Community Management Hack: Create a Community Handbook

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There's a lot of talk about succession planning these days, as it's becoming more and more common for people to change jobs every few years or so. The bulk if not all of the succession planning seems to be at the senior level. If you're in a lull, now is the time to do it.

Book: The Network Weaver Handbook

Beth Kanter

My friend and colleague, June Holley , has written a much anticipated book, The Network Weaver Handbook. The Network Weaver Handbook is designed to give you skills and resources you need to build effective and innovative networks.

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How to Boost Year-Round Membership with a Mobile App


Today, our mobile devices are central to our lives – a tool we use for communication, entertainment, learning and more. More and more, associations are embracing our affinity for apps, using them to put resources and benefits at members’ fingertips. Member Handbook.

How to Leverage Mobility Strategies for Member Engagement

Association Adviser

According to recent statistics , desktops now account for only 29 percent of digital minutes, rest of the share is mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So how can you go about leveraging mobility strategies to gain traction in member engagement?

How to Sell Ads at Naylor in the Late 1990s

Association Adviser

There was no receptionist, no policy handbook, and no training manuals. You went into every new advertiser call blind and collected information while on the call: “Tell me how you fit into the industry? We worked a 37.5-hour work week because reps were expected to spend 2.5

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Lunchtime Links: Throw Away Your Best-Practices Handbook

Associations Now

How following industry best practices could hinder innovation. Also: Have a long to-do list? Why it’s time to think outside the problem-solving box, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links: Forget best practices: Eric V.

How to Make Ethics Training Stick

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Training on ethics is important, but how can you make sure it has an impact? Step one, according to one study: Get the exec in the room. Even the staffer who was catching up on email while half-listening to that last ethics webinar everybody had to watch will tell you that.

Jerry Jacobs and the Association Law Handbook


As I mentioned, I went to hear Jerry Jacobs talk about his book, the Association Law Handbook. It was actually a really good session - he's a fun, animated, friendly speaker and was able to make a very dry subject into a discussion we could all participate in. "We", This can save us all A LOT of money if we use a sample form for any particular purpose which we send to our association lawyer for editing, rather than ask them to come up with something from scratch.

How to Get Your Association to Support Staff’s Professional Development

WBT Systems

Associations have long been leaders in the lifelong learning business—which is why it’s so shocking to see how few associations support staff’s professional development, according to these survey results from Association Media & Publishing. Identify the skills and knowledge you want to develop. Now more than ever, new technologies and industry shake-ups are putting more pressure on professionals to learn new skills,” said Raegan Johnson at Associations Now.

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How to build your brand community.

Disciple Media

One of the simplest, most affordable and effective ways to create a really happy customer base is to build a brand community for them to join and participate in. HOG offers Harley owners a chance to become part of a like-minded, lifestyle club. To conclude….

How to Handle Staff Who Fall for Phishing Emails—Putting Your Association at Risk


How is it they fall for phishing emails time and again? What does it take to get them to pay more attention and not be so careless? You’d hope that after failing a few simulated phishing tests, everyone would learn how to spot a phishing email.

How to Create a Data-Sharing Partnership with Chapters: Part 1

Chapter Chat

But, the national association has to know which chapters need help or are at risk of failing. Or, which ones have success stories to share. How else can national find out unless chapters are more transparent with their financials and other information? Listen to his story here.

How To Get Started Thinking About Online Peer Learning Communities for Nonprofit Professionals

Beth Kanter

” The idea was to get folks who do social media for nonprofits sharing best practices about social media adoption and culture change by balancing brief c ontent delivery with lots of interaction. Another person said, “It’s ideal to have a team rather than a single person.

Long Live Your Education Sessions: How To Repurpose, Reuse and Recoup Meeting Costs

Tom Morrison

The question for any association in this situation is, “how are you changing its delivery and purpose to engage your members in new learning styles?” These new learning styles are incredible opportunities for your association to create new income streams.

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Implementing Website Governance for Associations

Vanguard Tech

As author of the first practical guide to Web Governance ("The Website Manager''s Handbook"), Shane has also been published by A List Apart, Smartinsights & Forrester Research. Today’s guest post is by Shane Diffily.

How Much Do Your Employees Know About Their Benefits?

Associations Now

A new survey found many employees don’t read their employee handbooks. Here’s a look at how to better communicate benefits information. How do you tell your staff about their employee benefits? According to MetLife’s 2014 “ U.S.

Feeling stuck? Moving on is actually quite simple

Association Success

Being able to simplify something complicated is not easy or intuitive. . He decided to put simple to the test, allowing for the complex and elegant to arise from starting over with something simple. Rod wanted to help people grow and learn, not to have them follow rules.

2012 is the Year of the Girl

Reid All About it

100 years ago today , Juliette Gordon Low called her cousin and said “I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!” ” She gathered 18 girls that night to form the first Girl Scout troop in the U.S.

Measure What Matters: KPIs For Online Community Success

Higher Logic

Trying to figure out how to measure the success of your online community? At any rate, there are some key principles to guide all KPI development. Let’s boil it down to five quick tips. Ensuring that they do is how you maintain value.

Social Learning Resources


So I wanted to quickly list just a few of the resources that were mentioned: 10 things to remember about social learning (and the use of social media for learning). Social Learning Handbook.

Promote Your Community at Events

Higher Logic

There are many ways to energize a community and bring in some fun, from creating exciting banners to hosting offline events. Conferences are the perfect time to introduce your members to a new or relaunched community.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

Reid All About it

It’s that time of year – your chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive study on membership marketing. Every year, I look forward to pouring over this report as soon as it comes out. To participate in the survey, follow this link.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

Reid All About it

It’s that time of year – your chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive study on membership marketing. Every year, I look forward to pouring over this report as soon as it comes out. To participate in the survey, email Tony Rossell at MGI.

Membership Hack: Workshop Essentials

Associations Now

It now works with them in post-training workshops to ensure they know how to put the tools they learned to use. How to hack it? Tweet it to @AssociationsNow with the hashtag #MembershipHack or email

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When the Staff Leader Is the Only Staffer

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CEOs who are the are the sole staff member have a lot of authority, but a lot of communicating to do with the board. One expert offers some advice about how to manage the challenge. But even if that authority is codified, it still ought to backed up with a verbal understanding.

MCI Sessions @ ASAE in SLC in August


If you are travelling to ASAE next month, be sure to check out the following sessions which all take place at the Salt Palace Convention Center in room 250DEF. How to establish a long-term business partnerships with your local partners.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.10.17

Reid All About it

I must admit I exceeded 140 characters a few times already but only to add a bit of commentary to articles I shared. I plan to continue being pithy on Twitter—at least in my own mind—and not use more characters just because I can.

How Do You Fix a Board Power Struggle?

Associations Now

One lament among association executives might go something like this: “If only [board member] weren’t standing in the way of what we’re trying to accomplish.”. So much of the success of the board-CEO relationship has to do with how discussions are framed.

10 Unconventional Ways to Get More Value from Your Association’s LMS

WBT Systems

We’ve come up with ten additional ways you can use an LMS to deliver more value to members and staff. As an added benefit, when members use your LMS for these purposes, they’re more likely to explore your other online learning programs. #1 Now you can make orientation even more enjoyable and effective by moving it to your LMS. Design a Membership 101 course that shows them how to achieve their goals and get the most from their membership.

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New (Free) E-Book: Leading Systems Change Will Supercharge Your Facilitation Skills

Beth Kanter

Overall, the program led to over 100 collaborations and its impact is ongoing. MindTools Team Management Tools -Mindtools is a robust collection of resources to increase productivity, improve management and leadership skills, and support organizational development initiatives.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

Reid All About it

Each episode is dedicated to a president starting with George Washington and ending with Donald Trump. I’m listening to them all in order, of course, and have made it up to the Warren Harding episode. Since I love to cook, America’s Test Kitchen Radio is another favorite.

5 Book Recommendations for Nonprofit Networking and Data Nerds

Beth Kanter

There’s lots to enjoy during the holiday season – from gathering with friends and family to the festivities and fun. That’s is the practice of working out loud and it has many benefits from helping productivity to encouraging reflective practice.

Book Review: Connecting to Change the World

Beth Kanter

Almost five years ago to the day, I was lucky enough to meet Peter Plastrik and Madeleine Taylor while I was Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation. They have joined forces and along with John Cleveland, have written “ Connecting to Change the World.”

Thursday Buzz: The Longest (and Best) Content Marketing Post Ever

Associations Now

A book was practically copied and pasted into a blog post for all to use as a resource on content marketing. The Content Marketing Handbook , written by Rohin Dhar, cofounder and CEO of Priceonomics, focuses on “how to write about information and make it spread.”.

Nonmember Fees: A Not-So-Simple Decision

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How much more should an association charge nonmembers for products than it does for members?” Associations have to consider it every time they set prices for new products or set new prices for old ones. In other words, on most association matters, the law has plenty to say.

New Resource for Nonprofits: The Data Playbook – Practices for Purpose-Driven Work

Beth Kanter

It has been almost exactly four years since I published Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World , with co-author, Katie Paine. Back then, not many nonprofits were talking or practicing the use of measurement and data to improve nonprofit results.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.5.19

Reid All About it

MemberSuite writes this week about the freelancer membership segment —something near and dear to my heart. She says if there’s no way for different people from different races or nationalities to contribute, then you don’t have an inclusive work culture. How slimy.

Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth Kanter

For many nonprofits, Google Analytics is the tool of choice for measuring traffic, reach, engagement, and action primarily because it is free. While it is somewhat easy to use, some of the more valuable features may require a little tutoring to understand and use.

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Why Self-Interested Volunteers are the Best for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: The Mobilization Lab at Greenpeace recently commissioned and released this report, Beyond the First Click: How Today’s Volunteers Build the Power of Movements and NGOS. Like earning your orange hard hat, it’s an honour and a serious commitment to be a spokesperson. “It’s

When Millennials Take Over by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant

Eric Lanke

In each of the chapters on the four capacities, we close with a section on how to build that capacity inside your organization. To be clear, we are not presenting the case studies in order to demonstrate “best practices.” (If They don’t have to convince me.