reporting With New Nonprofit Arm

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In the past, according to a press release , the newspaper has funded journalism through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation, among others. The company has changed its strategy recently in part because it was required to cut costs significantly last year to rein in major losses.

APICS Aims to Fill a Need with its New Credential

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The aim of this new credential is to equip individuals with the essential knowledge they need to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve recognition as a logistics expert. Integrating AST&L into APICS allows us to fortify our supply chain education and certification offering with deeper content in the areas of transportation and logistics,” said APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi in a press release issued last July.

Social Network Association Aims to Encourage Accountability

Associations Now

$ 1 The cost of a lifetime membership to the association for individual members, without voting rights for the annual awards the association plans to give out. The cost of a lifetime voting membership is $99. Organization members and partners are eligible to vote for the Social Network Awards and are offered discounts on their first press release with PR Newswire.

Best Benefit Ever: Bank on It

Associations Now

Why it works: Through this new alliance, MBA members will have access to coveted resources, including a customer service line and special deals on industry products like Loan Prospector and Loan Quality Advisor, according to a press release. “We believe this will create cost savings for them and give them access to first-rate opportunities as a direct result.”

Success With Disruption: Why T-Mobile’s Departing CEO, John Legere, Was So Effective

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In 2013, he put his strategy out there with a series of press events that defined his mode of operation: T-Mobile, then the smallest of the four major carriers, would become the “Un-carrier.” These bold moves serve notice that T-Mobile is canceling its membership in the out-of-touch wireless club,” Legere said in a press release that’s characteristic of his style.

Dental Group Launches Free Credentialing Service

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The launch of the new ADA Credentialing Service gives dental providers and payers a technology-driven, ‘one and done’ alternative to the tedious, repetitive approach that has been used previously,” said Craig Kasten, board chairman and founder of SKYGEN USA (of which Wonderbox Technologies is a business unit) in a press release. “It It is a perfect example of how moving from manual processes to cyber benefits saves time, reduces costs, and improves workflows.

Zuckerberg’s New Nonprofit Pitch: Get Everyone Online

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The plan: Zuckerberg’s organization will focus on driving down both the cost and the amount of data needed to access content online. Along with its partners, the group plans to help build business efforts to incentivize low-cost internet access, as the group’s press release puts it, “making internet access available to the next 5 billion people.” That approach cost the group some high-profile backers.

Early Meeting Predictions for 2016

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As this post publishes, we are 90 days away from 2016, which means it’s just about time for every industry to begin releasing predictions for the upcoming year. One of the first to weigh in on the outlook for meetings and events was Carson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), which recently released its “ 2016 Meetings and Events Forecast ” [PDF]. While the news of overall growth is positive, the report also sounds a note of caution,” CWT said in a press release. “As

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New Advisory Council Finds Investments for Solar Energy

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In an effort to increase funding for and lower the cost of harnessing solar power, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is working with the Solar Energy Finance Association (SEFA) to form a new advisory council. The Solar Energy Finance Advisory Council (SEFAC) will work with its members—consisting of SEFA and SEIA members, investors, and other entities—to explore new sources of investment and ways to reduce the cost of finding capital. “We

The Four Writing Tics You Must Leave Behind in 2016

Higher Logic

The cost is that you’re leaving your readers behind. Take these sentences from a press release by hybris, a division of the software giant SAP, about a new “billing solution.”. Writing. We all need to do it -- in community postings, in email, and in the documents we create. Writing is like walking -- it’s so automatic that you don’t think about it. But you ought to.

Meetings Group Connects Associations and Hotels

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The Association Meeting Buyers Collective will take the hassle out of meeting planning by increasing association buying power and lowering costs for hotels. AMBC, which represents associations, will facilitate direct contact between meeting planners and hotels to meet both parties’ needs by lowering costs and barriers. “It’s And on the hotel side, it’s benefitting them with lower costs and higher success.”.

Nurses Groups Partner to Better Address Students’ Mental Health Issues

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Through the partnership, NASN members can take an online continuing-education certificate program that APNA developed to give nurses the evidence-based knowledge and skills they need to provide safe, cost-effective, patient-centered care to schoolchildren with psychiatric and mental health needs. With this new partnership, our two organizations further the dissemination of important evidence-based practices across nursing specialties,” said McLoughlin in the press release. “As

Water-Efficient Toilets Could Save 170 Billion Gallons Each Year, Study Says

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This study affirms the important and sometimes overlooked role that water-efficient plumbing products—and programs such as the EPA WaterSense label—play in assuring water sustainability for our nation,” said Mary Ann Dickinson, AWE president and CEO, in a press release announcing the study’s findings. “We According to the release, the results “also merit consideration within the current federal and state regulatory environment.”

Best Benefit Ever: New Database for Massachusetts Lawyers

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MBA is the 28th state bar to form a partnership with Fastcase, according to a press release. Why it works: Fastcase’s online database, which usually costs $995 a year to access, holds an extensive collection of federal filings, newspaper archives, and legal forms for both national and state-specific cases. A new partnership brings fast, free information to state bar members. What’s the benefit?

3 Ways Online Communities Help Software Companies Drive Revenue

Higher Logic

With the cost to build software going down, the barrier to entry is much lower. One-way (marketing emails, NPS surveys, press release/corp comms); communication from customer-to-brand or brand-to-customer, but not both. As consumers, we know that brands that consistently deliver value and make our buying experience effortless will continue to win our business over time.

Online Learning: The Latest Webinar Trends and Benchmarks

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A new benchmarking report —released earlier this week by ON24—analyzed more than 9,000 webinars conducted both inside and outside the association space in 2014 to reveal that information and more. “The report can be used as a set of guidelines to create and deliver dynamic webinars for improved audience engagement and sales,” said Jayesh Sahasi, ON24 chief product officer and CTO, in a press release.

As Textbooks Evolve, Group Helps College Stores Adapt

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Textbook costs have risen dramatically, sending many students online or off campus in search of affordable options and prompting the National Association of College Stores to develop new ways to help campus stores stay relevant. For the spring 2016 semester, students spent $290 on about four books—pinning the average book cost at close to $70. As students struggle with rising academic costs, textbooks are often the last purchase on the list.

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How NYC’s Foam-Container Ban Won Over an Association Ally

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Despite the higher cost of using alternatives to polystyrene containers for food packaging, the New York State Restaurant Association backed the city’s new ban on the material, thanks in part to some key concessions. A press release announcing the ban contained quotes from a surprising supporter —the New York State Restaurant Association. The association told The Wall Street Journal [subscription] that alternatives cost more than twice as much.