Conference Circuit: Make a Claim

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The International Claim Association’s 108th Annual Education Conference begins in San Diego in the coming days. More than 400 insurance claim professionals from around the globe will make their way to San Diego next week to connect with their peers, participate in education workshops, and learn the latest industry news. Organization: International Claim Association. Venue: Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. City: San Diego.

Big picture thinkers vs. detail doers

Aaron Wolowiec

A single mom at the time, she left her daughter with her father to start graduate school at the University of San Diego. A leader helps to look at the bigger picture and to collect energy around where an organization is going. A manager, quite honestly, ‘manages’ all the details of where the organization is going. Think about your organization. Managers love details, organization, structure and a schedule, McClintick said.

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Conference Circuit: Soil Science

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The Soil Science Society of America’s 2019 International Soils Meeting begins this weekend in San Diego. Thousands of scientists, researchers, practitioners, educators, and students are headed to San Diego in the next few days to learn about the latest research, product development, and industry advances relating to the agricultural sciences. Organization: Soil Science Society of America. Venue: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.

Conference Circuit: Going Vascular

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The Society for Vascular Surgery’s 2017 Vascular Annual Meeting begins in San Diego next week. More than 2,700 attendees—including 1,700 vascular health professionals—will make their way to San Diego next week to take part in learning opportunities and hear about the latest in research and science in order to enhance patient care. Organization: Society for Vascular Surgery. Venue: San Diego Convention Center. City: San Diego.

2016: An Association Blogging and Podcasting Odyssey

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I remember participating in my first bloggercon at ASAE in a sunny plaza in San Diego in 2008, shortly after I’d launched Thanks For Playing, the precursor to the Spark blog, with about 30 other association professionals, sharing our thoughts about how to use this new platform to strengthen our industry and our community. I’ve been blogging about association management since 2008 – and I was far from the first one into the pool.

Digital Content Next Offers Support to Nonprofit News Organizations

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Knight Foundation , will offer full, complementary, two-year memberships to 10 emerging nonprofit news organizations. The first four organizations to be selected for membership are: Billy Penn , a mobile news source for young Philadelphia residents. The Marshall Project , an investigative news organization focused on the American criminal justice system. The post Digital Content Next Offers Support to Nonprofit News Organizations appeared first on Associations Now

Acoustics Group Project Looks to Improve Sound-Related Wikipedia Pages

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Because Wikipedia is written by the public, during Wiki4YearOfSound2020, the organizations will ask members and supporters to update, add, and translate pages related to sound. While the project just launched at ASA’s 178th Meeting in San Diego, Jones said members are already very excited.

Time for a Conference Chatbot?

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On the association front, the American Society of Hematology used the Amazon Echo Alexa chatbot as an information resource at its annual ASH conference in San Diego last December. If you’re looking to improve onsite customer service at your meeting, a chatbot may be a good choice.

Report: Meetings Bring More Than Money to Host Cities

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Not only do they provide networking and learning opportunities for attendees, but they also bring in major revenue for the organization, as well as the destination, and drive innovation in host cities. When the San Diego Tourism Authority did this, it found that in 2015, 23 percent of visitor traffic in the city was from 553,000 conference attendees who spent $620 million.

BIO International Convention 2020: Taking an International 17,000 Attendee Conference Virtual in Under 8 Weeks


On April 2, 2020, BIO, the world’s largest biotechnology organization, decided they had to take their International Convention virtual, and on June 8, 2020 they pulled it off. During that time, he has faced many challenges including organizing facilities to host up to 50,000 meetings over four days and deescalating the tensions of volatile attendees. This year’s convention was scheduled to take place in San Diego, June 8-11, 2020.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

Reid All About it

This series of 15-minute videos cover hot topics and issues related to 501c organization management. Organizer: ASAE Government Relations and Advocacy Professionals Advisory Council. Organizer: Robert Taflinger. Presenter: Mandy Brown, Lecturer, San Diego State University L.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.17.20

Reid All About it

This pasta al limone from Bon Appetit reminds me of a dish I had for lunch one day in a restaurant in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Mon 1/20 at 12 p.m.* – Community Integration into the Total Organization Ecosystem.

Tucson 224

Younger Millennials Strike Back with “OK Boomer”

Jamie Notter

The keynote I did in San Diego last week covered both Millennials and workplace culture, and as I was preparing for it, I realized that Millennials have now been in the workforce for more than 15 years. A lot of organizations resist new ideas, and if you have a culture like that, you’ll have a hard time attracting top Millennial talent.

Carole Baskin is killing it in marketing: How the non-profit in ‘Tiger King’ dominates digital strategy

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And while most of my friends are obsessed with whether this so-called “Mother Theresa of Cats” fed her husband to the tigers (I will let Carole defend herself on that one), I was fascinated by how her nonprofit organization used digital and social media to expand its reach, raise money, attract visitors, and lobby Congress well before most of us had ever heard of it. Well, how about this: The San Diego Zoo is literally the No.

Tampa 83

Anthropological Association Takes a Stand in Native American Mascot Debate

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Except in instances where tribes or key stakeholders have been consulted (see Florida State University and San Diego State University ), sports organizations should “denounce and abandon the use of American Indian” imagery, the American Anthropological Association said in a statement [PDF] released last week. For AAA, the statement is a culmination of work initiated by a group of language and social-justice experts within the organization.

New Association Will Accredit Healthy Destinations

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A new nonprofit organization founded by six resort hotels aims to help travelers in their search for healthy destinations through a new certification process that will evaluate hotels’ wellness programs and services. Planning a meeting or traveling for business and in search of a hotel that offers wellness programs and amenities?

NFL. Rams. Association Governance.

SCD Group

All association professionals need to remember this mantra: “It’s their organization not yours!” along with San Diego and Oakland (other franchises seeking to move.) When the Relocation Committee chose an outcome that the staff (Goodell) didn't like (the Carson proposal backed by San Diego and Oakland, which would have kept owner Stan Kroenke and the Rams in St. depending on the organization.

Head of Police Chiefs Group Apologizes for Historic Mistreatment of Minorities

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This week, before a crowd of 16,000 law enforcement officials, who were gathered in San Diego for the 2016 International Association of Chiefs Police Annual Conference, IACP President Terrence M. By apologizing, IACP—which represents 23,000-plus members in 98 countries—goes a step further than police organizations have done in the past.

Conference Circuit: Home Sweet Home with the Apartment Association

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June 16-17: Members of the hospitality industry will be accommodated during the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s annual Meetings, Events, Education and Technology [MEET] West conference in San Diego. Share Your Own Have an upcoming event you’d like to tell your association peers about? If so, shoot us an email at , and you may see it in these pages.

Conference Circuit: A Gathering for the Best of STEM

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Educational associations, take note: A leading organization in science education is meeting next week. June 23-26: While science is fresh on the mind, consider the 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego. Share Your Own Have an upcoming event you’d like to tell your association peers about? If so, shoot us an email at , and you may see it in these pages.

Tapping Into Attendee Expertise For Community Service Projects

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For example, at ASAE’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Exposition in Toronto in August, attendees will have the opportunity to support two local organizations : the Toronto Humane Society and the Royal Canadian Legion. While these two service projects aren’t directly linked to the everyday work of association professionals, other organizations pick projects that allow attendees to bring their professional expertise to the local community.

As SeaWorld Drops Orcas, a Former Foe Becomes a Friend

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“The Humane Society recognizes the critical work SeaWorld performs as one of the largest rescue organizations in the world,” Manby wrote. ” SeaWorld’s decision came months after it sued the California Coastal Commission for only allowing the company to build a new orca enclosure at its San Diego park if it agreed to stop the breeding and transferring of the killer whales.

Meet the Event That Drew 345,000 People

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The sixth edition of the event, organized by Germany’s Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU), drew a record 345,000 visitors to Cologne over five days last week [PDF]—of which 33,000 were professionals in the video game industry. Gamescom, in its sixth year, was already one of the world’s largest video game industry events, but it was even bigger this time around. Here are some of the things that made the event stand out.

How California’s Gig Economy Law Could Reshape Your Freelancer Pool

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If you rely on freelancers who are based in California—or if your organization is based in the state—you could run into some headaches in the coming months. The article sparked a major debate on social media over the weekend, including public criticism of state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), who wrote the bill and admitted the number was decided through less-than-scientific means.

Sleep Apnea Association Leverages IBM’s Watson, Apple’s ResearchKit for Study

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This month, IBM is collaborating with the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and the American Sleep Apnea Association on another health issue that Watson may be well-suited to help solve. Those interested in participating can learn more at , an online community of people and organizations focused on sleep and health.

Conference Circuit: A Landmark Event in the Fight Against AIDS

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And though the organization will celebrate recent gains made in the search for a cure and the wider reach of antiretroviral treatment, the heart of the conference remains focused on redoubling efforts to eliminate AIDS. The San Diego County Apartment Association will be hosting its own show in the next week. Experts, activists, and those infected with HIV will soon join forces during the 20th International AIDS Conference. Plus: An open forum for open source.

For Leaders, Approval Starts With Awareness

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I think there’s a lesson for associations about what strong feelings have done to the public’s perception of institutions, and why that matters to how you lead your own organizations. McDougle at the University of San Diego [PDF] shows that only about 30 percent of Americans have a high degree of confidence that nonprofits are providing quality services, and less than 20 percent believe nonprofits spend money wisely.

How College Football Bowls Boost the Economy

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Corralling all these games together is the Football Bowl Association (FBA), which recently commissioned a study on the economic impact of college bowls, conducted by researchers at George Washington University and San Diego State University. In comments to USA Today , Waters emphasized that bowl organizers are working harder for their sponsorships. “It’s

6 Gorgeous Apps With GPS Integration


Sam resides in sunny San Diego, California. Related Posts Five Web Design Trends to Watch Introducing ICF Interactive Humanizing your organization creates amazing results. Guest post for SocialFish by Sam Peters. ————-. Last year, it was social; this year, GPS integration is the new must-have for app design.

PLATFORM Collapses: Speakers Group Scraps Name Change After Outcry

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” More details on the situation: Explaining the change: NSA announced the new brand with a presentation during a town hall session at its annual meeting in San Diego this month. Among his points: The organization is no longer simply a national one, members do much more besides speak these days, and “association” presents an image that’s a little stodgier than the group wants to project.

Lunchtime Links: Peyton Manning’s Omaha Shoutout

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During Sunday’s win over the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shouted the city’s name a total of 44 times, causing viewers to take to social media to discuss what the call meant. It recently felt the wrath of Google after the search giant uncovered some of its more exploitive link practices; the site’s traffic, driven largely by organic search, took a huge nosedive as a result.

Omaha 51

Association Weekly Wrap-Up for February 8th!

YourMembership Blog

A study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego found Millennial employees have about the same level of organizational commitment as other generations. Happy Friday and Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up brought to you by the team at!

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

This will be help voice assistants like Alexa improve as well as software that automatically analyzes documents inside law firms and others organizations. Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about AI for Social Good and Nonprofits with an eye towards our next book.

Join Me at SXSW, 14NTC, and Other March Conferences

Beth Kanter

What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You I’m thrilled to be on a panel organized by Alexandra Samuel, Vision Critical , along with Jeremiah Owyang and Colby Flint. I’ll be headed to San Diego for the annual Grant Managers Network Conference. Photo by George Galanais. There are many nonprofit, social media, and technology conferences all year long. March is a particularly busy conference month.

News Revenue Hub Expands as Journalism Membership Programs Grow

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An initiative by Voice of San Diego to bring membership programs to media outlets is picking up enough steam that it’s being spun off into a separate nonprofit. The News Revenue Hub has helped five news organizations raise more than $1 million in member-driven revenue. News organizations are increasingly relying on membership programs to pay the bills. The News Revenue Hub launched last year, a project of the nonprofit news outlet Voice of San Diego.

Anti-Tobacco Group Plays Small Ball, May Win Big in San Francisco

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Now, the group is taking a grassroots approach and could score its first win this week in San Francisco. But, in a major vote expected this week , San Francisco could become the first city to ban the substance from all baseball fields—including AT&T Park, where the defending World Series Champion Giants play at least 81 times a year. The post Anti-Tobacco Group Plays Small Ball, May Win Big in San Francisco appeared first on Associations Now

Air Transporters Urge Better Tracking in Wake of Missing Flight 370

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In a recent expedition from San Diego to Honolulu conducted by the Sea Education Association, 38 scientists, sailors, and students hand-counted nearly 70,000 pieces of plastic and other debris gathered from 118 net tows along the way. There were organisms on every plastic piece, but more importantly organisms with every plastic piece we caught,” Emelia DeForce, the team’s chief scientist, wrote in the expedition’s online journal. A Watery Dump?

Expanding the Hive: Beekeeper Group Welcomes New Bees

Beekeeper Group

Katarina Hamelin , Account Manager , joins us from SmithBucklin, where she served as a communications representative for nine non-profit organizations. Kali holds a background in graphic design and has had experience working with local businesses and more specifically, a San Diego based, non-profit organization, creating and designing the organization’s inaugural online web magazine. .

Hold Judgement: 9 Questions Speakers Must Ask Their Association To Begin Healing

Holly Duckworth

Last Wednesday, 1200 members of the National Speakers Association (the other NSA) met in San Diego for PERFORM, the 2014 national conference. NSA former members, now PLATFORM members, a reboot is necessary to keep the organization relevant. A“big” announcement was brewing on social media and in the hallways. At the last lunch Bruce Turkel of Turkel Talks a fellow member of the NSA, announced the change.

Membership and Chapter Growth is a Team Effort at AGC of America

Association Adviser

Members join their local AGC of America chapter and become a part of both the chapter and the national AGC organization. AGC has grown organically for nearly 100 years. One serves San Diego and one serves the remainder of the state. AA: How does the national AGC organization support its chapters’ membership marketing efforts? We’ve always viewed the national organization as a complement to the strong value propositions our local chapters provide.