Protech Announces SSO Integration with Web Scribble


Terry Brown, vice president of project services , Protech, says, “With more association members potentially starting a job search during the COVID-19 pandemic , it’s imperative for associations to offer easy-to-use tools to help aid in this endeavor. COLUMBIA, Md.

Friday Buzz: Facebook Introduces a New Fundraising Tool

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Over the past few years, Facebook has transformed from a social media platform into an internet multitool, jumping into various projects, from cybersecurity to virtual reality. According to a news release , the company has designed a new page layout for nonprofits to raise donations for campaigns. Facebook hopes this new tool will help nonprofits use its immense global network of 1.01

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Higher Logic Acquires Kavi: Powerful Collaboration for Thriving Communities

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We’re looking forward to incorporating Kavi’s Workspace tool into the Higher Logic community platform. Read more about the acquisition in our press release. Workspace, Kavi’s Powerful Collaboration Tool. We did this acquisition to provide powerful project collaboration for community users, combining Higher Logic’s dynamic discussions with Kavi’s structured document management. 2017 is shaping up to be our best year yet!

5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail


A good promotion strategy should include; social media, email marketing, and traditional press & PR. Lack of Press Relationships. Not cultivating relationships with members of the press can limit your promotion to only your personal network. Finding press partners is tricky and time consuming but can get a campaign the reach it needs to meet or exceed goals. Practice crafting the perfect press release , you’ll need more than one!

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Tech Giants Collaborate on New Smart Home Standards

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Last month, Project Connected Home over IP , a new working group launched by Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance—the latter a standards group that includes companies like IKEA and Samsung—went into operation. The goal of the Connected Home over IP project is to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers,” a press release on the Apple website states.

Implementing a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

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Drake & Company recently donated 100 hours of staff time to build a cause marketing program for the Chesterfield Arts “Make Your Mark” levee mural project, held June 4. Jill Mahoney and I were the project managers. Not just paint it but make it a free, community-based piece of outdoor art, and to use the levee as a great art education project at the same time. Develop overall theme and timing of the project. A press release about the project.

Daily Buzz: GoFundMe Launches Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

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Are you considering crowdsourcing funds for your association’s next project? Coming in November, the tool will offer two pricing plans: one with donor-covered platform fees and one with no fees and an option for donors to leave “tips” for GoFundMe services. GoFundMe Charity also includes features for data reporting, integration with CRM tools like Salesforce and Mailchimp, and ticketing capabilities for events.

From Purgatory to Pioneers: Rebooting Associations

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Check out what the Project Management Institute is doing for their members and website visitors. Successful for-profit online communities like Doximity for doctors and ResearchGate for scientists focus first on creating utility – tools and services that help their members do their jobs more effectively. Press releases don’t belong on Facebook.

Five Habits of Effective Business Writers

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Do these things – and do them consistently – and the quality of your writing projects will increase, even as you produce them more time-efficiently. This advice applies whether you’re writing reports, blog posts, or press releases – anything that requires planning and reviews from others. And insist that all reviews use the markup features of tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

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A Look at the Event Industry’s Tech Skills Gap

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That means, over the years, I’ve had to acquire new tech-related skills, such as learning how to use tools like WordPress, getting a basic understanding of search engine optimization, and knowing how to read and interpret data analytics. What tools are most difficult to manage? The top five are data management (47 percent), live streaming (34 percent), event apps (32 percent), registration/event management software (30 percent), and project management systems (29 percent).

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

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Think about AI and bots, and the algorithms that fuel them as tools that can swim through large pools of data pools of data, text, photos, and even videos. Their mission is to provide companies with the AI-driven tools they need to stop inappropriate behavior, bias, bullying, and discrimination in the workplace. The tool is based on health records and could transform the way doctors identify, treat and advise patients at risk of heart disease, says the charity.

MemCom Awards – could you be a winner?

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Entering and winning awards can be a powerful marketing tool. In our experience from helping companies, the tendency is for people to shoe horn text in from press releases or marketing materials – try to tailor your information and really answer the question in the best way you can. This will be the “lessons learnt” stage at the end of the project which you can justify back to your managment/board.

Open-call competition - field of digital media and learning


The MacArthur Foundation and UC Irvine, Duke, HASTAC are giving away $2million in awards for the following: * Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards will support projects that demonstrate new modes of participatory learning, in which people take part in virtual communities, share ideas, comment on one another's projects, and advance goals together. Press release is here.

How to Generate Association Revenue Through Grants – It’s Easier Than You Think


A commonly overlooked solution to the challenge is to seek funds for specific programs and projects by applying for grants. Can we approach any of them to fund a project? Distribute a press release about your project and emphasize that you are seeking funding. Grant writing is not a one-afternoon project. Project Objectives: Include the purpose of your proposal with details on the challenge your proposal addresses.

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Don’t Let Your Research Stagnate

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Santo Domingo said to think about research in terms of a continuous ecosystem, not as a linear project that just ends when research is completed. Think about ways you can share results via press releases, conference sessions and research road shows. It’s much easier to have them tap a button on survey tool that allows them to record themselves on video answering open-ended questions than to type their answers in.

Advocating for a Better Legislative Flow

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This is a new loan program that allows states and municipalities to borrow money at treasury rates, which are traditionally extremely low, for water infrastructure improvement, repair or expansion projects. Such projects could include improved water delivery systems, fixes to water distribution problems, equipment replacement or expanded water distribution systems. What are the most effective tools you employ for advocating for effective water management?

Updated Guide Focuses on Spanish-Language LGBTQ News Coverage

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With consideration to recent political and cultural shifts, the National LGBTQ Task Force, NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) have released the latest version of its LGBTQ style guide for journalists. “It’s As a result, the three groups collaborated to create one for Spanish language media, a project Benavides worked on as the co-chair of the NAHJ LGBT caucus. “We

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How Nonprofit CEOs Use Social Media (Enthusiastically) for Personal and Organizational Leadership

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As the leader and voice for your nonprofit organization, should you as the CEO or executive director use social media as part of your organizational or personal leadership tool set? Certainly, your marketing communications staff has talked about the benefits of effective social media integration that personalizes your organization’s brand with the voice of its leader – you. Stay Focused: Use online visualize tools to mindmap ideas.

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Group Offers Benchmarking Benefits Through Tiered, Online Program

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They can also access a forecasting tool and project management platform to track, predict, and create action plans around certain metrics. The TPP is going to be the catalyst for truckload carriers who seek to be the very best,” President John Lyboldt said in a press release. With a new online platform, the Truckload Carriers Association is introducing members to the benefits of benchmarking as a way to capture industry data and boost their profitability.

Are You Doing Enough to Prevent Link Rot?

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And not just because it’s a groundbreaking project. The project emerged from the work of three Harvard Law School researchers—professors Jonathan Zittrain and Lawrence Lessig and student Kendra Albert—who noted that only half of all links used in recent Supreme Court decisions were still active at the time they published a 2013 paper on the topic. Libraries are in the forever business,” Harvard Library Innovation Lab Director Kim Dulin said in a news release. “We

Five Big Lessons From ASAE’s Tech Conference

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A news-style video press release with an eye-catching headline, a short clip that underlines the value of an association program to members, and an additive video that puts a multimedia layer on top of an industry training manual. The tools may change, but the approaches won’t. AARP is a forward-thinking organization, but it’s also a large one, with years of content and web projects under its belt.

Friday Buzz: Analytics Annoyances

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Plus: how to write an amazing nut graph for your next news release. Rosenstiel is also the executive director of the American Press Institute, which partnered with 55 publications and looked at more than 400,000 stories in the project. New Post: Press Release 101: Why You Need a Good ‘Nut Graph’ Every news release needs one thing: a nut graph. Organizations pitching a news release to the media need to get to the point quickly. “If

One to watch: nice strategic alliance!


From the press release : " San Francisco, CA - Aspiration ["better tools for a better world"] and NOSI [Non Profit Open Source Initiative] announced today that NOSI will become a project of Aspiration. A number of open source tools, including the Firefox web browser, the CiviCRM platform, and a range of open source web publishing systems, have reached a state of maturity that makes them excellent options for nonprofits.

Association Advocacy Thrives in ‘Fake News’ Era

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is projected to grow 45 percent by 2045,” a statistic that impacts ports and all segments of the logistics industry that deliver goods to ports. MHEDA supports this CIF by providing member tools such as The Four Pillars of Sales Profession Training Camp; management and sales career tracks via a learning management system; conference education sessions; and MHEDA-NET, which provides small-group networking. Jill Andreu.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.8.18

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DelCor describes how to develop a technology project portfolio to guide you through these difficult decisions. Connect with fellow Component/Chapter Relations Professionals (CRPs) to network and discuss current chapter challenges, such as how to measure and increase the health of chapters; best practices for chapter operations (volunteer tools, processes, etc.); Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an accessible tool your association can use to increase member engagement.

Labor Tensions Cause Port Headaches for Retail, Manufacturing Industries

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The projected cost, per day, of a 10-day port shutdown on the West Coast, according to an estimate supplied by global management consulting firm Kurt Salmon on behalf of the National Retail Federation and the National Association of Manufacturers. When you take away the efficiency of a key tool we use to get product to our consumers, then it’s very challenging.”. $ 2.1B

Stronger by Association: How to create a memorable recognition.

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Provide the Tools In order for recipients and associations to gain added publicity, associations can provide recipients with the tools to aid in marketing their award. One option is to provide branded marketing tools such as: web banners, PowerPoint templates (for internal presentations), press release templates, Facebook logos, email signature logos, award photos and more. The tools should include the award program logo, date (year) and award recipient status.

Knight Foundation Launches The Giving Day Play Book

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Note from Beth: Most of my work over the last twenty years in nonprofit technology has been focused on designing and facilitating capacity building projects, specifically training and peer learning projects that help participants successfully learn and apply skills using online technology, social media, networks, measurement, training design or other topic. You can learn more about the Giving Day Play Book from this press release or upcoming Webinar.

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Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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” Hurt recommends that organizations set out to identify disruptive technologies that demonstrate a high rate of change in price and performance compared to alternatives; look for tools that have a broad impact across industries, such as mobile devices; and always keep an eye out for innovations that stand to have a significant economic impact. Project success: Despite associations’ many contributions to society, some struggle with projecting success.

Five Best Practices in Nonprofit Crowdfunding

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At CauseVox , We’ve helped thousands of people and nonprofits all over the world crowdfund for nonprofits and social good projects. For example, Project Renewal helps homeless people get off the streets. In my crowdfunding campaign at SXSW, we were able to get the campaign into CNN, WSJ, NYTimes, and dozens of other press and media outlets. Now, if you do decide to go the publicity route, here are the three steps to getting press. Flickr Photo by Lendingmemo.

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Pioneers in Justice: Building Networks and Movements for Social Justice

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Heather McLeod-Grant has written up an important lessons learned report about the project and summarized they key findings in the guest post below. Collaboration grants to support projects and partnerships that reached across sector, field, issue, and constituency. After just two years, the nonprofit had used Pioneer funding to update all of their technology infrastructure and shift from using faxes to send out press releases, to using much more current forms of communication.

Association Social Media: National Society of Accountants


I use Twitter primarily for those quick bites of information, news, interacting with the press, and explaining to folks that we are not in fact the National Security Agency but rather “the other NSA.”. I am still trying to figure out exactly how Pinterest might work as a worthwhile tool for accountants and tax preparers; if there is a connection or an area of value there for our members, I am determined to find it! It is a fantastic tool and popular member benefit.

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

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Every time I have taught a social media and digital communications strategy over the past decade, I always include useful research studies about the who and how people are using these tools. This study shows that Twitter has become a formidable communication tool allowing the broadcast of short messages to millions of followers. Another example, the World Health Organisation ( @WHO ) shares news via its Twitter account even before press releases.